How to Make a Will without a Lawyer?

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Making a will without a lawyer can seem to be complicated and nearly impossible. Contrary to our beliefs, we can make a will without a lawyer. But most of us are not keen on having a will because we feel it is not an exciting chapter of our life. But if we have assets and wish to transfer the responsibilities to our loved ones, then having a will can help us. 

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Now, most of us prefer to consult a lawyer or legal firm to make our will. But, How to make a will without a lawyer? It can be frustrating all alone. After all, we all believe that lawyers know about the making of a will, and only they can help you understand the loopholes in the Judiciary in terms of will creation. 


What things to consider before making a will without a lawyer?

Before we dive into the step-by-step process of how to make a will without a lawyer, there are certain things we have to consider. Here are some of the pointers to remember;

Choose the way you prefer to make the will

One of the most important things we must consider while making a will without a lawyer is how we prefer to make the same.

diy will

For instance, dozens of offline and online options help us create a will through the D-I-Y method. Moreover, we can use online sites like Freewill or get readymade legal will forms. So, it is always better to choose wisely and decide how to create a legal will. 

Make sure the will is valid and authentic

A will, whether made with the help of a lawyer or handwritten by ourselves, is considered valid and authentic when we prepare the same in our sound minds. Further, the language used to prepare the will is also critical. For example, if we have included our legal name and given clarity, it is our last will or testament. This way, we can ensure that will is legally valid and authentic. After all, with more cases of illegal wills coming up, a will that is soundly written by us that too using the proper legal language is something that has become the need of the hour.

List all the assets

Another critical point to remember is that the individual planning to prepare a will must list all their assets without leaving anything behind.

asset list

For instance, include all the physical assets like our homes, vehicles, family heirlooms, and more, along with financial assets like a bank, investment, and retirement plans. After all, including all the assets in the will can help your family know everything they have intended to inherit from us. 

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Attest the will with the presence of eyewitnesses

The most critical aspect we must consider while preparing the will is to attest to the will in front of eyewitnesses.

eye witness

Further, this will help us create a tough legal loophole that none of our relatives or others can forcefully change or modify. So, sign the document containing our will in the presence of at least two eyewitnesses, ensuring your document stays unchangeable. 

Thus, these are the different things to consider while making a will without a lawyer. Now,  Let us learn in detail about “How to make a will without a lawyer.” 

Different ways to make a will without a Lawyer

When it comes to knowing how to make a will without a lawyer there are different ways to make a will without a lawyer. And we will discuss in detail the different methods:

Opt for the preferred type of will format based on the particular country

The first way we can make a will without a lawyer is by opting for the preferred will format. If we plan to create a formal will or holographic will, then decide and opt for the same because there are many formats for making a will without a lawyer. Further, every country has a set format for preparing a will. So opt for the will format based on the particular country we are staying in. if the state government allows making wills in formal or holographic or any other format, then making a will without a lawyer is easy.

Make the will based on the state’s or country’s laws the individual is residing in

Before making a will, have a good knowledge of the country’s legal regulations and laws in making wills. Further, while preparing the will, cover all the legal areas and loopholes of the state or country we reside in. this way, we need not consult a lawyer or law firm for making our wills. 

Using authentic and reliable softwares

Another way that can help us make a will without a lawyer is by using 100% trustworthy online softwares. For instance, if we use reliable softwares to make a will in the USA, like Nolo’s quicken will maker and Trust, then we can prepare our will without a lawyer. 

Try making a will of your own by including all assets

Apart from the accounts and properties jointly owned with survivorship rights of the will, It should also include all your virtual assets with receiving rights. For example, decide whom we are planning to inherit our assets to and add up all the assets without leaving behind anything. Further, with legal rights on the inherited person, no outsiders can claim or change the will. 

Include witnesses’ signatures and presence while attestation the will

Finally, when the will is prepared by ourselves, we attest to the will that includes the witnesses’ signatures.


This way, we can legally bind the will and make it more concrete. Further, we can ensure that nobody can try to modify the will claiming missing witnesses.  

Hence, these are the ways we can make our will without consulting a Lawyer. Further, if we know these methods, making a will without a lawyer is easy.

Questions to consider

Can we make a will without a lawyer?

Yes, we can make a will without a lawyer by using reliable softwares to create same.

Are handwritten wills considered legal?

Yes, a handwritten will that we write in our sound minds following the judicial laws and regulations is considered legal around the globe.

How can we make a will without a lawyer?

Many of us will be skeptical about making a will without a lawyer. But it is possible and legal. If we make our will following the rules and regulations of the state or country we reside in and opt for reliable online softwares, we can create a legally valid will.

Can we prepare a will by ourselves for free?

Yes, we can prepare a will by ourselves for free by either writing the will from scratch or by opting for reliable online free sites.


Overall, when we go through “How to make a will without a lawyer” in detail, we can know different ways to create a will without a lawyer. Further, we can also understand and remember the critical factors and legally validate the will.