20 Best Work-from-Home Jobs in Canada

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Working from home has become the new normal across the globe. Further, work-from-home jobs in Canada are no exception. However, some questions pop up in our minds regarding opting for work-from-home jobs. Like how much can we earn from work-from-home jobs? Is it difficult to find remote jobs? And more. But the truth is the majority of bachelor’s, or higher degree holders have the potential to work from home if they have an uninterrupted network connection and a laptop. Now are work-from-home jobs worth it? What are the best work-from-home jobs in Canada that we can do? Let us learn in detail.


Are work-from-home jobs in Canada worth it?

The best work-from-home jobs in Canada are worth our time and energy because they enable us to set a schedule of our own. Moreover, we must refrain from forcing the company’s irregular schedule on us and ending up having unnecessary work stress. Further, they also come with unlimited earning potential. 

work from home jobs in canada

Although they can be hectic, the flexible working options and realistic online jobs from home in Canada give us more exposure and opportunities from our comfort space. What are some of the best work-from-home jobs in Canada? 

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Top work-from-home jobs in Canada

There are many realistic and flexible best work-from-home jobs in Canada. Of them, 20 top remote jobs are as follows:

Virtual Assistant

One of the most remote jobs where people prefer working online from home in Canada is being a Virtual assistant.

virtual assistant

They offer different services to multiple businesses and online entrepreneurs. Further, Virtual assistants have the expertise to work as content uploaders for blogs, schedule appointments, manage different events, digital marketing, and more. They are paid $ 15 to $ 40 per hour. 


Another best work-from-home job in Canada is to work as a proofreader. A proofreader’s job is to go through errors like spelling mistakes and grammar errors and rectify the same. Moreover, they get the opportunity to work in different publications like blogs, newspapers, magazines, and more. Further, they can work with a content writer and create and proofread their content together.


Proofreaders are paid $ 100 to $ 4000. 

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Working as a Transcriber is another remote job we can opt for in Canada. A transcriber is a professional writer who can type 50-80 words per minute by listening to the audio.


Moreover, if the professional has the proper industry knowledge, they can get paid higher. We need good typing skills, proper attention, and excellent grammar skills. 

Teach English Online

Teaching English online is another typical work-from-home job in Canada. If we are passionate about imparting knowledge to other children, teaching English online is the best work-from-home job in Canada and worldwide.

teach english online

Moreover, they are excellent part-time jobs as well. They are paid $ 14-$ 30 per hour, which is something not many other work-from-home jobs in Canada. 

Content Writer

The next popular remote job is being a Content writer. They write content for blogs and other businesses. Moreover, they can work in digital marketing and are the most in-demand work-from-home jobs in Canada and worldwide.

content writer

Furthermore, they are paid $ 10 to $ 100 per article, which, when calculated annually, becomes more than any other work-from-home job we can get. 

Online survey taker

One of the most superficial work jobs is taking online surveys. Moreover, they are the best ways to earn money from our comfort space. For instance, we can take simple surveys on our smartphones or laptops. Furthermore, it needs zero training and experience.

online survey taker

However, ensure that we take surveys from authentic websites that won’t require any prior payment. So, an online survey taker can get paid from $5 onwards. 


Another best work-from-home job in Canada that we can opt for is to become a blogger. Bloggers can write on any topic they prefer on the Internet, and all they need are content writing skills, keyword research ability, networking, web designing, and more.


Moreover, by becoming a blogger, we can earn unlimited pay or nothing at all. So, becoming a blogger can take time to produce results faster. 

Web developer

A web developer is another work-from-home job one can do to earn money. Moreover, it is a high-paying and in-demand job for those with excellent web development skills and tech-savvy. Further, we can attend different coding camps or classes online and excel in the field of web development.

web developer

A web developer is paid $ 20 to $ 100 per hour globally. 

UI/UX designer

If we are UI/UX designing enthusiastic with quality training and experience in the field, we can work from our homes as UI/UX designers. Further, help websites’ user experience and interface to be better. Moreover, enable users to navigate and enjoy their web browsing experience easier. Further, it is a bonus if they work with a web developer.

ui or ux designer

The pay range of a UI/UX developer is from $ 10- $ 100 per hour. 


Another work-from-home job we can try is becoming a Youtuber. We can start a Youtube channel and post videos related to the subject we are passionate about. Further, earn money and become famous at the same time.


We may not be overnight celebrities, but we can become celebrities in a couple of years. 

Website/App tester

The next best work-from-home job in Canada to help you earn money is a Website/App tester. In this remote job, the individual gets paid when they perform tasks on a website or smartphone and give feedback to the web site’s developers.

Website or App tester

Further, the developers use this feedback to improve the user experience and their website promotion strategies. 

Make and sell crafts online

Making and selling crafts online through Etsy or Ebay is one of the best work-from jobs in Canada that we can pursue. Moreover, people who are willing to showcase their craftsmanship and passion for making crafts can make their crafts and sell them online through Etsy or Ebay.

make and sell crafts online

Further, they can start a small business of their own. 


Like content writing, Copywriting is also creating creative content for the online promotion of brands and their companies. However, the sole purpose of a copywriter is to sell the brand.


Moreover, they get paid a salary or more depending upon the number of sales of the brand based on the copywriter’s creativity. 

Social media manager

Another work-from-home job we can do in Canada is becoming a Social media manager. The social media manager’s job description includes engaging the audience by posting regularly on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

social media manager

Moreover, it is highly demanding, and they get paid around $ 15 to $ 40 or more per hour. 

Digital marketer

Being Digital Marketer is another work-from-home job that we can do in Canada. After all, a brand or company’s website cannot sustain itself with creative content, and the content needs to be marketed. And this is where a Digital marketer plays a crucial role. Moreover, they will help in figuring out ways to drive more traffic to the website, mainly by using SEO or other content marketing strategies.

Digital marketer

The pay of a Digital marketer ranges from $ 20-$ 50 per hour. 

Voice actor

Anybody with a knack for storytelling and a decent microphonic voice can venture into Voice acting. Moreover, they can create different modulations of their Voice by sitting in their comfort space and making an audio file for their portfolio. Further, they can use their audio file by sending them to different animation projects and becoming a voice actor.

voice actor

An excellent voice actor can get paid $ 15 to unlimited pay per hour. 

Online music tutor

Teaching Music online is another popular best remote job in Canada. Suppose we have good experience in the field of Music and are passionate about imparting our knowledge about Music to other aspiring singers. In that case, an Online Music tutor is the best professional we can choose. From instrumental Music to Vocals, aspiring students can learn everything related to Music without being in the same room.

online music tutor

The pay range of an online Music tutor can range from $ 20 to $ 50 per hour. 

Tax preparer

Another work-from-home job we can do in Canada is by becoming a Tax preparer. Anyone who earns a high income can be their customer. Further, if the Tax preparer has the skill to prepare tax papers every year, they can be in high demand.

tax preparer

Moreover, with the online softwares available online, they can easily mint money by preparing taxes for income earners. 

Selling stock photos online

If the individual is a skilled photographer and has a smartphone, they can earn a living by selling stock photos online.

selling stock photos online

Furthermore, if they can connect with other businesses and influencers, they can earn more money than they can while working in an office.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do work-from-home jobs require us to have experience?

There are work-from-home jobs that need experience, and there are some that do not require experience.

How much money can we earn while working from our home in Canada?

We can earn $ 15 unlimited money while working from home in Canada.

Which work-from-home Jobs help us earn more than other in-office jobs?

Online survey takers, bloggers, UI/UX designers, and more are some of the best work-from-home jobs that help us earn more money than most in-office jobs.


Overall, Canada is the best place where we can pursue in-office jobs and work from jobs. Moreover, work-from-home jobs in Canada are the best way to earn money for their living.