Ibotta Vs. Rakuten- Full Comparison Guide Of 2022 

Need Easy Extra $350+/Month For Free?

If you’re hoping to make money through cashback applications or websites, you may have seen comparisons between Ibotta and Rakuten. These are perhaps the best sites that pay you to perform common online tasks.

These websites alert you to opportunities for financial savings, whether you are simply surfing the internet or making purchases. You may make a few to several hundred dollars, depending on the product you purchase through Ibotta or Rakuten. Even better, you have the opportunity to refer friends using your special link to earn more free money.

However, hopping from one cashback site to another while looking for discounts is tiresome. Additionally, using similar apps on your phone may be unnecessary even if you wish to purchase while on the go. Which one would you pick from the both? Ibotta or Rakuten? Can you use both applications simultaneously?

Why go for cashback apps?

Cashback applications can be a crucial component of your plan to earn rebates, points, and discounts to apply them on future purchases. Some Cash Back Apps even give users rewards for receipts from physical stores. These tools can help even savvy buyers earn significant rewards.

cashback apps

Utilizing these Cashback Sites and Apps to earn rewards is a lot of fun because they are worthwhile. Whether it is for gadgets, groceries, or fashion, cashback apps provide deals and offers that make you save money. The majority of these apps are free, making them an excellent tool for improving and managing your personal finances. How people purchase and save has changed. 

And who does enjoy free money for themselves? We all want it.

How does Rakuten work?

Founded in 1998, Rakuten acquired Ebates in 2014. Using Rakuten, you can allegedly get cash back at more than 3,500 retailers. A variety of shops are available here.


You can get cash back in stores as well as online stores on travel, grocery, restaurants, and other purchases. The website claims that Rakuten has already given its customers more than $1 billion in cash.

Making an account with Rakuten and starting to receive cash back is free. When you shop at a store via the website, the business receives a commission from the seller. Rakuten receives its commission once the retailer confirms the purchase and offers you a portion of it in the form of cashback.

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How does Ibotta work?

You can get cash back on groceries and other purchases with the browser add-on and mobile app Ibotta. It functions similarly to clipping coupons and may be downloaded and used for free.

In 2012, Ibotta was established. According to the company’s website, it has since given more than 35 million consumers cash prizes totaling more than $1 billion. Ibotta has partnerships with more than 300 retail chains, eateries, movie theatres, quick-service restaurants, home improvement stores, pet shops, pharmacies, and other businesses.


Ibotta is frequently connected with groceries, but you can also use it to get cash back on non-groceries. Offers may be found at pharmacies, eateries, liquor stores, gas stations, and other big retailers, including online shops like Amazon.

Ibotta vs. Rakutenwhich has better offers?

Ibotta often provides a tonne of great deals that can be used at participating stores like Walmart and Kroger. These can include receiving specific things for free when you take advantage of an approved offer. The 2020 Thanksgiving dinner deals that Ibotta offered in collaboration with Walmart are one example of this. This partnership led to people purchasing almost nine things for no extra money. The total savings from the offerings came to roughly $20.

offers ibotta vs. rakuten

Rakuten offers are available as well, but usually without any freebies. Rakuten, on the other hand, frequently provides offers of buy one, get one (BOGO) deals, or you might need to spend a certain sum of money to receive anything for free.

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Ibotta vs. Rakuten: which has better cash-outs?

As they are given in modest percentages on each transaction, cashback applications aren’t always precise when it comes to cashback. You must have a minimum of $5.01 to pay out your reward from Rakuten. Ibotta’s minimum cash out is $20, in contrast.

cash-outs ibotta vs. rakuten

Rakuten is superior to Ibotta because it has a low payout and sends payments automatically after reaching the payout cap. Hence, Rakuten does take away the spot for better cash-out benefits. 

Ibotta vs. Rakuten: which has more sellers?

There are approximately 2700 dealers and Ibotta-affiliated businesses like eBay, Best Buy, Home Depot, Hotels.com.com, and many more.

On the other hand, More than 3,500 U.S. retailers and 750 stores in Canada are affiliated with Rakuten. They have partnered with brands Sephora, Amazon, The Bay, Walmart, and many others.

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Ibotta vs. Rakuten: which has better redemption options?

Similar alternatives for redemption are provided by Ibotta and Rakuten, including deposits into your PayPal account. But Rakuten users also benefit from choosing to trade their balance for Amex Membership Rewards points.

ibotta vs. rakuten

Various bank cards can avail of Amex Membership Rewards points in exchange for such incentives. They’re renowned for their adaptability because they can be redeemed for transfers to Amex transfer partners, gift cards, vacations, online shopping, and more.

Members of Rakuten have the option to redeem their incentives for Membership Rewards points, which is a novel and profitable redemption method. Rakuten wins here because Ibotta does not offer this as a redemption option.

FAQs on Ibotta vs Rakuten 

Can you use both Ibotta and Rakuten?

Yes, you can absolutely make maximum use of both applications. It will also help you in the future to figure out which suits your preference better or which app gives you more benefits.

Is Amazon affiliated with Rakuten?

Amazon no longer offers cash Back, but the companies listed below provide fantastic Cashback offers and promotions. Rakuten and Amazon are no longer partners, and neither company sponsors nor promotes the other services.

Does Ibotta bring complications with money withdrawals?

Ibotta doesn't complicate cash withdrawals unless there are issues with the bank server of the linked account. However, an account might get locked due to various other accounts that are used in one phone.


The debate of Ibotta vs. Rakuten might go on until the end of the world, but in the end, both apps are pretty beneficial. Both Rakuten and Ibotta have their advantages and setbacks, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying them. 

Now that you have a full preview of what Ibotta and Rakuten don’t have in common, it will be easier for you to pick them apart. Or maybe just use both of them at the same time?