How To Make Money As A Kid In 2021?

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We are living in 21 century, which is also described as the ” age of technology.” Money is the most crucial need of this era of technology. There are tremendous benefits and opportunities of technology. One very important thing to consider is that technology has become a very important factor in our lives. Humans begin and end their days with technology. However, when kids exploit the best uses of technology, they can learn and grow. It’s time to bring money into the picture, everyone wishes to be economically self-sufficient one day, and it requires lots of dedication and much time. The question arises, how to make money as a kid?

It is a blessing that technology has bridged the gap between earning money and time. Now, the Internet, or let’s say being online, has so many platforms for kids to earn money. So, the kids in 2021 can earn money online with a little smart work, patience, and knowledge. There are many ways to earn money online for kids, and kids are using this feature and different people to make lots and lots of money. 

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How To Make Money As A Kid?

Now, let’s look into some of the most amazing ways to earn money. 

Become A Reviewer

Giving feedback on different products on services like consumers or technical products online. It will enhance your kid’s communication skills, and also it will help the consumers choose the product whether to buy or not, depending on your feedback. Kids can make more money by attracting more traffic to their feedback by sharing the particular link with their friends and families. As more people view your feedback, the more you will be earning.

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Starting Your YouTube Channel

Many kids and teens are making lots of money through YouTube. YouTube is a flexible and unlimited platform, and you are your boss. The only thing is that you should be camera-friendly, and you can rock the platform. YouTube content can be compromised according to your interest, and that itself makes it most interesting.


Kids can choose different types of topics like fashion, reviews, blogging, education, challenges, fitness, and many more. It will take time to attract more traffic to your channel, but it will give great results if you stick to it.

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Taking Online Surveys

Online surveys are easily available on the internet through which kids can earn money. Several brands want your opinion to help them deliver better services and products, and you can be paid through cash or gift cards. Swag bucks are the most popular online survey available. This is a comfortable job that you can be done through your own home. It will not give that much money, but it will give enough. Every day lots of companies pay great bucks to know what their customers are thinking about their products.


Why companies take surveys? As companies are working to satisfy their customers, the only way to make their customers stick to them.

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Starting A Website

Starting a website is an excellent way to make lots of money, and it doesn’t have age barriers. You need to have great content-creating skills.


It’s a long-term way of making money as if you have endless content, there is no limit.

There are plenty of benefits of starting a website as a kid can learn new things, expose yourself to the world, can learn how to create great content, and the most awesome thing is that kid can publish his name to the world. It will take time, but if you post best and topics that are mostly searched. 

Having A Lemonade Stand

Another way on the list of how to make money as a kid is lemonade stands. Everyone likes lemonade and hot stewing, whether it’s the most refreshing thing a person can have. Kids selling lemonade are really cute, and it will also attract adults to spend a little to satisfy their thrust. Kids can make lots of money this stand as people thrust will be unlimited and starting a lemonade stand during a hot summer as the sale will be so high.

lemonade stand how to make money as a kid
Lemonade stand

This small business will make them learn a lot about lost management, advertisement, inventory control, and customer services.

Kids will only need lemon, water, sugar pitcher, cups, table/stand, and the kid is ready to start his business. They can be a great entrepreneur, and this business would be a foundation for their future entrepreneurship. The kid can also learn about finance by handling it from a young age.

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Reselling Items Online

There are lots of websites that provide the facilities for selling your old things online. It’s a very good idea to make money as the products you have that are unused or left always can be useful to others. The things that you no longer need can be a gift to others. Buyers will also get secondhand goods if they don’t want to spend a lot of money on that particular good as secondhand goods will be less expensive.

There are many things like your old video games, clothes, toys, books, etc. Kids will need a little help to sell that to get the account set up and for handling shipping or meeting the buyer. The best place to sell your stuff is eBay.

Start Vlogging

Vlogging is a way of showcasing your thoughts through videos. To start this business all you need is a good camera or a mobile with a good camera. You must have seen various YouTube videos made by Logan Paul, Bhuvan Bham, Jake Paul, etc. these people started making videos as their hobby, and later when the subscribers on their channel increased, they monetized their channel, and today they are making a huge amount of money through these videos.

vlogging how to make money as a kid

Starting a career in this field seems to be a bit difficult as you would be starting with almost no followers, and it is quite disheartening to make videos daily with almost no response from viewers. But having content good enough and a lot of self-confidence and patience, then, my friend, you would get success soon and once you are having an identity, no one can stop you from earning money.

Sell Candies Or Baked Goods

Baking is a hobby for many, but this hobby can convert into an act of earning some real cash. You can bake some cakes and sell them to potential customers and earn a living. Baking, or let’s say cooking is one of the best ways to earn money.

Baked goods how to make money as a kid
Baked goods

Here the person can follow both a hobby as well as earn through the same job. It is one of the simplest ways to follow one’s passion. All could not do baking, but the ones who are good can do wonders by following this. They can also have a tie-up with various bakeries or sell their produce to needy customers.

Payment Through Patreon

As for payment concerning how to make money as a kid, if you are a painter, sketcher, animator, or cartoonist, then this is your content. Choose half of your work and post it on your Instagram account. Please make a video of those pictures and post it on your youtube channel to make sure the pictures are so intriguing. In this way, you can earn through your channel as well as in ‘Patreon’ for those who are wondering what Patreon is. It is a website through which you can earn money. All you got to do is create an account that is free of cost.

I asked you to post half of your work on YouTube and Instagram to gain followers. Unlike any other platform, you can decide your payment on Patreon. To check out your work, your fans or followers have to pay a certain amount you have fixed for your work. So you can earn through two sources, don’t you think it is a jackpot. This platform is also applicable to photographers, writers, video makers, etc.


Everyone enjoys taking pictures, and some people have “The eye ” to see things. If you enjoy taking pictures, then you should get paid for it. You can start it by taking pictures at your cousin’s wedding, a college fest, or a trip.

photography how to make money as a kid

If not any of this, then browse around and see what captures your mind to get a hint. Many websites pay you money when you give them professional-quality photos. Editing things is an easy and interesting thing to give time to. If you think it is worth giving time, you should give it a shot! 

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So these are some of the ways on how to make money as a kid in 2021 and which are legal. Through these ways, a kid can not only earn money but can take them as their hobby or as their career options. A person can follow not only one but many at a time to earn a lot. Hope this article answers your question on how to make money as a kid.

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