10 Best Certified Financial Planner Courses in 2023

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CFP/Certified Financial Planner is a professional position in financial planning. A person with a CFP education can earn a good amount of living. Here we have listed the best certified Financial Planner Courses of 2023!

The major challenge in becoming a certified financial planner is the CFP exam. You can clear your exam on the first attempt with these courses.

You can only register for the exam when you meet the eligibility criterion set by the education board. Passing this exam is like overcoming a challenging obstacle in this field of financial planning.


Top Certified Financial Planner Courses That You Should Know

So to clear the exam on the first attempt, here are listed some of the best possible certified financial planner courses for CFP exam preparation with all the necessary details.

Dalton Education

Rated as best overall among other CFP courses. It is the best-known course because of its features like all-time access to CFP study material, broad and profound knowledge, and flexible hours of learning with a complete question bank for preparing thoroughly.


The Dalton review also guarantees a refund under particular conditions, and you can always revisit the course once purchased. 

A few salient features are it has flexible learning hours and more than two thousand questions are available for practicing. But, the disadvantage is that it is a little bit expensive, which makes it overwhelming.

Also, for some candidates, pre-study programs may take more than the required time. 

The company was founded in 2005 and is a Georgia-based company it provides two different certified financial planner courses for CFP exam preparation. Also, the company aims to provide financial help to underprivileged women.

Zahn Association

This course is on the list because it provides the most reputed CFP exam preparation program. It has one of the most actively participating batches for candidates and lives location options worldwide.

At the end of the course, they provide a list of tested tips for acing the exam. In addition, they provide CFP study material with one on one tutorials.

However, the less available knowledge and free study material can hinder the preparation. Also, they do not provide links to recordings of the live session.

The program is best known for the availability of live instructions and individual experience. The program provides you with the book, video roadmaps, and a live review question bank of around to thousand questions.

Wiley Efficient Learning

It is one of the most affordable certified financial planner courses. You can enroll even in the self-study batch for a low cost of around $450. They give you access to the material until you clear the exam.


Some highlights of the course are the price is divided into three tiers and provides on-demand virtual classes. The disadvantages of the system are that there is no option for individual courses, and the question bank has fewer questions.

With an experience of two centuries in education, this Arizona-based company offers exam preparation courses in accounting and finance for professionals.

They also provide a generous free trial of two weeks with a downloadable e-book and a few exam questions and tips from the experts.

Kaplan Financial/College for Financial Planning

This course is enrolled in the list because of the free premium CFP study materials for one year. The course is cheaper than other significant certified financial planner courses and no minimum score is required.


This course provides on-demand, virtual and non-virtual, and the essential review option costs around $450.

However, compared to many competitors, the premium review is expensive, and the guarantee is limited to one year with no videos and mock exams.

Since 1970, the association has offered education in the fields of management courses. In addition to this, they also provide a 5-day pre-trial to candidates.

They offer two test preparation courses; both programs include the study material, pre and post-assignments, and the question banks.

Brett Danko

They offer the best in-person certified financial planner course. The university also provides the best pre and post-CFP study material for students requiring extra attention. They provide one virtual retake with 16 hours of online group discussions.

With a strong reputation, they provide a question bank with around 3000 test questions with a calculator to mark your training session. However, the in-person facilities are available in a few cities, and retake is available only with one virtual course.

It is a top name in the field of CFP courses and has a strong reputation in both virtual and non-virtual experiences. You can always contact the support team via e-mail, online forms, or the contact number.

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Pocket Prep

Pocket Prep is a CFP examination course that provides access to good study material. Also, it has a question bank of around 700 test questions, and they track the progress daily.

pocket prep
Pocket Prep

In addition, you can practice the questions from anywhere, giving a guarantee to pass with a premium. However, the complaints are given answers incorrectly, and there are only 45 questions available in the free version.

Found in 2011 in the land of Washington, this organization offers test preparation for exams related to various domains. The support team replies within 24 hours.

Rice University

They provide an online course that covers the curriculum important for the CFP certification exam. The certification courses match the standards of the CFP board. You can always choose from both options, i.e., virtual and non-virtual.

rice university
Rice University

Upon completing the courses, the candidate can perform money calculations by applying the concept and using technology. They also ensure to provide with the knowledge of ethical parts of advising in the domain of insurance.

However, the course does not give you any credit; you must fulfill the eligibility criterion. Rice University has partnered with Association for Financial Professionals to offer an online course for preparation for the CFP exam.

You can always enroll in the system from the link available on the website itself.

California Lutheran University

The course provided by the University for CFP exam preparation is a certificate-only program, and it takes around 18 months to complete the course. The financial planner courses cover eight essential and critical financial planning domains. 

california lutheran university
California Lutheran University

The classes are entirely online, and they also provide you with flexible hours of learning for working adults. However, the fee is entirely non-refundable, and they have to go through an interview with the admission counselor. 

WASC has accredited the courses, and the program has won an award for best online classes. They also provide access to the faculty awarded nationally recognized degrees and certificates.

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DePaul University, Chicago

The University provides the course with CFP preparations that helps to plan and comprehensively execute the preparation strategy. The classes are online, and the recordings are available for future review.

depaul university
DePaul University

The course requires you to complete six modules. This design of the program is is specifically for money investment, banking professionals, etc. The system also provides excellent instructions, convenient scheduling time, and proven success for students.

However, late registration results in a fine of around $75; each class meets only at a specific time per week, from around 6:00 pm-10:00 pm.

The University has been providing this course widely since 1999. The system has no prerequisites or eligibility criteria, and the program offers six modules that help you become a financial planner professionally.

Boston University

They provide the course for CFP preparation that has crossed the requirement bars of the certification board. They provide you with the best-educated faculty possible, and it offers a unique combination of instructions.

It has flexible hours to study. Candidates are given access to the courses for 24 hours and 7 days. They also include video recordings and webinars. They demand a high amount of education for completing the course.

The university provides clients with precisely the same study material that has been provided under the curriculum of the planner board.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the details of the CFP exam?

CFP is an exam, especially for a financial advisor. It is an approximately 6 hours exam with around 160 to 180 questions to solve, pass/fail, etc. The exam tests the knowledge related to financial calculation and planning. This exam takes place in November, July, and March. The exam includes the testing of many principles related to financial planning.

What is the eligibility for the CFP exam?

The foremost requirement for giving the exam is a Bachelor’s Degree, and you should pass the essential ethical requirement. The other prerequisites may include 4000 - 6000 experience hours to complete the CFP exam course.

What is the best way to choose the best course for the exam?

This professional exam is tough to clear; however, choosing a good course can contribute majorly to the probability of clearing the exam on the first attempt. The various programs have been listed and comparing them on parameters like reputation, cost, the program structure, etc., can help.


Clearing the CFP exam is not easy, and for some candidates, it is even harder to enhance the chance to clear this hurdle in becoming one of the best financial planners.

There are numerous courses available in both virtual and non-virtual forms. So here are some Reputed money saver courses to prepare for the CFP exam.