How To Sell Your Photos Online (Sell Stock Photos For Money)

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Selling off photos will help recover some of your setup and equipment costs, website charges, and you could make an amount from this lucrative side-business over time. Potential clients of a professional photographer tend to browse through images posted by the photographer on his or her website. So, why not earn with these photographs, sell photos online.


According to a recent survey, it has been found out that around 56% of the individuals want to wild into the business of freelancing. This can divulge into a lot of markets and reigns, and one of the most common spheres of interest in photography. 

The power of social media via online marketing can fetch new clients for your business. You may upload your photography skills on your website to advertise your services and showcase them in your portfolio. Additionally, you can create a parallel income stream by selling digital images and prints directly from your website as a freelance photographer. Irrespective of the way you like to sell your photography excellence, physical prints, or digital ones, your commercial licensed images selling is easier than ever before.

How to sell your photos online as stock photography

With the change in the mode of reading, self-publishing through blogs and ebooks have increased rapidly and, thereby, the demand for stock photographs.

Numerous microstock sites are listed on Google that aim to provide affordable images to website designers, advertising agencies, ebook companies, newsletter and report writers, business owners, authors, and bloggers. These sites render the option of different licenses for different usage of images.

how to sell photos online

The prerequisite of photographs for sale is that they should be of high quality so that these can catch the eye of any random viewer. A portfolio can be created with stock images for sale.

Tip – It is always advisable to build up a large collection of photographs as it renders viewers a wider choice and makes selling profitable.

Images can be bundled or categorized based on a theme.

As a prudent move, you can make some of your images available for free on one of the free stock photography websites with a backlink to your website. This will help drive more traffic to your website and create more leads with higher brand goodwill for you.

Hurdles in selling photographs online

The biggest challenge for selling photographs online from your site is that you need traffic that visits your website regularly. For this purpose, SEO and social media marketing are helpful tools.

Starting a blog with a lot of relevant-keyword content increases SEO chances. Blogs with most commonly searched keywords will help audiences land on your website from where they can buy photographs. The genre of the blogs can be any: inspired by your photography life or any other that amazingly showcase your clicks’ quality and genre. 

Start selling now

With a lot of insight into selling photographs online, you can decide on the mode whether you want a visual society alliance or prefer selling on your website. Either way, your brand will get greater exposure, and you can create higher leads in some time. 

Create your photoshoots to enhance and hone your photographic skills, experimenting with your style, and a welcome change from your regular client assignments. 

5 Trustable Websites To Sell Photos Online

1. Shutterstock

If you are a photographer, then you might have heard about Shutterstock. It is an absolutely probable site where you can sell your photos online, making a ton of cash out from them. You have to make sure that your picture fits a theme, and then you can upload your photo on there.

Shutterstock Contribute

But there are certain guidelines which you have to follow before posting the image basically. First of all, understand the usage of the picture and how it can be shared with a million. If someone takes your royalty image, then you will be paid for the amount made from their purchase. Shutterstock is pretty simple to work with, and it helps you to take as much as you want, over time. 

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2. Adobe Stock

Another place to sell your images online is Adobe Stock. It is a stock marketplace by the maker of the most popular photo-editing application. This amazing marketplace gives you the entire freedom to click pictures and then make sure that you get to earn as much as you put the charge on them.

Adobe Stock

There are royalty shares here, which are higher than most of the online shops and from every single other place. Fotolia is your personal portfolio here where you can upload as many images as you like and then put your tag/brand name so that you can reach out to millions and then share it accordingly. 

3. Alamy

Let us talk about this application, which lets you share your images and then as much as you need. You can become a freelance photographer for Alamy, anytime that you want.


This site is an absolute masterpiece for those who are looking for a subtle way and option to earn with the use of selling their pictures online. There are about a thousand different clicks that you can get right away from here. It does not come with the hard and fast rules which you will generally notice with the other sites.

4. Etsy

Etsy is one of the leading freelancing and stock photo-sharing platforms in the whole world. What makes it different from the others is the usage of so many items all at once right over. Etsy is a better-known marketplace where you can buy and then sell all your handmade goods and items.

Etsy Photos

If you are a freelancing photographer and want to boost your career with a ravishing start, then you can click images of your item and then sell it here. Or you can become a freelancer, do the third party selling while you connect the seller with the buyer with the use of clicking images.

5. Fotomoto

Since it is an online marketplace, this amazing site helps you to click images and then send it to the millions who are browsing at the same time. Fotomoto is an incredible sight, and the user navigation of this site is extremely easy to handle.


What makes it different from the other photo sharing sites in this article is the user compatibility and at the same time, how easy it can be for you to click the images that you want and then share them online.

Like Etsy, since both of them are marketplaces of their own, you can click images of your choice right here and then share it with the third party or the buyer, accordingly. 

Selling stock images on your WordPress website

If visual societies don’t appear helpful, you can sell stock images from your WordPress website. But you should have a large collection of photographs there.

Unlike earlier days, the process of selling images from your website is much easier and complication-free. Payment gateways are quite simple now. You can refer to our full-fledged guide on how to start a blog

There are various plugins available on WordPress, like sell media. You can install and set them up easily. Plugins allow profiting from your images instantly, as you can take online payments, protect your images with the password and watermark, and a lot of license options are available too.

If your images are priced correctly, the chances of selling your photographs to big stock photography sites increase with 100% profit of each sale in your pocket.

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Summing Up

There are about a ton of sites where you can prosper. Depending on what you want to do, and how you want to sell your images, you can take hold of the task and do the needful.

Stock images are always in use because a lot of bloggers and marketers need them for their content. So if you become a stock photographer and start pricing at an optimum level, then you can surely make good money