8 Ways to Make Money on Amazon

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Amazon is at the top when it comes to e-commerce and is the world’s largest online marketplace. But that’s not the only reason Amazon is famous for. They are also responsible to provide employment to hundreds of people, directly or indirectly. In this guide, we’ll talk about how to make money on Amazon. 

So, let’s get started!

How to Make Money on Amazon?

We all are into online purchasing and always have something in our cart. And secretly wait for a sale or discount offer, well, we all do that. To save a few bucks is what every buyer wants while shopping online.

But have you ever thought about earning from e-commerce businesses? Well, there are some astonishing ways to make money on Amazon. You don’t need an expert. All it needs is smartness.

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#1. Sell a Product

This is something most of us are well aware of. One can sell its private label products on Amazon. However, it requires a good amount of market research, well craft-knowledge about recent trends and patience. It might take time to blow off, but when it does, one can earn a hefty amount out of it.

Another way is, selling wholesale goods, which is basically purchasing the goods in bulk from the manufacturer first, then selling them as a reseller Amazon. This is profitable because when we buy goods in bulk, the net cost price reduces, and then the goods can be sold at a higher rate.

If you are planning to start as a reseller, make sure to have a letter from the manufacturer for the reselling of their merchant. Amazon is a great platform to boost up your business for sellers and resellers via FBA.

#2. Retail arbitrage

Retail arbitrage is buying for less and selling for more. For many people, retail arbitrage has become their main source of income. All you have to do is buy products in bulk from places that sell for a very small price or from clearance sales. These products can be sold on Amazon at a higher price hence earning you a profit.

earn money with Amazon

Retail arbitrage might seem a simple job. However, you need to have complete information about the places that will sell your products for less. You also need to take into account various charges you will have to pay for the shipping and services.

Earning loads of profit requires a lot of patience and research about various stores that might sell their products for less. Also, retail arbitrage faces fierce competition as this method is used by quite a lot of people to earn money. 

#3. Become an Amazon affiliate

If you are a blogger or if you own a website, this option is ideal for you! You can become an amazon affiliate or also known as amazon associate. It works like this: Suppose you own a blog where you talk about all the beauty products. You provide a link to these beauty products that are sold on amazon.

Every time a viewer clicks on the link provided by you and buys the product, you earn a commission. The percentage of commission varies. However, your website needs to have a decent amount of traffic. The more the number of viewers, the more chances that the products are bought, and hence the more chances to earn money by being an Amazon affiliate.

#4. Sell your designs using Merch by Amazon

If you want your designs to go on t-shirts, bags, mugs, and all the other cool stuff, you can sell your designs using Amazon merch. You don’t even have to spend hundreds on printing your goods with the designs; Amazon does it on demand!

Your design will be displayed on Amazon Merch, and whenever a customer requests it, the product is printed and shipped, and you earn money!

amazon merch

This method might not earn you profit in loads, or you might not earn at all, but it all depends on your design. Also, you don’t suffer any kind of loss as you are paying Amazon for your designs.

Timing plays an important role when it comes to selling your designs. You will have to keep in mind all the latest trends and current affairs that you can put forth using your designs. 

#5. Publish an ebook on Amazon

For all the people who wish to publish their written work, this option is for you! You can self publish your books on Amazon in the form of an ebook. There are quite a lot of book lovers out there who choose to use amazon kindle to read books.

You can publish your book on Amazon to earn a huge amount of profit. Every time a viewer buys your ebook, you will earn money after amazon has taken a part of the earnings.

Again, the profit is uncertain, and it depends on what and how you write. The more you write, the more you will earn.

#6. Amazon Flex delivery partner

Having a driving license? Own a car or vehicle and a smartphone? Want to make money in your free time and would love to deliver products rather than just chilling out or staying at home? Amazon has something in a bucket for you.

amazon flex partner

Amazon Flex is a program under which delivery associates can earn up to $18 to $25 per hour just by delivering products door to door. The best thing about this service is you can set your schedule, and at that slot, only you’ll be allotted blocks for delivery.

Blocks are nothing but the set of parcels to be delivered within a duration. Another perk of this partner program is that Amazon pays twice a week to its Amazon Flex associates.

#7. Work from home

Amazon is now a business giant with over 750,000+ employees. Being the world’s largest internet company, having a comprehensive range of services from eCommerce to digital streaming, it’s one of the biggest job creators in the market.

Amazon has a variety of products and services available like Amazon Prime, Amazon Kindle, AmazonFresh, Amazon Web Services, Alexa, Appstore, and many more. That’s the reason it has a large number of employees working in different fields.

Amazon provides both in-office and work from home opportunities. Time to time, it has vacant virtual positions open at many virtual locations. If you are a qualified individual that matches the job requirement, don’t forget to apply.

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#8. Amazon Vine

Love to write about the products? If yes, then Amazon Vine is for you. It is an invitation-only program by Amazon. Amazon Vine selects people based on several criteria to write reviews about the product, which are newly released or are about to release.

This program is to encourage the reviewer to help customers with their views on the product to make a purchase decision. The selection criteria to become a Vine voice is the rank of the reviewer, which indicates how much helpful its review are for the customers.

You receive products for free to write reviews. Another interesting thing is that your opinion can’t be modified by the vendors. Even Amazon doesn’t edit it as long as it is as per the Amazon’s post guidelines. The goal is to provide honest feedback to the customers by the customer.

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Summing Up

These are the sure ways to earn money on Amazon. However, it takes time. You have to fulfill the criteria to join such programs and be patient enough until you start making money.