14 Pickup Truck Side Hustles for Extra Money

Need Easy Extra $350+/Month For Free?

Most pickup truck drivers are clueless about how to make money with a pickup truck. Side jobs with a pickup truck are easy and rewarding.

You’ll have more work alternatives with a pickup vehicle. Pickups’ spacious cargo beds make hauling large amounts of freight easy. You may make money with a pickup truck and help others.

Most side jobs with a pickup truck require a trailer. Transporting products is a job. With a truck and trailer, you can make money and keep your independence.

This article lists 14 side jobs with a pickup truck.

What exactly are “side hustles” that use a pickup truck?

Some people use their pickup trucks for “side hustles” or additional sources of income. These activities are typically used to complement a person’s average income. Side jobs with pickup truck side gigs are often more relaxed and accommodating than traditional 9-to-5 jobs. Tasks of this nature sometimes necessitate the utilization of a pickup truck’s capacious bed to transport goods from one location to another.

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14 supplemental means of income that can be accomplished with a pickup truck

To make some extra cash or start a new line of work, you can use your pickup truck to accomplish any of the following. Most of them will allow you to start your own small business right away so that you can begin making money from your truck right away. Here’s a list of some side hustles you can conduct with a pickup truck:

Get in the business of trash removal

Remove unwanted furniture and hefty stuff for money. With a trailer, you can do multiple small chores or one huge one.

trash removal

Tasks best suited for junk hauling with a pickup truck:

  • On average, small jobs picking up one to three items pay $65 for each job.
  • Larger jobs include a basement clean out, estate sale cleanout, or office cubicle clearance.

By connecting a trailer to your pickup truck, you may earn more money and obtain more employment while moving appliances, furniture, and more.

Offer Moving Help

Most people hire a moving company for local moves. You may help homes and businesses move more efficiently with a trailer tied to your pickup. The amount of time spent traveling depends on the project’s scope, but it could take anything from one day to a week.

offer moving help

You’ll have to take extra precautions when carrying their belongings to avoid breaking or harming them.

Offer a Yard Maintenance Service

Equipment like a lawnmower plus tree limb clippers are much simpler to move around when you have more room to store them.

offer yard maintenance service

Landscaping and mowing lawns for neighbors is a labor-intensive method to get some additional cash with your pickup truck.

Deliver the Goods

As Amazon dominates the global economy, some companies struggle to meet shipping demand. A trailer allows for more deliveries and more extensive materials. Small businesses allow you to establish your hours and direct your work, whereas giant corporations don’t.

Make Available a Towing Service

Pickup truck owners who also possess a certain kind of trailer can pull automobiles, other trucks, and even boats, generating a lucrative source of extra cash.

towing service

However, to begin working as a tow truck driver, you must possess a valid license and be accessible at all times. Jobs are sometimes located more than 100 miles away.

Rent out your services

You may also rent out your pickup truck and trailer to someone who needs to conduct any of the tasks above independently. It’s possible you won’t make as much as if you did the labor yourself with a pickup truck, but it’ll take much less effort.

rent your services

These odd activities that may be done with a pickup truck require a trailer if the driver wants to optimize revenues and complete the work in a single outing.

Printing on truck wraps

One method to earn extra cash through the minimal initiative is truck wrapping. Wrapping a pickup truck in commercial advertisements is called truck wrapping. It transforms your car into a rolling advertisement.

truck wrapping

You may make a good living driving for these businesses, especially in high-traffic locations.

Transporting building supplies

Local construction companies may need help carrying large goods. Smaller construction companies may choose you because you’re less expensive than larger service organizations.

transporting building supplies

These side jobs with a pickup truck may involve bringing things from storage to the construction site. After the project, they may ask for help removing leftover materials.

Deliveries from a garage sale

People with pickups can also deliver to garage sale buyers. Find nearby garage or yard sales to advertising your services. Delivering huge things can enhance sales.

Garage sales can be a good source of resale items. Few people have cars. Therefore you may find cheap furniture. You can make additional money by reselling these items or repairing them.

Operations involving the plowing of snow

During the winter, you might use your pickup truck as a snowplow if you reside in a snowy region. Investing in snow plows for your vehicle may seem unnecessary, but it could end up paying off in the long run for this job. Share with the locals that you provide snowplowing services to spread the word.

Deliveries and pickups for significant appliance repairs

Customers with pickup trucks can give services to those that need to transfer heavy appliances, such as freezers and ovens, for repairs.

pickups for significance appliance repairs

People who need assistance moving large appliances can benefit from your services because you can help them avoid paying the store’s standard delivery cost. Try calling around local appliance stores to see if they need any deliveries or pickups made.


A pickup truck can be used for ride-hailing services in the same way that regular cars can. If you want to make money hauling stuff and transporting people, you might look into working for a firm that does just that.

ride hailing

There can be standards you have to adhere to, including having four doors and enough space to seat four people. Cleaning and maintaining your truck may also be necessary if you use it for ridesharing.

Speeding in a truck

The term “hotshot trucking” refers to the transportation of time-sensitive goods to their final destination. Companies prefer to hire drivers with smaller vehicles for these jobs since the loads tend to be lighter and the routes shorter. With the assistance of hotshot trucking, you can obtain leads for jobs that can pay quite well. You need a float trailer and a CDL to make a living as a professional truck driver.

Repairman of Scooters

The firms that operate electric scooters in cities often look for someone to help pick them up so they can be taken in for maintenance. Scooter technicians are responsible for redistributing scooters accumulated in one area to other zones.

repairmen of scooters

Sometimes, this may also involve transporting scooters to a charging station. Large pickup trucks are ideal for conveniently transporting multiple scooters simultaneously.

How to generate income utilizing a Pickup Truck and Trailer?

Having a trailer hitched to the back of your pickup truck is the quickest and most convenient method to start making money right now. This paves the way for even more opportunities to earn money as a freelancer without tying yourself to an employer’s schedule or sacrificing your personal needs.

Which trailer can you recommend to consider to be the best?

Now you know buying or renting a trailer is the best course of action whenever you plan on making money off your pickup truck. Where do you see yourself financially in a year? How would you describe the ideal job for yourself? Which trailer is good for you will depend on these elements.

pickup truck

  • Transport Device: Pickup Truck With a Convenience Trailer
  • Tow Vehicle = Pickup + Enclosed Trailer
  • Tow Vehicle + Cargo Hauling Vehicle

Mobile applications that can help you earn money while driving a pickup truck

Which of the many money-making pickup truck applications are helpful? Picking up someone’s lunch from the other side of town doesn’t always pay as well as you’d want.

The best mobile apps for earning money from your truck are listed below.

Profits of working as an Independent Contractor

  • Start your own business and be your boss.
  • Make Your Schedule
  • Don’t take jobs you don’t want.
  • Specify the Contents of Your Truck or Trailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any suggestions on how I might supplement my income?

You can get started with various low-investment side businesses, such as drop shipping, freelancing, affiliate marketing, selling photographs, and print-on-demand.

Which vehicles have the highest profit margins?

The driver of Truck on Icy Roads: The highest truck drivers make a decent living, but ice road truckers take home the most money every season or pay period.

In 2021-2028, what is the anticipated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the pickup vehicle market?

Predictions for the pickup truck marketplace show consistent expansion at a CAGR of 4.65 percent through 2024. (2021-2028).

Can you tell me which truck is the best seller worldwide?

SUVs from Ford's F-Series: The Ford F-Series continues to be the industry standard. In terms of market share, the United States and Canada each account for about 98% of sales of this car. Ford F-Series sales reached 434k vehicles (13.1% market share) through July 2022.