9 Best Homemade DIY Coin Bank Ideas

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In current years, a new and innovative trend is on the rise. It seems that the public is going haywire on the latest inclination towards DIY (Do It Yourself) projects. Every family is scouting for areas to implement these DIY ideas. And it is a satisfactory dynamism upheld by the families in actuality. The importance of homemade DIY coin bank ideas is more than we initially assumed it to be. These piggy banks impart a futuristic vision to the kids and teach them the methods and importance of budgeting at a tender age. 

This knowledge of financial understanding and planning at the blooming phase of life builds up the foundation of responsible and adequately aware individuals. This is one of the most palpable lessons a parent can tutor his child about.

Top 9 Homemade DIY Coin Banks Ideas

There is no limiter to restrict the creativity and bubbling ideas that emerge from the conscious mind of a child. Therefore, there are numerous varieties of designs and imaginations to bring to life.

different methods for homemade diy coin banks ideas

However, there is a boundation of viable materials which are helpful in constructing homemade DIY coin bank ideas. You simply cannot use gold, lead, plastic, or aluminum to make your homemade DIY coin bank, and the coin bank must be easy to make and viable to use.

Keeping these factors into consideration, there are 3 significant ways to help the children build their personal homemade DIY coin bank with little difficulty and lots of fun.

Mason Jar homemade coin bank 

It is widely prevalent for us to order pickles, honey, syrups, and many such products for day-to-day use. And seldom do we throw away the mason jars that carry these products.

In general trend, mason jars are used to store leftover or extra biscuits, cookies, candies, and many random kinds of stuff. But are you mindful of the fact that these mason jars contribute to the making of an excellent homemade DIY coin bank?

So, how do we convert a mason jar into a homemade coin bank? Glad you asked because we are going to learn it right now!!

mason Jar homemade coin bank 

  1. First, we need to find a mason jar. No surprises here, though. You must ensure that the jar is not damaged or shattered from any corner and has the lid intact.
  2. Also, decide how much money you are looking to save. If you are a novice and saving preliminarily, choose a 1pint jar. If this seems small, consider a 0.5-gallon jar.
  3. Now, pick up the lid and cut open a 1-inch thick line right in the middle of the lid. Take your elders’ assistance and ensure the gap is not less than 1-inch to allow the US quarter to pass through it.
  4. Now wash the jar thoroughly and let it dry. After this action, close the jar with the cutout lid appropriately. Your homemade DIY mason jar coin bank is great to use.

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Plastic bottle homemade coin bank 

Every other day we consume products stockpiled in plastic bottles. And even though these bottles are not one-time-use plastics, we discard them anyways. So why not bring it into service of some merrymaking project?

plastic bottle homemade coin bank 

  1. Find a used plastic bottle in your house to build your coin bank. Make sure you clean it properly with soap and water before use.
  2. Next, slice up a 1-inch extended cut in the exact middle of the bottle. Do not hesitate to take help if unsure. Also, keep a strict eye on the measurement of the cut.
  3. Now, attach four cone-shaped figures on the opposite side of the coin slot area such that they form 4 standing points.
  4. Lastly, do not forget to unleash your design skills to arrange and decorate this bottle to your desire.

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Ideas for homemade DIY coin banks 

I am sure that by now, you must have understood the fundamental framework behind creating a homemade DIY coin bank from scratch, which is essential to grasp the next step in the process.

Where is the DIY project’s amusement if it cannot reflect your inner artist and unique ideas? No DIY project is assumed to be complete without the integration of self-imagined ideas into actuality.

For those who are at a standstill and unable to dive deep into their artistic hemisphere of the brain, the following are some ideas that might provide you assistance. It is recommended that you take inspiration from these ideas and jiggle your brains to dive deep into the free world of creativity.

Though if you feel the idea is right on the mark and will go in accordance with your plan, do implement it freely.

Shadowbox coin bank

Observing your collection rise as you keep dropping those US quarters or one-dollar bills in the box is exhilarating. The visible fortification of your amount and the filled-up jar boosts your willpower and determination.

shadowbox coin bank

You can use either a transparent mason jar with a neat label on the front or a plastic molded sheet glued to a cardboard box for creating ideas for a homemade DIY coin bank.

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Marvel and DC coin bank

Since the first comics went up for sale in different states, Marvel and DC comics have cleared up some particular room in our memories. From young nippers to supervising teenagers, all love them.

You can express this love in your homemade DIY coin bank. Please pick up your most beloved superhero and embellish your jar or bottle in his costumes and art style. Make it alluring by the inclusion of minute details, and try to give your individualized touch as well. Read here the best ways to get free money.

Vehicles-based coin bank 

From mesmerizing sports cars and proud military tankers to those glamorous high-performance bikes, vehicles have been an integral part of your dreams.

vehicles-based coin bank 

Apply these wild imaginations to your coin bank by transforming them into your favorite vehicle. You should also add some modifications that are attractive yet simple.

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Dinosaur and Dragon-based coin bank  

Prehistoric mammals and reptiles have always grabbed the scrutiny of your wild-running imaginations. The sheer size and unbound able body structure distinguish these creatures.

dinosaur and dragon-based coin bank  

The creation of a miniature model of your idolized giant is a fascinating technique to unravel your bound thoughts. Also, it would make your coin bank look cooler.

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Disney Princesses-based coin bank 

Disney has an endless plethora of iron-willed and brave female protagonists to offer the audience. From the princesses to the side characters, all bring new stories to the table.

Dress up your coin bank as one of your princesses and discover the magic of investment unfold before your eyeballs.

Simple old-style coin bank 

Do you know what under no circumstance gets lost in the pomp and show of modernized ingenuity? It is the accurate and paramount foundation of any structure.

Similarly, no matter how many advanced prolific ideas may fabricate by budding minds, the original design of the coin bank will never go out of general tendency.

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Music festival-themed coin bank

Songs and music are the harmonies of heaves created to soothe our eardrums from the everlasting chaos and tantrums. And I highly doubt the existence of a human who is not hypnotized by the vibrations of music.

So what better opportunity to transfigure your adored style of music into a homemade DIY coin bank idea? 


How much money can fit in a piggy bank?

Depending on the size of your piggy bank, it can accommodate up to 100 -1500 coins.

What can be used to make a recycled piggy bank?

Oatmeal jars, mason jars, plastic bottles, reused frames, coffee tins, cardboard, etc., can make beautiful piggy banks for your kids.


The DIY project aims not only to install a creative attitude and help promote the cortex’s artistic hemisphere but also to reduce the quantity of waste spawned by households. Create magic with old plastics, glass jars, or cardboard, and store your extra coins in your DIY coin bank. With this leisure time activity, teach your children the importance of saving and spend some fun quality time with them.