Chase Slate vs Freedom Cards Comparison (2022)

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You would probably choose the credit card that offers rewards if you had to choose between a no-annual-fee card and one that does not. In this case, choosing the appropriate credit card might not be as straightforward.

chase slate vs freedom cards

For instance, whereas the Chase Slate Edge doesn’t even earn points, the Chase Freedom FlexSM offers a variety of rewards-earning and return choices. But the Chase Slate Edge card also offers several other advantages that still make it a wise choice.

Given that there are many aspects to consider when selecting a credit card, today’s comparison concentrates on Chase Slate vs Freedom cards, which are very different from one another. However, any card might be the ideal option in a specific circumstance, which is what we intend to investigate.

In this post, we’ll go into more detail about Chase Slate vs Freedom cards and discuss how the correct cardholder might find value in either one. Continue reading as we examine our two highlighted cards with this goal in mind.

Chase Freedom Unlimited Excel at:

Safeguards for Travel and Insurance

For credit cards with no annual charge, the chase freedom vs slate both provide an above-average selection of travel and consumer insurance benefits. Both cards offer supplementary accidental damage waiver insurance for car rentals if you’re out on the road.

travel insurance

Chase Freedom Unlimited gains an advantage by providing more travel insurance protections. Freedom Unlimited gives its cardholders trip rescission and suspension insurance. These can pay for prepaid, nonrefundable passenger fees if you cancel or postpone your journey due to illness, inclement weather, or any scenario covered by the insurance.

Minimal Introductory APR

Even though Chase Slate Edge is geared at cardholders with a load, Chase Freedom Unlimited now provides a 0% introductory APR on transactions and debt transfers for 15 months starting from the initial registration. The Chase Freedom Unlimited may be wise if you want to transfer a balance to lower your interest rate or spread out payments for a big purchase over a more extended period.

Greeting Offer

New cardholders of Chase Freedom Unlimited receive a welcome reward of up to $300 in cash back. A 1.5% cash back incentive on all purchases made within the first year of card membership on up to $20,000 in expenditure.

A Few Bonus Categories and Everyday Rewards

 In the chase freedom vs chase slate comparison, Chase Freedom Unlimited excels in this duty since it is designed for consumers who desire straightforward, regular rewards on routine expenditures.


For every purchase, Chase Freedom Unlimited gives 1.5% cash back. While booking via Chase Ultimate Rewards®, Chase Freedom Unlimited gives 5% cash back on travel, 3% cash back on eating at restaurants, takeaway, and delivery services, and 3% cash back at pharmacies. Using the Chase Slate Edge has no advantages.

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Genuinely Flexible Cash Back Reward Points

Chase Freedom Unlimited despite being a cashback credit card, accrues flexible Chase Absolute Incentives points. At a rate of 1 cent per point, Chase Ultimate Rewards can be redeemed for cash back, but the program also provides a number of tempting methods to boost the value of your point redemptions.

Chase Slate Edge excels at:

Credit Line Increases Automatically

The automatic credit line rise provided by the Chase Slate Edge may be a valuable option for anyone if you are trying to improve your credit, credit rating, or spending patterns.

line of credit

Chase promises to consider you for an automatic credit line boost after six months of on-time installments and $500 in card usage.

Low Perpetual APR

While the recurring APRs offered by the slate edge vs freedom unlimited are identical, the Slate Edge has the advantage in the long run. Through an anniversary period, Chase will assess your account and provide you with a 2% APR discount on expenditures and chase slate cashback if you spend a minimum of $1,000 on your Slate Edge. Every card anniversary year, this rate discount is available.

Your APR will only be decreased till it reaches 9.74% plus the prime rate. Such variable rate benefit is not indefinite. If you maintain a balance, the rate is still competitive with some of the most accepted credit cards with low APRs.

Balance Transfers

The Chase Slate Edge is a good choice if you want to stop accruing interest fees and pay off your card debt. Your deposited balance will not accrue interest for the first 18 months.

balance transfer

You could be better off using a minimal card or another debt consolidation instrument if you have bad credit or are unsure that you can pay off your transferred balance in full in 18 months.

The Freedom Flex doesn’t provide an initial APR on balance transfers. Thus the card is a no-go if that concerns you. These carriers offer the exact variable APR after their promotional periods.

Which Credit Card is better for you, Chase Slate or Freedom Cards?

Depending on your living and objectives for getting a new card, you should decide on the Chase Slate vs Freedom card, which is best for you.

The Chase Slate Edge should be your first option if you have debt and want to move it to a new card to reduce your interest costs. You will have the chance to lower your debt and stop paying interest. The Chase Freedom Flex should be your choice if you don’t typically carry a balance on your credit cards and are more interested in collecting rewards.

which is better chase slate vs freedom cards

Whichever card you choose will rely on whether your priority is earning points or repaying debt, as either card might be used to finance new purchases. Making debt repayments should be your top concern because credit card interest rates are so high. If you don’t, all benefits you obtain from those contributions are negated.


The Chase Freedom Unlimited is the apparent pick between Chase Slate vs Freedom cards if you’re searching for a rewarding cashback credit card. Compared to the Chase Slate Edge, it provides substantial daily rewards and more substantial consumer insurance benefits. The Chase Slate Edge card could be beneficial if you’re trying to refinance high-interest credit card debt or pay off a sizable purchase(s) over time without incurring interest fees. Additionally, the card might assist you in building a relationship with Chase.

Although this situation supports the Chase Slate Edge card, the Freedom Flex card provides substantially better value if you have good credit. Additionally, if any card’s perks are worthwhile, you can still take advantage of their promotional 0% APR.


I Want to Apply for a Chase Slate Edge card, but What Credit Score do I need?

Good to exceptional credit will be required of you. For greatest likelihood of approval there is a requirement of a credit score of 700 or above

Which Card is Better, the Chase Slate Edge or Freedom Flex?

The Freedom Flex card is superior because of its rich points earning design, renewal choices, cell phone security, and added travel and shopping incentives. The Chase Slate Edge plan offers up to 18 months of 0% APR. So it can be a smart option if you need to transfer more outstanding interest credit card balances or are planning on making sizable purchases.