Top 12 Best Companies That Pay For Ideas in 2021

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The Covid-19 crisis has left all the people isolated from their respective workplaces, where most people find their blockage of creativity and ideas to their implementation. If you are one of the persons who seek new ideas to the problems and their solutions, you can make an income out of your ideas and skills. Although there are hundreds of fraudsters out there on the internet, one needs to be careful. This article is a guide that you can earn out of your ideas and the companies that pay for ideas and skills.

Several new entrepreneurs are coming into the market, and almost 500 million Indian people on the internet are yet to come and long with it invention companies that buy ideas. This is an opportunity for you and the people who are benefitted from your ideas via the internet.

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Best Companies That Pay For Ideas (Sell Your Ideas)

Here is the list of companies that buy ideas:


Google Blogger is one of the mediums where you can write, customize and publish your article online. You can write your thoughts, ideas, and opinions on entrepreneurship, tech, science, politics, international relations, and many other things and topics. One needs to be consistent with the work.


To earn a Google AdSense account is mandatory for website monetization. Millions of people are already up with writing and publishing with Blogger and even earning with it.

Visit: Google


WordPress is a website that helps you create a website in a more effective way of customization and design.

Site: WordPress

You present your ideas more creatively. Its customization has various themes and designs that are both desktop and mobile-oriented. It also has the feature of monetization, which you can use to monetize your content and earn. 

Visit: WordPress


WhatsApp Messenger is a common messaging app nowadays for most people. But if you know tech, then you can earn from it. 


A Wired article suggests that researchers can earn bonuses from $1,000 to $15,000 for different bugs and vulnerabilities. So WhatsApp Messenger is one of the companies that pay for ideas.

Visit: WhatsApp


Creating Facebook pages is common among people, but did you know Facebook Bug Bounty is a program in which programmers and techies can apply in which they have to find bugs and vulnerabilities. Facebook companies that buy app ideas.


And in return, they are paid amounts as a reward. According to Wired’s article, one can get payouts from $500 to $50,000 by reporting different bugs. 

Visit: Facebook


Apple’s security features are on the news headlines now and then. But such a company also faces difficulties and bugs.


To which Apple comes up with a program in which they can give you a payout of $1 million, according to the article published in Wired. 

Visit: Apple

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People these days are using YouTube a lot for learning, entertainment, and sharing videos. You must be knowing various content creators. Some of them must be your favorites. But one can even earn money by creating content of his or her ideas on several topics and enabling monetization features.

Visit: YouTube


A name itself defines as out of the ordinary. Companies that buy invention ideas, and show that your ideas are special and they respect them as submitter satisfaction. The aim is to make inventing and selling products possible by pairing inventors with product designers and big manufacturing companies to bring their ideas to life. And believe that great ideas don’t come from the board room. They come from the living room.


This company picks a new idea every month to make it a real product.

Visit: Quirky

Invention city

This invention city gives infrastructure to your ideas to stand still independent and is one of the companies that pay for ideas

Make sure inventors confirm, develop, protect, license, manufacture, and market new product ideas. It merely takes a minute to submit your ideas to the website, but the company process takes five days to verify the idea and approve it. 

invention city companies that pay for ideas
invention city

Invention city strongly recommends that every inventor try to make a rough prototype on their own, which is an important step in converting your idea into a product. These are companies that buy inventions but also build them. With a working prototype, you will often discover features that increase your chances as a patent.

Visit: Invention city


You have the ideas that shape the market, and here is the company that operates in leading innovations, brands, and technologies in three business areas: Adhesive Technologies, Beauty Care, and Laundry & Home Care. 


This belief in “Creating sustainable value” is the purpose that unites the inventor’s inventions. So if you’ve invented something that fits the criteria, and then let the company know about it.  

Visit: Henkel

Cal-Van Tools

Your ideas are faster than automated wheels, but facing problems facing their challenges and not building them, no worries, the car-van tool helps enable your ideas in automotive specialty tools. 

cal van tools companies that pay for ideas
cal van tools

Combining manufacturing and a global supply chain with full-line packaging capabilities to meet customers’ needs and help innovations to drive profit.   

Visit: Cal-Van Tools


In companies that pay for ideas, Innovations developed in the technical field the interior wood crafting is creative for the past five years. They seek royalties on innovative, new ideas for the woodworking trade.

fastcap companies that pay for ideas

Royalties are paid monthly, which is great. And you don’t need to have a patent to submit your idea.

Visit: Fast-cap

 Idea Buyer

The best place to get wings to your dream and make them come true to be a successful business tycoon and set your ideas into big companies and look forward to the bigger project launch. The company has grown to offer full business development services through few companies.

idea buyer companies that pay for ideas
Idea Buyer
  • Cabela’s
  • Walmart
  • Buy Buy Baby
  • Macy’s
  • Bass Pro
  • Lowes
  • Home Depot
  • Ace Hardware
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Amazon

These provide the best service and great customer care service with a responsive part within one or two days.

Visit: Idea Buyer

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No work in the world is left unrewarded as there is a saying like “every hard work should be paid off.” Never allow your ideas to profit others. And innovations are not restricted in developing from a technical point of view. There are wide opportunities in various fields. Choose your field of interest, respect your passion, and get paid for innovations you make.

It’s time for the younger generation to build a modern world and 2021 has a wide opening with many opportunities. Don’t let your creativity sink in, start to explore now and find a passion for earning with your ideas. 

There are a lot of websites that claim to provide lists of companies that pay for ideas. But one needs to be very clear about cybersecurity and data. Because these things ultimately lead to the degradation of the individual’s data and information, posing further threats.

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