Free Gift Cards – 30+ Ways to Get Gift Cards (Apple, Google, Amazon)

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The art of earning money online has become ubiquitous and people stumbling upon different ideas every day makes it even more compact. The advent of gift cards is also a significant one with people seeking it a lot citing them as an alternative to the cash.

Above all, there are websites and applications that provide gifts cards at free cost. Let’s take a gander at some of them.

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How to Get Free Gift Cards? 30+ Ways Simple Ways


Yes, without a shade of doubt, Swagbucks is the top website that offers you free gift cards. The tasks are more similar to those of other websites.

Taking surveys, purchasing online and visiting the sites, watching videos and much more. It offers gift cards of various brands such as Amazon and E-wallet.


Everyone is well aware of this popular platform for giving out millions in rewards. InboxDollars is here for quite a while now and we love it. The platform offers interesting surveys and other tasks like watching videos, playing different games online to earn rewards.

You can start by registering on InboxDollars through our link. They’re giving a $5 signup bonus for all the FinancePolice readers. Moreover, if you’re still skeptical about the payouts and tasks on InboxDollars, check out our exclusive InboxDollars Review 2019.

Grab Points

Gift cards via phone have become widespread and enabled many users to retrieve it efficiently. Grab points is one such website, allows you to get free gifts card by doing some of the specific tasks online assigned by it.

They include completing surveys, downloading and watching videos, installing the required mobile applications and so forth. There are no constraints set, and even a high school kid could hop on this website and earn a lot.

Get Paid To

GPT is an overheard term amongst the people who seek online for making money. You need to take the surveys and finish other simplest of the tasks to acquire free gift cards and cash.

You can sit here all along on this website to collect the points which in turn becomes rewards, and then you can splurge it as much as you like. Try our exclusive guide to get Free Kohl’s Shipping Cards.

Point Prizes

This website is all about securing points which does convert into free gift cards by the completion of tasks such as online surveys, fulfilling offers provided by the various advertisers.

You can keep track of your progress, displayed in the user dashboard. There are also rewards for sharing and referring this site to others. More the points, the higher are the chances of making money.


Are you fond of making market research surveys? How about getting paid free gift cards for that? Yes, Prizerebel offers such services for over many popular brands. Become a member and see the light of your day.


The prominent way of getting give-away is while during purchase. Shopkick provides you with free gift cards online and with in-store purchases.

The free gift cards are issued for scanning bar-codes of the products, viewing products online and purchasing it with cards and watching videos online. Now it’s time for you to kick in with Shopkick.

Opine Your Ideas

Now it’s time for you to give your opinion on several aspects. In fact, value your opinion, an online survey website lends their ears for your opinions regardless of the subject and paying you rewards.

The instructions are simple as you have to register a free account and then start giving your ideas and earn more gift cards as you can.

Web Perspectives

The online surveys are the widely used method to earn money, rewards, and gift cards.

Web perspective is such a website, gives away a free gift card for paid online surveys. Start taking surveys and receive more gift cards.

Talk with a Bot is a survey website that differs a lot from others. Have you ever got rewarded for just chatting? Now it is the time to convey your ideas to an online bot and earn free gift cards in return.

Typically, the researchers seek the user’s experience in specific fields, their opinions, and optimistic plans. And you will be expressing everything to the poll pass and getting rewarded.

Spin to Win and Lucky day

Let’s spin the constraints too. Spin to win cash is one of the popular application that gives you instant free gift cards at a snap of your finger. The effort you are going pull less, but the rewards are high.

Lucky Day

Lucky day is another gaming application that provides you with exciting rewards such as free gift cards and real cash, which requires you to scratch the given cards.

The application is available for free download. Without any ado, start earning your free gift card by scratching all the way.

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It’s more like a quiz app that provides your rewards and free gift cards for the answers you solve.

Brain Battle

Brain Battle pays you unlimited prizes and gift cards at free registration. All you have to do is to unlock the tickets for various levels simply.


Sudoku-Make money free gives a big chance for all the sudoku lovers to earn free gift cards and other rewards.

Solitaire Make Money

Solitaire Make Money free lets you to play solitaire online for free gift cards and cash prizes.

If you have the knack of playing solitaire, then there is no stopping you from grabbing rewards. The instruction is given clearly before starting the game.

Gift Wallet

Gift Wallet is an application that gives you free gift cards for the completion of tasks such as such as downloading particular apps and watching videos given by them.

Puzzle Ball

Puzzle Ball is another exciting game where you can solve interesting puzzles for rewards and gift cards

Zupee and Swoo are other apps that pay you free gift cards for playing trivia playing trivia.

Start Freelancing

When you run out of sources, freelancing lends its helping hand to make your ends meet.

Freelancing enlists a variety of services from writing to teaching, cooking and many other services that could easily fit yours. You can earn free gifts cards and real cash by freelancing through trusted websites.

Become a Translator

Yes, it is your multilingual skills for more rewards and free gift cards. Trusted websites such as Flitto and talent desire throws some enormous rewards for the translators, unlike other survey jobs.

They are required to work on various fields, and the scope is vast. Use your language as a weapon and earn much as you can. There are similar trustable proofreading jobs that you can also try if you’re good at omitting.

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Xenogifts lets you earn free gift cards and vouchers for completing online tasks such as the surveys, downloading applications and offering the ideas.

The registration is of free, and you will start garnering Xenocoins (rewards in their terms) for the above mention tasks which later converts into gift cards.

Opinion Outpost

It is another website that obliges your opinions and surveys for extra cash and free gift cards. The core tasks will be of completing surveys, expressing your opinions which values most to them.

It is a trusted one where you could get your instant rewards. Opine your ideas and strategies and get rewarded.

Loot Palace

Here is your chance to loot all the rewards by achieving a certain set of tasks requested by the website, which includes surveys of the various field, streaming videos and downloading the desired applications. You can collect your rewards and points as free gifts cards at the end of each task.

Rewards Central

Welcome to of the one of the biggest clan online for earning rewards. This website comprises simplest of tasks like voting, surveying and answering to the set of questions and reaps you in return.

The points you collect becomes free gift cards. Start collecting your chances as well the coins.


It offers free gift cards of more than a hundred barns including the notable Amazon and eBay. It requires you to register a free account where you will be collecting points for trying different and new apps recommended by the Website. The collected points are turned into gift cards. Sure it is a booming one.

App Irazoo

This provides free rewards and gift cards for taking online surveys surfing on the website, downloading videos and other sets of daily tasks set by Irazoo.

The points can be earned by doing the above works and also entering the promotional codes. Become active daily and earn free gift cards with this application.

Become a Captcha Writer

Captcha entry works have grown in numbers, and their scope looks far from over. The biggest reason is the skills you invest which are basic typing and excludes other special requirements.

The proceeds you make out of this works is reasonable and fair yet being cited as a monotonous one. There are huge numbers of websites that offer captcha entry jobs and pay you through several means including free gift cards. Fill the captchas and fill your e-wallet.

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This is a mainstream cashback site that offers you free gift cards and rewards in numbers by shopping. It offers you an optional gift card straight away during sign up.

You can achieve extra with more purchases you make online or in-store. It subjects to various retailers. So what are you waiting for? Get off the mark with bates

Gift Card Granny

Yes, it is more like a granny as it does care a lot about users and gives free gift cards. You have to earn points which can be done by finishing the tasks such as reading the journals, rating the experience, recommending others to this site. The earned points would soon become gift cards.

Coins Rewarder

You can earn free gift cards from this website by performing tasks like watching videos, downloading applications, and other simpler ones.

The coins will be generated to your dashboard on completing the tasks and turns into free gift cards later.

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Cinch Bucks

Are you in need of some extra bucks? Then Cinch bucks lay the way for the users to attain real cash and free gift cards through paid online surveys, completing the simple offers. Yes, it stays that simple.

Point Club

It is time for you to secure more points with Point club by taking paid surveys online and other said tasks. For every set of points, you can acquire your free gift cards.

Cash and Gifts

As the name suggests, you can expect plenty of rewards from this site. You are required to complete the tasks of filling forms, surveys, playing lotteries and many other tasks and bestowed with free gift cards and other prizes in return. Now it’s time to snap up yours.

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Summing Up

Yes, there are still many websites and applications to avail for earning gift cards. It has evidently become widespread owing to its effectiveness. It is most sought after by vast people, even naive users.

And the electronic gift cards since becoming compatible with mobile devices, it has really taken its root. As long as there are efficient ways of money making techniques, people would never stop seeking it.