Top 5 Spots To Get Keys Made Near Me

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Objects like keys small in size, lighter in weight, usually roaming around in pockets and purses have the chances of getting lost without even the person being able to notice it. And then you will always think if you better had a spare key. However, it’s rightly said that it is never too late. So the question arises that what if you want to make key copies near me for your house or car? You have to look for keys made near me.

There are three types of common places where you can get your keys done, and they are grocery stores, hardware stores, and local vendors. 

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Factors To Consider Before Getting Keys

With the best places to get keys, there are some more details that you need to know:

  • One could argue the cost of the key. It usually takes 250-300 per key copy. However, there are some stores which can charge you high based on their excellent service. Some stores offer you a discount on extra keys, so it’s better to enquire about all the deals and discounts before looking for keys made near me.
  • There can be some local stores that can fool you, and once you make an appointment with them, they can come to your house and rob you. But don’t worry, some sites can recommend authentic and safe local dealers. So it’s better to do proper research before calling a locksmith.
  • In case you have a “do not duplicate” stamped key, you cannot just go to any store or call anyone for the duplicate key. Then, you need to go to the high office or a more responsible person and ask them to give you a duplicate key. In this case, you must be ready to pay even more.

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Best Places To Get Keys

Well, here are the best places to get keys made near me.


There is always a Walmart store in every city. You can visit the Walmart site and see the stores nearby you. Walmart usually cut any door, car, or house keys. Also, it’s very much authentic as it’s a well-known store.


They use both people and machines for key cutting. You can ask for services according to your wish.

Visit: Walmart

Local Locksmith

Well, this is the most often used way to get key cutting near me. You can always call a locksmith and ask them to make you a key.

local locksmith
Local locksmith

You can Google search or search through JUST DIAL and fix an appointment with them. However, remember that there can be cases of fraudulent too. So fix the appointment only by seeing their ratings and reviews. 

Ace Hardware

Ace hardware is also a store famous for its home décor and repair services.

ace keys made near me
The Ace Hardware Store

They have good customer service. They specialize in auto keys, standard keys, and brass doors. Make sure you call or check their website before you plan to visit the store.

Visit: Ace Hardware

Auto Part stores

While many auto part stores will offer you only car keys, some auto part stores give you the services for keys of all types. You can check auto part stores near you through just dial and can make a call to check the prices and the exact location of that store. Please shortlist 5-6 stores and call. Compare prices and choose the best one for yourself. To get keys made near me.


Ikeyless can help you with a replacement auto key. You need to log in to their website and enter your vehicle identification number and follow the payment procedures, which are not too complex.

ikeyless keys made near me

And the next thing is that they will send your key to your doorstep. Instead of roaming around and finding a car dealer to get your car keys, you can have your keys at your very doorstep. Also, it is very much trustworthy, and the services are also really good. It is also known as the car key express, to get key made near me.


Indiamart is a store where to get. They have a website also where you can call them for any queries. You can also check the prices for different kinds of keys on the website.

indiamart keys made near me

They have car keys, door keys, one-wheeler vehicle keys, and every other key you might be looking for. 

Visit: Indiamart

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As of now, you know that there are several options if you want to make keys for yourself. You don’t need to wonder or stress yourself out even if you lose a key. Next time, if you want to have a spare key, look for the above options and find a nearby location.

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