How to Travel the World For Free (17 Ways to Travel for Free)

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This sounds like a dream, to travel the world for free. It seems impossible, but it can be a reality if you know all the tricks up your sleeve. We bring you the practical tricks and way to travel the world for free, if not free, so for at the cheapest!.

All these require you to get a job abroad, to join, and spending some time with the local people. Some need some educational qualification or experience, but most opportunities are accessible to anyone who’s having an eye for an adventure.

Some of these endeavors will repay for travel, some for luxuries, and some that will pay for it all, and maybe some extra perks. You may even get something that will pay you to get your way to travel around the world.

These possibilities endure all over the planet. Pick a nation or several nations, and you can typically find a way to reach there for free. Versatility does pay off; you will get the good deals sometimes in some great places that aren’t on everyone’s journey list.

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17 Amazing Ways to Travel For Free (or Cheapest)

Once you’re ready to travel, you can discover a new language to assist you out on your journeys with those free language training websites and applications.

To give yourself a headstart, why not learn to save money for 6-12 months by cutting unnecessary expenses. You can even start getting to know the local people with a free language replacement program.

Anyway, we bring you the best ways to travel the world for free –

House-Sit or Pet-sit for the free stay

You get free stays anywhere, around the globe. You simply have to be a house-sitter.
While the homeowner is on vacation, you’ll stay for acceptance of time through which you’ll keep an eye on the house and take care of some overall light maintenance of the house.

become a petsitter

Many times the owner will let you to pet or two that they’ll need you to feed them, walk them, and give them company while their owner is on a trip.

Home-sitters sometimes get paid with the free stays. It can help to pay for your living costs and possibly your travel expenses. It sometimes has a travel fee too. Without any specialization, a simple way to travel the world for free.

Get a job at the Cruise Ship

You can get a job on a cruise ship, and you’ll enjoy free accommodations, free food, and even free travel all over the globe. If you get hired as a full-time employee, you’ll also get paid over everything.

Cruise ships have numerous positions for jobs they hire for, and you could work yourself as an entertainer or fitness instructor or a bartender even a babysitter. Waiter, room-service, and many more are the jobs cruise owners find. If you aren’t seasick, this could be one of the best way to travel the world for free, luxury style.

Become an International Nanny

You like children, and you can get a job abroad as an international nanny. It will get you free room and food, a paid salary, and maybe some extra pay for your travel.

You’ll be set with a host family, so you’ll have to fit in with the locals straight away. Some of the most common countries to work as an international nanny include Switzerland, Sweden, France, Australia, Italy, China, and Spain and many others.

Try Couchsurfing

Engage with new people, and you will get to stay at a local’s home through Couchsurfing.

Fellow travelers open up their homes, for other fellow travelers to stay on their couches. Not exactly a way to travel the world for free, but it is how you travel cheaply.

Use Airlines Miles and Points

Collect up all the miles and points with regular flyer miles and credit cards; you get a high discount and even free air travel.

Sign yourself up for the regular flyer plan with the airline company you travel the most with and try to stay with the same airline to let your miles piled up. Then you can redeem these miles for your free air travel.

Few credit cards will grant you points for utilizing the card; you can redeem for dining and travel. Select a credit card with great travel perks that have a substantial sign-up reward.

Use it frequently to keep pitching up the points.

It also pays to visit loyal to one chain of resorts. Be assured that you sign up for their rewards plans to earn free nights. This is also on the most used way to travel the world for free.

Work as a flight attendant

Flight Attendants travel the world and get paid for it. Besides the salary they get paid, they also get money for meals and other expenses or allowances. Even as a bonus, they get discounts on luxury travel.

Higher education is not required, but you need to have at least a GED. This is a qualified way to travel the world for free.

Try house-swap

You can get your stays for free if you accept to a home swap. With a house swap, you match with someone who lives abroad that they can stay in your house if they can live in yours.

If it is both individuals primary home, the swap will presumably be done at the instant. If it’s a subsidiary home or holiday home, there might be more ease.

HomeExchange is one of the most famous websites for house swapping. They cost to utilize their service, but you can go through the site for free. Not exactly freeboot a cheap way to travel the world for free.

Teach English

Go abroad to teach English as a secondary language; you will enjoy free housing, travel allowance, and on the top of all this, a salary.

You often don’t need an education degree or college merit to teaching abroad. A simple certification is enough, but it all depends on the country’s obligations.

These are the few of the most profitable countries to teach in are South Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, the Gulf, UAE, and Vietnam. There are a lot of possibilities in almost every country. School is paying your travel, simply one way to travel the world for free.

Go Hitchhiking

In many parts of the globe hitchhiking is familiar and safe. For example in Romania locals in rural regions regularly hitch a ride and give the driver a little free gas money.

Stay secure, use your common sense and trust your gut intuition. This is the most used way to travel the world for free.

Plan Trips/Tours

Here’s a tricky way to get a free holiday: Plan a voyage for a group of your friends or relatives. Travel organizers will meet your costs if you work as a trip leader.

The rules may vary depending on the corporation, but as an example, YMT Vacations will provide you with a free holiday if you get 12 people to take a tour with them; if eight of the guests book their flight through YMT, your airfare also gets covered.

Other companies offering free journeys to group leaders are Grand Circle Cruise Line, Select International Tours, All Abroad Travel and Merit. This is one way to travel the world for free, and cause you to travel on the money of the company.

Become a Travel Blogger

Blogging is an excellent way to explore the world, and at the same time, receive payment. You can start a travel blog and it can be the artistic outlet that lets you display yourself and your ideas.

If you can create a flourishing blog, you may get asked on much fully-paid press journeys across the globe. Although there’s much work required to increase momentum for your trip, this can be the top gig for you, if you have a desire for writing and travel.

Here you get paid to travel. So simple it is one of the ways to travel the world for free. You can then become a full-time Digital Nomad and live your dreams.

Volunteer in Work Exchange

Work exchange policies let you work and play, while touring new nations or city.
WWoofing, which permits you to work on an organic farm in replacement for board and cubical, is an excellent way to learn new skills and tour a new place without paying any money.

HelpX has a similar idea slightly to WWoofing, besides its possibilities are not just limited to agriculture, but also resorts and hotels.

Another viable option, for budget travelers, is Workaway – a state plan that needs you to join for five hours for five days a week. With Workaway, you’ll have an extensive collection of possibilities for volunteering, including desk work, sitting job, and agriculture.

You will have the fun cause, and this is a way to travel the world for free and maybe earn some money out of it. Moreover, you can do work from home jobs or gigs for other people in exchange for food and other amenities. I’ve seen people doing gigs just for their daily needs.

ways to travel for free - infographic

Be a Tour Guide

Lead groups through tours of some of the most historic and iconic places in the world seem like a dream come true. Depending on how you propose it, this field of work can offer plenty of diversity.

Do you wish to be a guide in one fantastic and lovely place like Paris, and lead groups of American tourists through the Eiffel Tower, the Bastille or the Louvre? Or, do you want to drive groups of sightseers on longer trips going through diverse cities and destinations?

This is a quite simple way to travel the world for free if you are an influential tour guide.

Teacher? Try Educational Tours

Are you an enthusiastic teacher? Want to take your precious students on an educational tour, so that they can fully indulge themselves in what they have studied? Guess what?

Some educational travel organizations are allowing free trips to teachers and professors, to encourage them to host tours for their students.

Some of the best organizations include Explorica, CHA Educational Tours and EF. A quite easy way to travel the world for free, or maybe cheap.

Be a Scuba Instructor

Scuba diving is almost accessible universally, which means chances to work at a diver center overseas are sufficient.

scuba instructor

You’ll have to study and become a diving master, but it’s arguably the most satisfying job for travelers who love the ocean.

Though you might have to contribute sometime in the classroom educating a group of students about scuba diving methods, a lot of your time will be spent in the sea showing others the practical features as well.

This is a fun and easy way to travel the world for free or cheap. Who knows, you might even discover a new species in the vast ocean.

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Be a Skills Instructor

Got some crazy skills? Perhaps, you should put them to good use so that you can travel the globe. If you’re well-skilled in a unique sporting activity like mountain biking, skiing or rock climbing, you may seize a job abroad instructing others the ropes.

If you are fluent in a few languages, it may also be a large reward, mainly since most tourist companies rely on their teachers interact with their foreign clients. An adventurous way to travel the world for free.

Become a Location Manager

Movies, TV series, all of them need someone to choose their locations for shooting. This is the job of a ‘Location Manager’ who decides the locations for shooting.

This is a quite fun job, all you need is to know what kind of location the director requires and with that you can search and shortlist locations. location manager

From here traveling starts. You have to go to these places and see for yourself the suitability of the location. If the location is great, the setting, parking, accommodation of others needs to be done by him. The travel and accommodations aren’t out of your pocket.

You travel and enjoy and just analyze. This seems to be a dream job. You don’t need to have any certification, and simply you need to be good with places and organization. This is a simple way to travel the world for free, and you can make a lot of money out of it.

Teach in the US with AmeriCorps

For all the peeps who wish to explore the US only, AmeriCorps helps you place in a new city where you work as an educator and role model under one of the programs.

Most of the time, people who work with AmeriCorps programs, most of the time serve in low-income communities. Basically, you work with children in different aspects like helping them with homework and tutoring.

Moreover, the programs go as far as doing field research for environments like doing survey salmon counts and watersheds analysis. In exchange for helping out the communities who are in need, you can have your university loans deferred, grant to help pay for graduate school, and receive a monthly stipend.

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  • Travel is a learning experience
  • Ability for Self-Discovery and Reinvention
  • Opportunity for Adventure and Spontaneity
  • It can be Affordable
  • Lack of Financial Stability
  • Missing Family Milestones/Emergencies back home
  • Lack of Asset Security
  • Addiction towards Escapism

Final Words

These are some ways to travel the world for free, and we hope you all liked it. We hope you will travel the world for free, and have fun doing it. We’d like to know if you know any other remarkable way that you can share with our readers. You can comment below or contribute to FinancePolice if you have more than just one idea.