Top 18 Best No Phone Work From Home Jobs You can Do

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Work from home refers to work done remotely rather than in an office. The system is known by the abbreviation “WFH.” During the worldwide coronavirus epidemic, many organizations shifted their staff members from the headquarters to a work-from-home model. Here we have compiled the top 18 no-phone work-from-home jobs you can find!

Now, you can choose between various non-phone work-from-home employment options based on your expertise and priorities.


Why is Working From Home a Good Option?

The benefit of working from home is that you are not limited by geography. You can work from home for a company located thousands of miles away. 

working from home
Working From Home

There are numerous options available to you, whether you are a full-time office expert looking to transition to work-from-home employment or a recent graduate.

Why do some People Prefer a Non-Phone Work-From-Home Job?

Non-phone jobs are as scarce as they come.

Several people would prefer this low-key strategy to working at home because it eliminates the need to answer an unending stream of inbound calls or follow up with clients over the phone.

Furthermore, if you have children, an excitable pet, or noisy neighbors, it’s unlikely to find a phone job that allows for background sound.

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Top No Phone Work From Home Jobs

Here are some of the best no-phone work-from-home jobs you can find to earn money!

Freelance writing

Freelance writing is one of the most delicate no phone work-from-home jobs! Consumers often look for good creators to write blogs, marketing materials, articles, marketing copy, grants, and other projects. 

freelance writing
Freelance writing

You can look for work on some significant freelance websites, pitch to bloggers and businesses with blogs, and always look for the new subject matter.

Virtual Assistant

You can become a Virtual Assistant if you have a laptop, an online connection, some knowledge, and want to assist others in succeeding.

You can provide email control, content generation, record keeping, graphic arts, social media, and other services.

This is one of those fantastic jobs that does not require phone calls.


If numbers and organization fascinate you, then recordkeeping may be for you. Assist business owners in organizing and entering their monthly income and expenditure. 

Many of these include significant experience or a financial reporting degree to apply; contact them for more information.

Chat Agents

Do you appreciate assisting others but dislike talking on the phone? Then, provide detailed customer support via chat sessions, social networking sites, and email. 

chat agents
Chat Agents

Most employers require competent typists with excellent spelling and punctuation. Roles in this no-phone work-from-home job vary wildly. A few are independent contractual roles, while others are full-time roles.

Data Entry Clerk

One of the most frequently asked about work-at-home employment is data entry. Some jobs are hesitant to be included because they pay so tiny. In addition to data entry, you may be required to use other administrative services occasionally.

Micro Tasks

Tasks or micro-tasks are precisely what they sound like. You can complete these no-phone work-from-home jobs in a few minutes.

Payments and features vary widely (watching a video, browsing the web, testing internet sites, online assessments, checking email, and playing computer games). 

The great thing regarding short tasks is that most of them can be completed on your smartphone in your free time, making them an excellent way to earn money.

There are numerous genuine internet sites where you can share your thoughts in return for money, prizes, and sweepstakes. 

paid surveys
Paid Surveys

While taking part in surveys will not make you rich, it is an enjoyable way of sharing your opinions on goods and service providers, and you will be compensated for your time.


Do you have good listening abilities? Are you a timely and efficient typer? Then, assist businesses in converting audio files into paper communication. Transcription work pays you by the sound minute rather than the involved working minute. 

An expert transcriptionist typically has a 3-to-1 turnaround rate, requiring 3 minutes to produce a single minute of transcription audio. 

Because most transcription job vacancies are independent, you’ll be liable for self-employment taxes, but you’ll be able to set your timetable, and no mobile work is needed.

ESL Instructor

Do you have a solid command of the English language? Do you like learning about different civilizations? Then think about becoming an ESL (English as a second language) trainer. 

You will provide advice via web camera when you are not functioning on the phone. Some of these positions will require you to obtain your TEFL or TESOL certification, which takes 120 hours to finish.

Web Search Evaluator

If you appreciate doing web study and are a piece of information, this no-phone work-from-home job opportunity is for you! Web search evaluators determine whether web search outcomes are appropriate and precise to the intent of the search term.


Firstly, do you think you have a keen sense of observation? Secondly, do typos irritate you? Think about working as a proofreader or writer from home.

Because most roles are freelance, you have a lot of flexibility and can take on enough work as you want. Others have bell-time positions with advantages.

Moderator of the Community

Consider becoming a community moderator if you enjoy working online.

moderator of the community
Moderator of the Community

In such roles, you will be in charge of forums, groups online, and social media profiles, ensuring that rules are followed, results are provided, and junk mail and junk content is deleted.

Website Examiner

Did you know businesses will pay a premium to help ensure their web pages are user-friendly? That is correct! While you won’t get rich doing web page audit reports, it is a flexible and straightforward way of earning money. 

These assignments do not require the use of a phone, but you will need a computer with a webcam and mic to record your research results.

Marketer on Social Media

Do you enjoy using social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok? Do you have written solid co-communication kills? In other words, you can consider working from home as a content specialist or marketing consultant

As a social media marketer, you will create posts on social media, supervise online conversations, and use paid advertising to reach different products and facilities. 

Social media marketers’ pay rates vary greatly and are determined by learning, efficiency, experience, and creative thinking.

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Online Teaching

Are you excellent in math or science? Tutoring can be an outstanding home-based possibility, particularly for those with extensive content knowledge, such as a university student getting a degree in English, a teacher, or someone fluent in a different tongue. 

online teaching
Online Teaching

While these roles do not require phone calls, they necessitate face-to-face communication via a web camera or online software such as Skype or Zoom.

Internet Researcher

Do you enjoy browsing the internet? Are you good at locating a needle in a haystack? Take into account becoming an internet researcher. In this non-phone position, you will conduct research for numerous people, companies, and industries.

Designer of Graphics

You can work from home as a self-employed graphic designer if you are proficient in Photo editing and have an artistic spark.

designer of graphics
Designer of Graphics

Numerous opportunities are available, from logo design and marketing materials to website development and social network content creation.

Designer of instructional materials

Instructional designers conduct research, write, design, and develop training classes and handbooks for various audiences, including educators, trainees, and workers. 

Some instructional designers are responsible for training. However, most of your responsibilities in this position are behind sight. 

You’ll need a degree in education being authored about a degree in academic achievement to work as an instructional designer. You must also enjoy creating and formatting.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Professions from Home Without a Phone

If you unexpectedly decide to start working remotely, you should be aware of the following potential advantages and risks:


Check out the pros or benefits of non-phone work-from-home:

  • You are independent. More is happening here than just the ease of wearing pajamas to work. While working from home, you must learn to be self-motivated, disciplined, focused, and concentrated.
  • It is possible to finish more work. If you don’t sneak away to binge-watch Netflix while working from home, you might even become more productive.
  • You won’t encounter the typical office irritants like interruptions, chit-chatting, or loud employees.
  • You’ll get skills in communicating. When having a quick conversation in the break room is not an option, Fay advises that you become comfortable with the communication tools readily hand. All things, including messaging, skyping, emailing, and web meetings, are skills you develop out of need.

Benefits and drawbacks


Below are the drawbacks or cons of non-phone work-from-home: 

  • You could forget to clock out. Contrary to conventional assumption, dedicated employees could perform better when allowed to work from home. “Your workday kind of bleeds into your home life” when there isn’t a physical separation between going to and arriving from work, Fay continues. Feeling like you are constantly “at work” can lead to burnout.
  • You could become perplexed. Even if you are aware of it once you are there, offices are where a lot of casual collaboration occurs, according to Fay. It isn’t easy to replicate that at home, whether taking note of your coworkers’ top strategies or holding an impromptu brainstorming session around lunch.
  • You won’t have full access to all technological platforms. The ability to work remotely has generally never been more effortless, thanks to cloud technologies.
  • Your coworkers might refer to you as lazy. If you work from home and cannot react to emails promptly, your coworkers might need to be more understanding. They can wonder if you are exerting yourself or simply unwinding. Fay reminds us that individuals are responsible for being transparent about their activities when working from home.

Tips for Working from Home

Some easy tips for working from home jobs are as follows,

Tips for working from home

  • Keep your tone formal. Even if you don’t have a dedicated office area, attempt to set up a workplace that is only accessible to you while you’re working. The worst possible situation is being on a crucial work call as the doorbell rings, the dog barks, and the kids scream in the background.
  • Be adaptable. Form the habit of promptly responding to every email you get, even if it’s to say, “Received it,” or, “I’ll get back to you by noon.” In addition, even if your work hours are flexible, try your best to be available for conference calls or other collaborations.
  • With your team, establish clear touchpoints. It’s a good idea to schedule a time each day or week for routine check-ins with your manager and coworkers, advises Fay. That will assist you in maintaining accountability and serve to remind your coworkers that you are still a valuable member of the team.


What is the best non-customer service job?

Finding the proper professional life for you necessitates some self-awareness. Finding a job that makes you feel good and satisfied often entails reflecting on your weaknesses and strengths and adjusting your job search appropriately.

How can I make money sitting at home with no experience?

Whether you choose to make a little cash on the side or you have to look for a current income chance, it's never been easier than now. Numerous online jobs do not require significant experience and help to work from any location with internet connectivity. You only need a laptop! Regardless of education or work experience, anyone can start an excellent job if they know how to look.

What jobs require no social interaction?

If you prefer isolation, a job with little human interaction may be your best path to personal career employment. Nowadays, greater and greater jobs offer telework, so not having to interact with the public is becoming more likely.

Can I get money for being a stay-at-home mom?

Earning profit as a stay-at-home mother is easier than it used to be. It is possible to make funds when you have a few spare moments, such as when your children are at college, napping, or socializing with other caretakers.

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Handling work calls can be difficult, mainly if you are a stay-at-home parent, have pets, or live in a noisy neighborhood.

This article includes several non-phone work-from-home employment to assist you. In addition, none of these non-phone positions requires being in a quiet environment or talking on the phone for long periods.

So, go through this blog and choose the best opportunity to change your working practices if you truly want to control your family and career.