How to Get Quick Money? 15 Super-Fast Ways To Make Money

Need Easy Extra $350+/Month For Free?

There is no any doubt that money is so crucial for our healthy living. We have reached a stage in life where money is almost everything for us to have a decent living and maintain a dignified status in society. So to fulfill even a small need, “I need money” is expected of us to say. If one has money, he/she can get whatever they want without giving a second thought.

For instance, if your friends have come up with the plan of going on a trip all of a sudden and unfortunately you’re running out of cash, the only choice that’s left in front of you is to cancel it.

Remember each one of us is smart, capable and independent. So don’t let your talents go in vain. Why sacrifice your plans when we have some amazing ideas for you to earn money quicker than you imagine!

Before you start reading, you can check out how to make $500 in a week or so guide.

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15 Ways to Make Quick Money Online

These are the best 15 ways to Make Quick Money Online!

Great at Writing? Start Freelance Writing

Writing is another wise way to earn money on the internet by writing distinct kinds of content. If I need money, then I personally would opt this one.

freelance writer

We would strongly recommend this plan for people who want to pursue their career in content writing or magazine writer as it is one of the good paying jobs.

You can demonstrate your writing skills by writing for blogs, companies, institutions, individual people and so on. Several kinds of writers get paid differently based on their writing technique and content. It is from among our top work from home jobs list.

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Taking Paid Surveys Online

When it comes to earning money quickly especially for students, the only thing that can be thought of is by online surveys.


All you have to do is fill out some simple questions on online surveys in your leisure time. Whenever I need money, I take online surveys as it is easy and convenient.

The great advantage of this is that you don’t need to have any sort of background skills and you get paid in cash for sharing your habits, answering some general questions that do not require heavy thinking.

It is one of the most convenient jobs for college students where you can effortlessly work from home or anywhere else where you have access to a WiFi connection.

Some of the survey sites that pay you money to share a couple of small details about your habits and lifestyle are listed below:

Survey Junkie

SwagBucks (gives up to free $5 as a sign-up bonus)

If you’re really into surveys, be sure to check out our list of recommended paid survey sites.

Start your own YouTube Channel

YouTube channel is chiefly your personal presence on YouTube where all you have to do is upload your quality content which is not too draggy and is on point.


Even if your content is not up to the standards of other YouTubers, do not worry! Keep practicing until it gets better.

Use a better camera and other fine equipment that would be required to film your video. Make it a point to upload your video persistently to have a robust subscriber base.

Do not forget to use as many keywords as possible which can literally drive people to your YouTube channel. It is unquestionably one of the quicker ways of earning money in less time. Show your immense talent and get paid!

Not interested in making videos? Watch Videos to Make Money on your Phone!

Earn Money from your Smartphone Apps

This plan is great, and I do it whenever I need money. Downloading or installing money making apps on your smartphone can fetch you extra income.

All you have to do is complete some basic tasks like taking surveys, play games to earn money, watch videos, like some pages on social media sites, etc on your smartphone.

It can give you a minimum income of 200$-300$, which is pretty good and would be sufficient for your trip! 😉

Why keep the Old stuff? Replace it with New Ones

I’m pretty sure most of you will have plenty of old unused things at home which is just lying out there for over a year or so.

It’s high time you earn some good money out of it as it is assuredly one of the quicker ways of earning money that you can think of. Clicking high definition pictures of your old stuff and listing these items on sites like eBay will do the trick.

In addition to that, you can also assist your friends and relatives to sell these items online and ask for a commission. You can effortlessly earn money without putting any sort of hard work.

There are times when there is a lot of old furniture stuff lying in the backyard. Whenever I need money, I click the pictures and post it on eBay.


The easy and coolest way to make money, right? For starters, you can sell your clothes on eBay to make money.

Always on social media? Start managing!

Managing a company’s social media accounts could be an entertaining way to earn money.

You won’t have a strict schedule unlike the assignment submission in your school or college, and it is one of the flexible quicker jobs for students! It’s also a spectacular way to bind with businesses you wish to work for in the near future.

social media

A social media manager acts as the voice and face of business on several engagement platforms. In addition to that, you can also promote deals, content and socialize with any number of followers.

When I need money real bad, I manage my aunt’s social media accounts and keep track of the number of followers and ways to attract them to our website.

You can socialize with any number of followers, and it’s really fun! Moreover, there are other ways to make money on social media.

Plan 7- Be a Tech Support Expert

For all the geeky students out there, here’s an opportunity for you all to make the right use of your knowledge at FixYa.

Here you can earn $3 to $6 for answering a question that is posted already, $7 to $10 for assisting someone in chat, $11-$15 if you do it using your phone, or a variable amount for written tips and how-tos. If you’re technically sound, this is the best way of earning money quicker than ever.

tech support

I’m an engineer by profession. So whenever I need money, I use my technical knowledge to answer some tricky questions on FixYa and yes, I got my pocket money too!

Visit FixYa.

Want to be popular? Sell your Photography Skills

Using your smartphone smartly apart from using social media hours and hours together, can make you a millionaire someday!


On a serious note, if you think you are good at photography, then use your smartphone to click high-quality images of things nearby, perhaps nature, animals, food, anything that fascinates you and sell them online. It is one of those ways where you can make $200 in one day with right skills.

People get fascinated by portrait photography these days. Make the best use of your talent and avoid the situation of approaching your parents and crying- ‘ I need money.’

Sell Study Notes (For School /College Going Students)

Money is a common battle for most of the college going students these days. I truly think, selling study notes online is one of the excellent jobs for college students as you are not just working hard but also your productivity gets doubled.

sell notes

There are loads of online platforms that offer you the opportunity to upload your study notes which can be accessed by the students residing across the country. Whenever a fellow student downloads your notes, you are profited out of it.

Also, the amount will be transferred to your account as per the number of downloads. In simple words, earn money for good. Rather than throwing away the study materials, you can preserve it and sell it so that others can use.

Whenever I need money, I keep the study materials in proper condition and sell them online as there are various platforms which could be beneficial to others.

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Earn money via PTC sites

If you do not want to rely on anyone and cry-’ i need money,’ or if you want to have an extra income, then there are a hell lot of easy jobs out there. One of which is making money by viewing limited ads on trust-able best paying PTC sites.


Your task is to view the ads on a frequent basis. And not just that, you’ll have to refer these sites to your friends and relatives. This can also help you multiply your income.

Besides, take the premium membership, by this, you’ll get the double commission for viewing the ads and also a double commission for referring these sites to others.

Social Media Marketing – A New trend

It’s not a surprise anymore that colleges have incorporated social media. Present day students have grown up publicizing and sharing ideas on social media like Facebook, Instagram.


They are now helping to expand the popularity of newer platforms. However, this is not limited to students. Anyone who has the knack of using social media smartly can do this.

If you’re an active person on social media sites or maybe you even own a blog, you can earn tons of money quickly by promoting a series of companies, products or services online.

I feel social media marketing is an amazing platform to share your ideas or thoughts, and yes, I rely on this method whenever I need money. The interesting plan isn’t it?

User Testing – What’s all the buzz about?

User testing basically lets you visit websites or apps, complete a couple of tasks assigned and gives you an opportunity to express your thoughts aloud.

user testing

All you have to do is visit a website or an app, accomplish a set of tasks that are assigned to you and earn $11. User testing definitely is one of the flexible jobs that can help you earn a little pocket money on the side.

Want to be Independent? How about Self- Employment!

Interested in being self-employed and want to be free to work at your own availability? The Deliveroo Rider App is your way out.


All you need is a scooter or bicycle and a smartphone which will fetch you an extra income in free time. Companies like Deliveroo provide absolutely flexible jobs for college students.

Visit Deliveroo Rider App.

Online Data Entry Jobs

Online Data Entry Jobs are one of the most common online jobs which do not have freelance skills. This job is notably for those people who are not strikingly skilled at anything and are looking for a way to earn money.

data entry

All that is expected of you is to have basic computer knowledge with decent typing speed. You can earn about $9-16 per hour. We also have a list of some of the best paying online data entry jobs. Check it out here.


How do I get Free Money?

You can earn free money by social media marketing, PTC sites, selling notes, etc.

How can I Make 2000 Fast?

You can sell stuff you already own, flip items for profit, rent your car, etc.

How can I get Immediate Money Online?

You can work as an Insurance POSP, look for Freelancing Work, try Content Writing Jobs, start Blogging, etc.

How can I immediately earn $100 every day?

Participate in research (up to $150 per hour) Earn money by completing surveys. Online video watching can be paid for. For money, answer questions. Install this software to start earning money online. Play games online and get paid. Earn $100 more by pet-sitting. Take up shopping.

How can I earn $10 in an hour?

A computer and the determination to achieve are all you need! Sometimes known to as micro jobs or pay-per-task employment, are the ideal method for parents to make a little additional money while taking care of the kids. Focus groups, freelancing, Etsy sales, online tutoring, virtual assistant jobs, teaching a skill, testing websites, and more.

How do I claim my $5 PayPal reward?

Use your $5 as you want after receiving it. Step 1: Verify your account. Step 2: Log in to your PayPal account Step 3: Claim your reward

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Final Words 

There are a lot of other unique ways to earn money quickly. The ones I listed are the jobs that are easy and requires sheer interest. These full time and side jobs pay well and avoid the risk of taking loans.

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They have flexible work hours not affecting your regular routine in any way. The major problem of – ‘ I need money’ will be solved as far as possible!