How does Shopkick Work? Everything You Should Know

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These days, there are a lot of budgeting apps. They allow you to earn incentives for shopping and other activities. Shopkick does work with  a similar concept as companies like Rakuten and Ibotta, which give you cash back for products you buy. Shopkick takes it one step further by allowing you to earn incentives for simply walking into a store, in addition to other activities you’d probably do anyway. 


This app is fantastic if you are seeking ways to reduce the amount of money you spend when you go shopping.

Shopkick enables users to accumulate incentives in electronic gift cards, which is functionally equivalent to earning some more income on the side. 

Shopkick is unique in that it not only pays you for making purchases, but it also pays you for doing other things. You can earn actual prizes rather rapidly. The users need to know how does Shopkick work


How does Shopkick work?

Shopkick is comparable to applications where users may collect points by “checking in” at specific locations. However, if you use Shopkick, you can earn points (called “kicks”) for doing various things and checking into stores. The following activities will earn you kicks:

how does shopkick work

  • Going into a participating store can earn you 25 kicks or more. However, certain establishments will allow you to earn kicks simply by walking by the store. If you are at a shopping mall, make sure that your Shopkick app is open on your phone.
  • Scanning products available in the store (ten or more kicks).
  • Scanning receipts from stores where you’ve bought certain things (100 or more kicks)
  • Creating a link between a card and the app (200 kicks)
  • Purchasing things with a linked card (earning more than 100 kicks for each purchase)
  • Observing videos within the application (5 kicks)
  • Purchasing things from several web retailers (10 kicks)
  • Shopkick thanks you for referring a friend (250 kicks)
  • In general, it takes 250 kicks to earn one dollar’s worth of gift cards. It takes 1,250 points to exchange your gift cards for five dollars worth of gift cards (although some cards can be redeemed for just 500 kicks).

Our experience has shown that opening the Shopkick app before entering a store participating in the program, and checking the app to see. Suppose any things that can be scanned to earn kicks is the most efficient way I’ve found to accumulate kicks. All these steps help you understand better how Shopkick work.

The following are some suggestions for increasing the amount of money you earn with Shopkick to receive gift cards more quickly

After properly knowing how does Shopkick work, It is recommended that you launch the app at least once a week. These promotions, offer, and purchases that can earn you kicks are constantly updated. 

gift cards

You can prepare in advance to have some fun while going about your regular activities if you stay informed about current events and keep up with new knowledge.

You should schedule your shopping trips in advance. Many of us put off going shopping until we have a free day. Open up Shopkick when you are building your lists and planning your stops to see what you can add to your shopping that will earn you kicks. 

The next thing you need to do is make a list. All the items you can scan to earn kicks at the store. And then, you need to allocate part of your time to find those items.

When you enable notifications, Shopkick will inform you when you are near a store that allows you to earn “kicks,” as well as when there are any deals or incentives that you are eligible for that are nearby. 

Because of these notifications, you’ll always be able to take advantage of opportunities to earn kicks, no matter where you are.

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Referral links

If someone you introduce uses Shopkick after clicking on your referral link, you both benefit with 250 bonus kicks. The application will provide you with a referral code and link that you may send to your loved ones and friends. 

referral links

If they register using your referral link or input your code during registration, you and they will receive the additional point.

Always make sure to check the Discover tab. The Discover segmen t of the app can bring to the attention products you have been looking for or are unaware of.

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How do you earn kicks fast?

When purchasing in-store or online, there are six distinct ways to accumulate 'kicks' with Shopkick. You can earn kicks by going to stores, watching movies, and using a credit card linked to your account at one of the connected stores. Wherever you go shopping, you will most certainly have the chance to earn kicks.

How many kicks can you get in a day?

There is no restriction on the number of kicks accumulated in a single day.

Do kicks expire?

Your kicks will become invalid after an inactivity period of six months or longer on your account.


Shopkick makes it easy to pile up kicks, which may be redeemed for prizes like gift cards.

In addition, they have an extensive variety of gift cards for various retailers. The gift cards ranges from Old Navy to neighborhood grocery stores.

If you utilize the app as a supplement to the shopping that you are currently doing, you can save money doing so, and the app’s layout is straightforward to use.

The application is free of cost, and signing up takes little time.

They don’t require much personal information besides your name, email address, and a few fundamental facts about yourself, and it doesn’t have to be linked to the utilized account.

Shopkick can be utilized to help cut monthly expenses, buy presents for birthdays or holidays, or even build up a reserve of gift cards that can be used whenever required. We hope this article makes it clear how does Shopkick work.