6 Top Places To Sell Jewelry (Best Place To Sell Jewelry)

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They say, ‘Your jewelry introduces you before you even speak,’ and that is a testament to how close we hold the jewelry in our lives and how much of a difference it can make to an outfit or occasion just by choosing the right piece of jewelry. So what is the best place to sell jewelry? 

Whether you are trying to get cash for jewelry or trying your hand at selling ornaments made on your own, the problems faced are about the same. In a country like India, where families already have a predetermined doctor, they inevitably have a trusted family jeweler as well. With something as valuable and expensive, the crowd as a buyer only trusts a selected few. More often than not, these trusted few had been their age-old family jeweler or certain people in their social circle, which makes it a bit difficult for a new buyer to enter the market and begin selling their work. So the question arises, where to sell jewelry?

Fret not. Whether you are looking to sell their crafted jewelry or re-sell your initial purchases, you have come to the right place.

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Factors To Look Into Before Selling

Factors to consider before selling jewelry for cash,


In India, there is a season for everything. From mangoes to movie releases, everything has a predefined time of the year, which is the most profitable for the specific business. Similarly, for jewelry, the time that business is sought after right before auspicious occasions and festivals and before the wedding season, the demand for jewelry is high. 

Your Audience

Depending upon the style and the price estimate you desire for your jewelry, you can choose and narrow down the audience you want to focus on and cater to.

target audience
Target audience

Suppose your jewelry is lightweight, casual, and fashionable. In that case, the youngsters are your prime audience, and if it’s heavy gold-based ornaments, then the urban middle and upper-class families are your target public. Deciding on your audience makes it easier to brainstorm how you can approach them and market your product accordingly. 

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Value of Your Product

Knowing the value of your jewelry before selling it is more important than selling it even. Knowing your product stands and how much gold it consists of not getting fooled by cons. You can estimate this by visiting your local jewelers and checking for yourself online for Karat

Once you have a certain idea about these factors, we can discuss places where you can sell your jewelry safely and get a good deal.

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Local Jeweler

Most of the crowd in India blindly trust a certain jeweler in their neighborhood or a jeweler catering to their family across generations. So, where can I where to sell jewelry near me? The simplest way to sell your jewelry is to approach an established jeweler and strike up a deal. An experienced jeweler will have the knowledge, experience, and network of buyers.

Local jeweler

The assurance of working with a trusted buyer in your community will ensure that you are not fooled or deceived. The convenience of this and the safety ensured to make it a popular choice among individual jewelry sellers. The only drawback to this is that you will probably have to share a heavy percent of your selling price with the jeweler, making little or no profit. 

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Social Circle

Approaching your friends and social circle with your creation is also a great way to go about selling your jewelry. The already established trust and reliance will make it easier for the buyers to purchase from you.

social circles
Social circles

Being a part of a similar social circle also suggests similar tastes and liking and economical standing, which is great marketing for your product and improves its trade prospects. It’s the best place to sell jewelry and familiar as well!

Fairs And Exhibitions

Local art, apparel, and heirloom exhibitions will also be great places for trade for individual artisans. Setting up a stall in any local exhibitions will present an excellent opportunity to exhibit your jewelry and art and start building your audience and customer base. 


You can get easy information about upcoming fairs from any online website, such as Trade IndiaMera events, or even Book my show. 

Online Websites

With new consumers switching over and getting comfortable with online platforms every day and moving away from traditional shopping, displaying your jewelry online is a great way to market and sell jewelry online.

Online Sites best place to sell jewelry
Online Sites

E-commerce stores such as Amazon and Flipkart now have easy registrations for a buyer, and you can sign up and start selling right away. Among the best place to sell jewelry.


The traditional way to sell your jewelry would be to set up a stall in a mall in your area. People roam about with a mindset to shop and buy, thus making it easier to sell your products.

malls best place to sell jewelry

The only problems with this arrangement are the rent and the limited selective section of the public.

Renting Instead of Selling

Jewelry is such a luxury item with specific occasions that the youth-centric population is leaning towards renting the high-end statement jewelry pieces instead of purchasing them. This proves to be beneficial to you by retaining ownership of the jewelry piece while still getting revenue from it. Some popular sites for this are Rent Jewels and Adorn.

The options to sell your jewelry are myriad and numerous today. Given the popularity of online e-commerce stores along with the traditional alternatives of malls and street shops. There is no established way to go about this. But it’s about finding the most convenient, safe, and profitable approach for you as a seller. This is a great way to best place to sell jewelry.

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Jewelry is one fashion item that will never go out of trend, and it’s just about finding the right customer and deal. A saying that’s very popular in the fashion industry, “Jewelry can always turn an outfit around”. It’s safe to say it’s not going out of fashion anytime soon. These were the best place to sell jewelry.

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How is gold sold at shops?

Most shops buy gold based on the purity of the ornament, the current gold rate, and the number of grams of gold. As all of these differ based on the item, a person can get a different amount for each ornament.

Which is the best place to sell gold?

There is no such place that can be classified as the best. It depends completely on your preferences as some might want to sell it to a friend and some might want to sell it in a shop.

Why should one sell Jewelery?

In most cases, people sell gold for the purpose of money as they may require money urgently due to a financial crisis and in some cases it's to make new ornaments by selling the currently owned ornaments.