6 Best Ways To Increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings

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When Corona has infected more than 30000 people in our country, one has to find an alternative way to earn money. Amazon’s affiliate marketing is a way out for you. It is a simple way to earn money. You can advertise the products on your webpage or blog post, where people follow the links, which redirects to its Amazon page. If the lead becomes successful, you earn a commission of the amazon affiliate earnings. In this way, you can increase Amazon affiliate earnings.

An obvious question would arise that how much money can I earn from this type of marketing? In 2013, a famous Australian blogger, author, and speaker Darren Rowse (ProBlogger), wrote in his post mentioning his earnings over the last ten years with Amazon Affiliates, which were around $420,000. So, you can make a substantial amount of money through the affiliate program

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Increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings

There are six ways to increase Amazon affiliate earnings (you can earn better if you are already a part). Amazon affiliate tips are:

Forecasting Earnings

Before you start creating links and blog posts, you should forecast your earnings, which you will earn by investing your time and energy in them. You will get to know the same by the earnings made by others on affiliating similar products. You can earn more when you get clicks internationally. Suppose an India-registered Amazon Affiliate personnel will get more earnings when an American resident clicks on the link. 

forecast earnings
forecast earnings

Fortunately, “Amazon One Link” is the free link localization of Amazon Affiliation. So, one should also plan to earn more via such tricks. 

Choosing A Specific Range of Products

This part is crucial for a newcomer to Amazon Affiliates. One should choose a proper niche of products in which he or she best suits. There are several categories of products, and each category has different pay-out rates. It would help if you decided whether to write for apparel or mobiles, home appliances, or kitchen utensils in which you know the best. If you stick to your USP, you eliminate half of your competitors and will be visible easily.

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Write Your Honest Opinion

A reader appreciates the first hand and the honest opinion of the products he/she is looking for. It would help if you focused on building the reader’s trust rather than focussing on monetary benefits. A true opinion will always fetch money. For this, one might put the pros and cons of each product so that one can decide what he/she wants to buy within their limits.

honest reviews Increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings
Honest reviews

One should understand why a reader wants to read your blog, “To get information over and above written on the website.” So, you must strive to give that information to your reader. You can give your rating to the product to know your opinion just by seeing the ratings to increase Amazon affiliate earnings.

Use Long Tailed Keywords

How long does Amazon affiliate cookie last? “The Best Earphones” vs. “The Best Earphones Under Rs1000”. Which amazon affiliate cookie, keyword sounded and attracted you better? While writing the blog, one should write Long-tailed keywords to attract the customers as they have specific keywords in their minds and look for the same. This Amazon affiliate cookie length helps you get visible in the long list of bloggers. 

Social Media Marketing

You can use your professional handles such as LinkedIn and social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc., to send your affiliated links to your friends and family. Do share the blog link with your friends and family members and try garnering their interest so that they are driven back to the blog. We should recommend them the best products, not force them to buy the same. Also, use a specific strategy to follow up and drive them back to the blog.

social media marketing
Social media marketing

One should try to give as many links as possible (avoid too many links) in the article to increase your prospects to earn more. One can also add links to the photos of the blogs. 

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Create Product Comparison Posts

A reader can get all the product knowledge on the website itself. So why would he/she read your blog when the websites and other people will review the same product. A comparison article will fetch you a greater number of readers and help you update multiple links for the comparison of each product. Recommending similar quality lower-priced goods will increase the trust of the blogger.

Increase Amazon Affiliate Earnings

One should always keep in mind certain mistakes to avoid while affiliate marketing, such as:

  • Sharing the products which do not fit the audience
  • Using free themes for the first few articles to reduce a substantial amount of money initially.
  • Promoting wrong or faulty products for the sake of money
  • Bombarding the audience with over information

Blogging is just a start when it comes to promoting affiliated products. One should reach every medium possible to promote products such as Infographics, videos, podcasts, and much more. One can also start adding Tutorial videos for the same. One can perform all the mentioned six ways to increase Amazon affiliate earnings through these platforms. 

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Thus, it would help if you tried out some of these innovative ways to earn some money this quarantine via Amazon’s Affiliate Program. Therefore, in this way you can increase Amazon affiliate earnings.

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