How Mobile Casinos Have Revolutionized Online Casinos | Detailed Insight

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Online mobile casinos came into action invented decades ago. One software developer at that time, Microgaming, took the concept of online gaming too seriously and developed the first online casino. But that’s old news!

online mobile casinos
Online mobile casinos

Almost every casino game enthusiast knows how online casinos were born. But we have come a long way since then. The casino is not confined to your computers or laptops anymore. It’s the era of mobile casinos that we live in!

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about mobile casinos. How mobile gambling started and how you can even win mobile casino bonuses!

The Inception Of Mobile Casinos 

Unfortunately when we go deep into the history of mobile casinos, there’s nothing much to find. Since the first online casino in 1994, operators started to optimize their platforms for mobile platforms in the early 2000s.

The Mobile Lottery in the UK is probably credited as the frontier of mobile gambling. Launched back in 2003. June 2005 marks the date for wireless gambling to be on legal paper, but on casino grounds only. Then, in 2006, the Nevada Gaming Control Board took it forward and legalized wireless gambling.

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Soon, mobile casinos erupted across Europe like the volcano at Pompei. During the early days, the Asia region was left behind due to the lack of proper technology and hazy legislation. Philippines and Macau were known for allowing casino games on the mobile platform.

But that’s all history. Let’s not bother with it so much. Coming back to the present, we have two distinct types of mobile casinos.

Mobile Casinos 

After smartphones and tablets were popularized, it was only a matter of time for online gambling operators to catch up.

mobile casino
Mobile casino

They soon started to offer mobile versions of their existing casinos. Some even went to the extent of designing completely new platforms for mobile devices. 

Mobile Websites 

Since the release of HTML 5, developing casino websites that support all kinds of devices was fairly easy. HTML or HyperText Markup Language is one of the fundamental computer programs developing a website if you don’t know. 

HTML has been around for quite some time. But up until HTML 4, it was hard to optimize the same website for different devices. In some cases, making a separate website or developing an app was an easier alternative. 

As a result, online casinos that came about after 2014 don’t tend to offer a mobile app. Instead, the casino website is designed so well that all functions work seamlessly on all devices. 


Whether you’re comfortable on your laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet, you can use the same URL to play at online casinos. 

These websites are very cleverly designed. The interface automatically detects the resolution of the device and adjusts itself. And it doesn’t compromise the website usability at all. As a result, HTML 5 has been nothing but a blessing for online casino operators. 

Mobile Apps 

Generally speaking, Casino sites that are online aren’t optimized for mobile devices go for mobile apps. This is the very reason you won’t find many modern online casinos offering dedicated apps. But it would be wrong to talk for all online casinos. Because we know there are online casinos that offer a spectacular website along with an app. 

The idea behind mobile casinos is to personalize the casino experience even more. However, as you must download the app from your respective app store, either Google Play or Apple Store, the features are neater and work more efficiently according to the device architecture. 

Whenever we come across an online casino mobile app, we test it for features. Sometimes they are great. Sometimes, not so much. But it adds a new dynamic to your gambling experience because you are literally carrying a casino with you!

Contribution From Software Providers 

If you’re an intermediate casino player, you’d know that the mobile slots you play online are actually from a different developer. Unfortunately, very few operators have the resources to develop in-house games. 

So, it was equally important that the software providers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Play N Go, Habanero, etc., came forward and optimized their games for the mobile platforms. And they have done a phenomenal job. 

For example, all online mobile casinos, such as Betfarm Nigeria, partner up with the best software providers and expect a top-of-the-line array of games. However, in some cases, the entire game library might not be available to a mobile user because some games are just designed in a way that doesn’t suit a mobile device. 

Benefits Of Mobile Casinos

Well, the benefits of playing mobile casino games are quite obvious. The largest one being your freedom. You don’t have to sit in front of your computer to play at an online casino. With mobile gambling, you can access your casino account from anywhere, like traveling on the subway or waiting for your food to be served at a restaurant. 

Moreover, some online casinos offer mobile casino bonuses! Yes, to promote online gambling and its convenience, many casinos offer special bonuses when you signup or log in from your mobile devices. 

Keep in mind that the bonuses won’t be jaw-dropping, but they are still bonuses. And if you were going to play slot mobile anyways, the bonus comes as an extra benefit. 

Be Responsible With Mobile Casinos 

If anything, mobile casinos have made gambling more accessible to people. For example, if you had to wait till you’re home after work and play, mobile gambling could allow you to play when you are at work. And that doesn’t go well with work ethics. 

For some people, it can become a serious problem. And nothing is good when you go over the top. So, when you’re experiencing the best mobile roulette experience of your life, don’t let it get the best of you. Instead, be responsible and gamble responsibly


Online mobile casinos are the future of gambling. Considering the current number of smartphone users, it’s not a very bold statement because it’s true. But finding the best experience comes down to you. Look for a reputed website or mobile app and verify the license before you make a deposit. 

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