Top 5 Online Jobs That Pay $20 An Hour

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Gone are the days when one used to try every possible method to make ends meet. Today, in this digital era, there are plenty of options available to earn well and ensure utmost convenience by allowing us to earn online

With that being said, here is a list of the top 5 online jobs that pay you 20$ an hour (sometimes, even more)

Best Online That Pay Pay $20 an Hour

1. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing has got all it takes to come up with some really good content? Have you been praised for what you write and have been asked to write often? Then, working as a Freelancer writer is your thing. When you are good at writing, then why not get paid for that? Sounds amazing? Working as one feels even better.

As a freelance writer, you write what is required by your client. And let us get things pretty clear here – all you need to come up with is clear and well-researched content. Having said that, you need not hold a degree in any particular field to write about it. What makes you stand out from the rest? Well, knowledge about a few topics that you can write good content on. 

Now, putting forth a real question here – How do you get started? Start with posting your content online. You may initially not get paid for this, but an increase in the number of articles you post and subsequently an increase in traffic will fetch you the best results (money, to be specific). Wait, it is not over yet. The best part of being a freelance writer is getting paid in hefty amounts and the fact that you decide how much you want to earn. Isn’t this amazing?

2. Teaching Online/Offline tutoring

Teaching is that one profession that will never see a downfall. Who wouldn’t want to be educated? People are looking forward to having access to knowledge without having to go places, and that, my friend, is a cherry on the cake for people like you who are willing to pour out your knowledge and educate others.

Many people are under the misconception that you have limited options when it comes to teaching. There are a plethora of options available that you as a teacher can choose from. Who said only kids up to a certain age are looking for online tutors? You will be surprised to know that there is absolutely no age bar for the ones who want to learn.

Don’t be surprised if you find someone as old as 70 years looking forward to learning something new. With that being said, if you have expertise in a particular field, have good explanatory skills, and the zeal to pass on the knowledge, then online teaching is what you got to try your hands on. Also, you will earn a good amount doing what you love.

3. Proofreading

Yes, you read that right. A proofreader checks for grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, syntax issues, formatting, punctuation, etc. If you are a person for whom checking on all of the aspects mentioned above is not that tough a job, proofreading is your dream gig.

Sometimes, some proofreading jobs may require you to have a degree in English, journalism, or similar fields. However, some jobs do not ask for such degrees. 

Wondering how to get started? Hundreds of websites available are looking for proofreaders like you, and you can get yourself enrolled there. You might have to follow their procedure (includes tests, assignments, etc.). On successful completion of the selection process, you are hired. If this is what you love doing, you can choose this as your full-time profession. Not forgetting to mention, a proofreading job earns you a really good chunk of money.

4. Transcription

Yes, there are jobs out there that pay you over $25 for converting audio (speech) into a written format. As a transcriptionist, you will have to listen to audio files and write down what you hear. A lot of industries today, right from medical, legal, hospitality, etc., require transcriptionists.  

A few tips that could help include having a good command of grammar and punctuation, increasing your typing speed, practicing as much as you can, and being a good listener. Prepare well in advance before you apply online for a transcriptionist role. This will enable you to stand a good chance of getting through the process and bagging a role as a transcriber. 

If you can spare a few hours a day for this job, then you are surely going to end up having a huge account balance in no time.

5. Virtual assistant

The job of a virtual assistant is similar to what an assistant would do (schedule appointments, make travel arrangements, plan meetings, write and answer emails, etc.) in the office. The only difference between the two (yes, you guessed it right) is the fact that virtual assistants will assist virtually – meaning you do not have to be physically present to assist someone. 

Nowadays, a lot of companies are showing interest in virtual assistants. If you are someone with experience of being an assistant in the past, the road to becoming a virtual assistant is no less than a cakewalk. The boss would also be more interested in looking for someone who has already worked as an assistant in the past as this would cut down on the training required.

Why wait when you can earn a good amount just by virtually assisting someone? Go, grab yourself this opportunity as fast as you can!



Which online jobs pay $20 an hour?

There are many positions that pay $20 an hour. These include virtual assistant, typing, teaching, etc. Most of these do not require any skills and can be acquired very easily.

How much does $20 amount to in a year?

Assuming a person works 8 hours, 5 days a week, this results in about $41,600 a year. This may increase or decrease based on the time worked.

Can these jobs be done by students?

Yes, these jobs can be done by students as it's easy to do and do not require any degrees. Most of these are also part-time, making it easy for students to manage time.