The 12 Best Ways to Send Money Online

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We all need to transfer money to somebody at some point in life, whether you are returning the money you once lent from a friend, or you’re paying your university fees. With advanced technology, it has become an easy task to send money online around at a reasonable or just free of cost. The question arises, how to send money online?

The best and most widely used method to transfer money nowadays is money sending apps which come in handy in several situations. They allow you to make simple mobile transactions and process payments without requiring any specific bank relationship. Thankfully, within these apps, we have many options to choose from for sending money to anyone by just using our smartphones, which are faster, easier, and usually free of cost. 

Send Money Online

So, to help you choose from some money transfer apps, we’ve listed the best apps to send money online:


Some people are already familiar with this app because it is already wallowing in the fame of being one of the world’s oldest and most widely used money transfer apps. It allows you to spend a substantial amount of money at once( $10,000). It is probably the best option for those who have business overseas, as it supports more than 20 currencies and allows you to send money to anyone by asking for your email address or mobile number in more than 190 countries.


PayPal app is free, except when you’re sending from a debit or credit card, and the recipient might pay the same amount as the fee if the transaction is a business payment.

Visit: PayPal

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It is highly convenient for money transfers. Considering other features like distinctive social elements, you can always see what your friends are paying for in your news feed by integrating your Facebook and your mobile number. You can also like and comment on their transactions. There is an option to turn that feature off if you are not that social. And the app has multiple options to customize it according to your likes.


Sending and receiving mobile payments are free of cost. There’s a 3% chargeable fee if you use a credit card or other debit card.

Visit: Venmo

Google Pay

It is among the best and free-of-cost options for personal transactions. The application is very easy to use, and there is no charge to send money from your Google Pay account, your linked bank account, and even your debit card.

google pay
Google Pay

To access the app, users have to authenticate their identity with their device unlocked. It is safe, convenient, fast, and the best way to send money online. It transfers money directly to your bank account.

Visit: Google Pay


OFX is one of the ways to send money overseas. Apart from this, it has an impressive catalog of countries and various currencies.


The app has no limit on the number of transfers you make, but they have a minimum limit of $1,000, so it is best suited for international transfers. Their fees vary, but generally, they charge 2% on currency exchange.

Visit: OFX


Zelle is a US-based fund-transferring platform that uses the same mechanism as Google Pay to enable remittances. Most US banks and credit institutions are integrated with the Zelle network, which helps remit finances at a comparatively larger scale. Account-holders can make transfers through their banking apps via the Zelle network.


Recipients not having their banks linked with Zelle can exploit its advantages by sharing their mobile numbers or email address. The sender can send the money on one of the credentials and notify the recipient about completing the payment.

All the information is kept confidential and just in a few clicks. It will deposit the money in the chosen bank account. Like Google Pay, Zelle is also a zero-cost app with a restricted amount of transfers. However, the restriction may vary from bank to bank.  

Visit: Zelle

Samsung Pay

It is a digital wallet app by Samsung that lets users make payments using Samsung phones or other compatible phones. Unlike other money payment and transfer apps, it supports contactless payments and magnetic stripe-only payment terminals. Countries like India also provide the option of making bill payments.

samsung pay send money online
Samsung pay

Payments are authenticated using a fingerprint scan or passcode. Samsung also developed a spin-off service called Samsung Pay Mini, only for online payments, which will work on Galaxy devices and Android devices as long as they have Android Lollipop and above.

Compared to other instant pay systems that alert the user of the transaction within seconds but transfer money only on the next business day, Samsung Pay prides itself on saying that it makes the payment within seconds.

Visit: Samsung Pay


CashApp stands at the top with a user-friendly interface among the most convenient transfer apps. How to send money? CashApp allows sending and receiving money on an instant basis.


Like PayPal, CashApp has its own Cash Account where the remitted fund is kept and later transferred to the bank account or one of your plastic cards. It also has a feature to generate an individual username called $Cashtag, by which you can look up the users you want to transfer the funds.

Otherwise, you can use their mobile number or email address and make a quick and safe deposit. From 2018 onwards, CashApp has also started a bitcoin trading framework and lets you invest in different companies through Cash Account.

Visit: CashApp

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Money Gram

Money Gram has its forte of transferring money, especially cash, over long distances. Unlike other prominent transfer apps, MoneyGram has a ‘MoneyGram Agent’ feature where you can transfer your funds wherever you want.

You must sign up for an account, fill in your bank or card credentials, look for the nearby MoneyGram store, and meet the agent there. You can even drop off your cash there, and still, you can send money online from your place to the recipient’s bank account.

money gram
Money gram

The transfer fee for domestic transactions and fixed currency fee for international transactions make it one of those premium apps. But for every transaction, it offers you a MoneyGram reward.

Visit: Money Gram

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Xoom spreads across 131 countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, China, and India, a PayPal service sister. They say time is money, and Xoom honors this by providing a speedy fund transfer service.

xoom send money online

Funds are usually remitted abroad. Xoom asks for identity verification, ensuring no compromise in security and preventing malice and fraud. Like Money Gram, you can directly deposit money in the recipient’s bank or send cash for pick up.

Depending upon the transaction, Xoom charges a fee for transfer which tends to be a little costlier than its peer.

Visit: Xoom

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Mobikwik – For India only

Mobikwik, like its pronunciation, ‘Mobi – quick,’ makes money transfer easy and quick from your mobile. The sender, as well as the receiver, should be registered on this app. The special attraction of Mobikwik is that we can transfer money from bank to bank, wallet to bank, or wallet to wallet.

mobikwik send money online

The maximum transaction limit is Rs.10,000 per month to a MobiKwik wallet. There exists a cap on the number of such transactions. Five in one day and twenty-five in a month is the permissible limit.

Another interesting feature is Mobikwik’s SuperCash which is the cashback earned for transactions made. You can use 10% of the SuperCash amount for every transaction you make using the Mobikwik wallet.

However, this cashback earned cannot be transferred to the bank and is helpful for merchants/shopkeepers. 

Visit: Mobikwik

PhonePe – For India only

You can use PhonePe by linking up your bank account and phone number. You can transfer money instantly using your PhonePe’s UPI ID. Both the sender and receiver must be registered on PhonePe, and the maximum transaction limit is Rs. 1,00,0000 per day.

phonepay send money online

Like most banking apps out there, you can do much other stuff like prepaid/postpaid mobile recharge & DTH, utilities such as electricity, broadband, water, and gas. As per the offers applicable at that moment for those payments, you either receive coupons or cash back into your PhonePe wallet instantly. 

Visit: PhonePe

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BHIM – Only For India

BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) is a mobile payment app by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to drive cashless transactions. The app is safer and supports all Indian banks which use UPI.

bhim send money online

Unlike other third-party apps, both sender and receiver don’t need to use the BHIM app. You can transfer money directly using the IFSC code of the receiving party. You need to confirm your transaction with a UPI PIN. Travel, Entertainment, and some e-commerce utilities also offer decent offers. However, a user can send upto Rs 40,000 daily for one bank account.

Visit: BHIM

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send money online instantly?

One can use various trusted applications for sending money instantly, which include PayPal, Google pay, Venmo, Zelle, etc.

Is sending money on Paypal free?

Sending money through the Paypal app is free, except when one is sending from a debit or credit card; some amount is charged for that.

Is it safe to send money online?

We cannot always be sure that the application we are using to send money is 100% safe but using the most trusted ones and which are encrypted, can keep us in a safe place by using money transferring apps like Paypal, Google pay, Venmo, etc.


There you go! You can now easily transfer money online with a few taps on your phone. All the above apps are available both in Android and iOS versions. It is better to keep your UPI PIN private for more security. Keep track of the e-receipt for every transaction you make online. Have safe and happy transactions!