Top 6 Ways For Pallet Recycling Near Me

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The four R’s of waste management include Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The first three Rs are considered best practices to deal with today’s challenging work of handling waste, whereas recycling materials always includes inputs of money and energy. Usually, whenever we think about recycling, one of the most common kinds of stuff comes into our mind: non-biodegradable materials, which are a serious problem of the present scenario.

But, as we know, exceptions are always there. Recycling a few biodegradable kinds of stuff is quite easy and gives a chance to generate self-employment. Wooden pallets, which could be one of such stuff, require a very small amount of investments in terms of money and energy. In turn, it gives a very good return to the person and helps stores and companies get rid of this waste. So, it’s a great idea to look for pallet recycling near me.


What Are Wooden Pallets?

Wooden pallets or Skids are in use since ancient Egyptian times for the transportation of goods safely and stably. With the passage of time and advancement in knowledge and techniques, skids are used more efficiently for carrying heavy machines and other goods. These days plastic pallets are also in use but should avoid as we all are well aware of hazards caused by plastic. Wooden pallets are more eco-friendly, non-hazardous, and can be easily reused or recycled with minimum effort.

wooden pallets
Wooden pallets

Now the question arises where do we find wooden pallets? They are easily available at all the departmental stores and companies which deals with large and heavy equipment. These waste pellets can be worth starting a profitable business and a great help to these companies for making space to keep their useful items. You need to collect them from sources, separate them according to their sizes. If any broken pieces are there, you can easily mend them, and then you are ready to make money according to your comfort and ease.

Can I Make Money By Recycling The Wooden Pallets?

How much can you sell pallets for? Indeed, you can recycle them and fill your pockets. You will find many interesting ways to make extra money by recycling the wood pallets. This product is used by many all over the country. Many companies use them for transporting their goods. After their usage, some companies discard them. The one interested in earning by recycling can collect from them, make use of it, and resell it. The price you get when you resale differs on factors like 

  • Pallets good condition
  • The area you live in
  • How much can the buyer pay you? 

You will get a decent price if the wood pallets are in good condition, and you can earn more by finding the right client. You can have creative ideas for using wood pallets personally as they are mostly available free of cost. Like you can use them for interior decoration, build a fence, and make cabinets and furniture items, gardening purpose, storage things off the ground, and many more. Now the question arises, where can I sell pallets?

Pallet Recycling Near Me

Where to sell pallets near me? You can earn a lump sum by marketing with these creative ideas of pallet recycling near me.

Re-sale of Wood Pallets 

Re-sale of wood pallets will fill your pockets easily. You can collect wood pallets for free from many places. Many companies leave them aside if they are not useful to them anymore. Sometimes you will find them lying in the parking lots of Wal-Mart’s. You can get them for free or at a negotiated price. You will get a good price by the condition of the pallet.

wooden pallets
Wooden pallets

Many times you will find broken wood pallets. You need to repair and bring them to a good condition to help you get a good price out of them. Can repair it very easily and in no time. You need not put more effort into it. All you need is a drilling machine, a hammer, and a bunch of nails. You can tweak the slightly broken pallets and bring them back to good condition.

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Craigslist Sale

Sale on the craigslist site will help you more efficiently. Several people approach these sites to buy wood pallets. They might want to resale for themselves or bring it into play for their personal use. You will find local buyers and manufacturers who can pay you a lump sum for pallet recycling near me.

Making Creative Interior Decor Items 

Nowadays, people prefer innovative ideas and want their interiors to look idiosyncratic. You can make a wide range of interior decors and keep them for sale. This will be the best start-up idea with wood pallets.

indoor decor
Indoor decor

You can earn with the wood pallets you get for free or at a negotiated price and cash them by making decorative items like vases, corner tables, or decorating walls and pillars. Pallets can also function as adorable swings. You can make wall art and also a pallet pathway that looks unique. Recycling pallets for cash will be one of the best ways to fill your pockets. 

Gardening Sale

You can use innovative ideas with wood pallets and make garden items out of them. You can prepare a standing garden. As you have a partition in between, it will help you get a good appearance, and it is also easy to pack plants.

gardening pallet recycling near me

You can also make a flower box by creating a rectangular box out of a wooden pallet for indoor and outdoor purposes and fence gardens using wooden pallets. You can start online marketing with these gardening goods. Little effort can make you earn more. 

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Make Furniture Out of It 

Especial furniture can be made with wood pallets. You can make a table for the living room, bed, a box to store unused items, pallet bar cabinets, open wooden racks, a pot rack, and a desk with racks to store books and stationery. These bring a special appearance to your room. You can also make cabinets for office purposes as a way for pallet recycling near me

wooden box pallet recycling near me
Wooden box

Wooden Boxes: wooden pallets can make wooden boxes used for transportation and storage of materials. Even though these boxes need to be kept at places free from moisture. 

Sell Recycled Wood Pallets Online 

Easy way to get wood pallets from getting them for free or at a negotiated price from the market. Many products can be made with these pallets. One can sell them in the market and earn thrice the amount that he has invested in it.

recycled wood pallet recycling near me
Recycled wood

For selling pallet, renting a store needs maintenance, store rents, electricity bills, and many more. To avoid these factors, online sale is the best deal, and you will find customers from different places. You can earn smartly through online sales.


What are 4 r's of waste management?

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle are the four R's of trash management. The first three Rs are regarded ideal methods for dealing with today's difficult labour of trash management, although recycling materials always includes financial and energy inputs. When we think about recycling, one of the most prevalent types of items that comes to mind is non-biodegradable materials, which are a big concern in today's world.

Can metallic pallets be recycled?

Although they can be used in some situations, metallic or plastic pallets aren't as recycled and reused as wood pallets that have been damaged.

How can I make use of wooden pallets?

Wooden pallets may be used to create unique garden accessories by applying creative thinking, furniture can be made out of it They can be sold on the open market for three times the amount that was first invested.

Bottom Line

The benefits of recycling wood pallets are that one can plan your work hours, and you’ll be your boss. It will be an awesome side hustle option. It is the best way to reach your financial goals by increasing your income.

“Wooden pallets are the thing which says, “If you make enough use of me today, I’ll surely help you tomorrow.” So do indulge in pallet recycling near me.

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