40 Money Making Games To Play And Earn Real Money (2021)

Need Easy Extra $350+/Month For Free?

As we say, ‘Everything online is a new normal.’ There are so many online games that we come across, and some of those can even let us earn real money online. Isn’t it amazing to play games, have fun and earn at the same time? You can earn side by side through this opportunity. No one is saying you to leave your profession to this but to earn additionally. This article provides you with the best 40 money-making games to play and earn real money from.

Earn Money By Playing Money Making Games

Given below are 40 money-making games where you can play and earn real cash :


This site can legit play games like Ludo, Pow, Mahjong 3, etc., and earn real cash.

play&win website
Play&Win Website

There are even chances of taking part in tournaments that will add up to the fun and excitement.

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The best thing about this is that you get $25 as soon as you sign up. There are almost 300 games that you can play as per your choice in this and earn.

bingo4money website
Bingo4Money Website

There are giveaways and extra jackpots, too, that you will find here.

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Wealth Words

The people interested in word games like word search, puzzles related to completing the sentences and stuff can easily take part in games that this site offers and earn a lot of money through it while having fun.

wealthwords online game
WealthWords Online Game

Some players win upto $3000 in this because of the anytime anywhere opportunity.

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XY Gaming

This is where you can continue to play the games you do, but just that you have to compete with someone now. You need to challenge other players, and if you win, that will be decided at the end of the week or month. You get the opportunity to get huge cash rewards.

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World Winner

In these money making games, you can go to different tournaments that include arcades, game shows, casinos, and even other word games.

world winner online game
World Winner Online Game

The winner here is awarded up to $500,000 and that too every day!

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Quick Rewards

You can play games here or perform tasks like taking surveys, watching videos, visiting sites, shopping, etc.

quick rewards
Quick Rewards

It’s a great thing!

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Cash Dazzle

There are a lot of games on this site and a lot of prizes too. This is because there are so many chances to win if you play more.

cash dazzle online game
Cash Dazzle Online Game

You can play free games and earn tokens in this that can be withdrawn after you win.

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There is a total of 600 games in this from which you can choose and play accordingly. $250000 is claimed by the game to its members.

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You can compete with people residing anywhere as it gives you free membership across the globe.


The duration of most tournaments is one hour that costs approximately 5000 coins. The best player wins the jackpot.

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Corporation Master

There are real money-making games. It tests a person’s managerial and business skills. A virtual economy is created when you start a company, invest in it, and work every day.

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It has a very popular game that is eight balls.

skill4win 8ball pool
Skill4Win 8Ball Pool

A player can have so much more fun when the element of real cash adds into it.


You can choose any game and play. This site has 20 daily games and six unique ones. A player can compete with other players too in it.


The name of some popular games is Bingo, Candy Krack and Trivia.


This site gives you games that will pass your time, and you’ll have a lot of fun. It doesn’t tell you to download any single thing, so there is no issue of space too. The money won can be withdrawn through Paytm.


This site has a lot of spinning games in it.

play At primeslots
Play At Primeslots

It has many features and amazing graphics. The jackpot consists of €1,000,000.


There are more than 85 free slots available here. The prizes won here include cash, iPad, and kindle fire tablets.


There is no need to leave the place in these ticket money making games and then pay for tickets.


Instead, you can play the lottery of tickets and give rewards like vehicles and cash to pay the mortgage.


There is no single investment in this, yet this is one of the best money making games. There are many games that you will get on this site, such as trivia and action-packed games.

play in gameloft
Play In Gameloft

In addition, the people who take part in tournaments can win a cash amount.

PCH games

This site allows the player to win tokens by playing games. You can win almost $1.000 daily.

Bingo zone

You can have the best virtual experience here while playing bingo. It keeps things interesting. Every game here is free to play.

The Other Way Around To Earn

These sites offer you chances to play games and win cash prizes; however, some sites tell you to test the games and pay you for that. Some of them are as follows.

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Erli Bird

In this, a person needs to give feedback on newly launched websites and apps and earn money.

erli bird online game
Erli Bird Online Game

You can get at least $10 per test, and you get paid via PayPal.


You can browse the listing sections by entering your preferences on games and then earning money by testing them. There are many game tester job opportunities on this website.

Rockstar Games

They are the best-selling games. 

rockstar games gta
Rockstar Games GTA

And the Grand theft Auto series and the Red Dead Redemption series were a production of these games.


Nintendo produced some super-fun games such as Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong. However, you need to examine products for content guidelines and test development software and see any programming issues.

Playtest Cloud

This is a platform for getting a remote game tester job when you get paid from home. Here the games that are needed to be tested mailed to the provided email id.

playtest cloud
Playtest Cloud

It would help if you examined what features are missing or what needs to be removed, and you will get paid via PayPal.

Some games let you play and win cash on iOS and Android devices.

Real Money Pool App

Here there are games like 8-ball pool and 9-ball pool. One can even participate in competitions or tournaments to win rewards like real money. A well-known face of money making games.

Long Game

This is a site that makes finances by giving you coins so that you can play mini-games when you have money in your FDIC-insured savings account. You can even earn bonus points in it.

Tap Cash Rewards

This is a money-making games app that allows you to earn cash and a gift card for downloading and installing new games.

tap cash
Tap Cash

You can even win money when you complete certain tasks like watching videos and more such tasks. Moreover, you can earn credits on Amazon, Google pay, or withdraw your cash from PayPal.

Ozone Play

This is a new online gaming network that rewards cash to its players. An app can be downloaded on the smartphone, and you get to play many free games here.

ozone play
Ozone Play

However, there is a fee for cash competitions like the minimum entry amount is $0.25, resulting in you winning $1000.


This is a scratch card game that can be downloaded on iOS and Android. You can reference your friends and take part in different contests or scratch cards to win money. The cash won can opt for Visa or Amazon gift card.


In this, you need to download free game apps.


You can earn free coins here, too, as soon as you enter referral code XZQBIU on registration.


This is considered one of the longest-standing small task sites in the industry. You can win money by playing games, shopping online, completing surveys, and watching videos. This is available on both iOS and Android as well. You get a $10 bonus when you earn your first $20 in prizes.


This is for the people who are confident about trivia knowledge. This game allows you to participate in competitions and win prizes. Players need to answer MCQs within 10 seconds.


This is known as one of the best survey sites, which allows you to earn real money.

play and earn in point club
Play And Earn In Point Club

You even get a $5 bonus on registering for the same.


There are a lot of casual games in this. However, there are many games that you are already familiar with.

You can even become a part of tournaments to win some awesome prizes.

Big Time Cash

This app has more than 600 games, and each one of them allows you to collect tickets. You need to use these tickets and enter frequent cash prize drawings.

big time game
Big Time Game

This game is available on playstore and iTunes.

Lucky Day

This app brings you the joy of playing casino games such as raffles, scratch off and more.

play lucky day
Play Lucky Day

In addition, there can be a daily earning of $100,00.

Best Review App

Here the name says it all. You earn money when you review apps. The player needs to describe experience while using the app. The player should give suggestions and opinions related to features and comparison. You get paid upto $0.50 to review free apps, and paid apps give you between $1 and $1.50 when you review the verification criteria.

Perk Pop Quiz

The people who are a fan of movies and series are best suitors for this. The shows like ‘Big Bang Theory,’ ‘Game of Thrones’ or ‘Walking Dead’ are examples here if you have watched them.

perk pop quiz
Perk Pop Quiz

You can earn real money and gift cards too.


This is a game that allows the player to save, earn and win cash. As you complete a mission and the dollar you save, you get experience.

Dream Cricket

Cricket fans are good suitors for this game. This is the most advanced app that every cricket lover can download.

dream cricket
Dream Cricket

You can participate in daily and weekly leagues to make the competitors know that you are the best. In addition, it allows you to earn money in PayPal and Paytm by referring it to friends.


This is all about the best 40 money making games that you can play easily and earn real cash.


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