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There is a myriad of services that allow documents to be easily shared. However, it brings out the question of why a company would resort to using a fax machine. Faxing is commonly referred to as a symbol of obsolete technology—but faxing has grown in popularity. The fax machines offer multiple uses that are ideal for the workspace. All you need is an internet WiFi connection. An array of options eliminate the need to purchase higher-priced equipment when a single machine can handle various jobs with the best online fax service.

Faxing continues to be one of the most common forms of communication, but the machine itself has been ignored a lot. This is because modern implementations have arisen of fax machines like electronic faxing. However, the usage of traditional faxing or eFax remains much the same and is an easy switch.

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Why Should You Still Use Fax?

Before deciding which fax services even to use, there lie several important reasons why an individual or business must consider using fax as the primary tool of their essential communication needs: 

Apart from the main reasons why faxing remains widely used, some of the smaller reasons include:

  • Businesses understand that many customers still prefer faxing over other technology.
  • The use of faxing is encouraged, though not enforced, by the government.
  • Faxing is usually far more affordable (and safer, as mentioned earlier) than alternative information exchange services. 
  • Still follow strict guidelines of regulatory compliance like the confirmation of delivery.
  • eFaxing has enabled several individuals and businesses to continue using fax services through online mediums that still work adjacently to traditional fax services.

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Best Online Fax Service

So after considering the reasons behind using fax services, the question arises which fax services are the best and that comes at a cheap price? The following best online fax service will provide with you all the information you need:


It is a cloud-based cross-platform online fax service that offers individuals and corporates a solution to sending and receiving fax online. This being an online service enables one to keep their regular fax number. The security is assured by compliance with HIPAA and PCI protocols. Click here to visit Fax.Plus

  • Cost: offers arguably the best online fax service in terms of cost out there; it also offers a ‘free tier,’ allowing the user up to ten pages per month. However, as with everything, there is a downside – you can only send a fax but not receive, and thus this feature is recommended for light users. Nevertheless, the annual charge starts at just $5.99/100 pages.
  • Features: is a feature-rich service; not only does it offer a modern design that makes sending and receiving fax especially lie in wait for, but it also has different pricing as per your needs with its concrete app integration for various apps like Slack integration for teams and better communication. If that was not enough, have a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS users.


  • Flexible value for money. 
  • Excellent Web interface and smartphone phones. 
  • best free online fax service version 
  • Combines with services offered by Microsoft Office and Google.


  • No authentication with two variables. 
  • Document signing tool is available only on smartphone apps.

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FaxZero is a free service provider that enables one to send a free fax to a certain limit, five or fifteen pages per day, depending upon the location. However, this service’s downside is that you can fax anywhere within the U.S. and Canada only.

  • Cost: FaxZero is free up to a limit of 5 pages per day. It is suitable for small teams and light users. However, it does offer more than just that – 25 pages plus a cover page, priority delivery, and no branding on the cover page. It starts at just $1.99 per fax!
  • Features: As mentioned earlier, faxing anywhere within the U.S. and Canada is free. Though that’s not all: FaxZero offers international fax service as well, apparently to any part of the world that too at a great price; $1.99 per fax, which offers fifteen pages and priority delivery.


  • Free up to 5 pages/day
  • No branding
  • Priority Delivery


  • Only available in the US and Canada

Visit: FaxZero


Do you require a quick and easy solution for sending fax? Then, Hellofax could be a potential solution! Signing up with this cloud-based fax service is just as fast as snapping your fingers.

It is more secure compared to other services [which only provide you with a four-digit passcode]. In addition, Hellofax lets you sign-up with a Google account and does not require a credit card to sign-up.

hello fax

As with other services, it has an impressive and easily accessible, and navigable interface.

  • Cost: The starting price for a single user is free, with up to five pages per day. If that’s not the dealbreaker, you can upgrade to $9.99 per month, which allows you to send and receive 300 pages per day with five senders. Plus, you can also cancel at any time. The service caters to everyone, from an individual to a small business.
  • Features: Hellofax is a feature-packed service. It has international coverage, and it allows you to edit and sign faxes. In addition, it offers integrations for various apps and platforms, paid or not. Finally, you can connect your Hellofax account directly to services like Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and more to easily access your files, supporting up to 40MB of storage for those who love cloud-based storage services.


  • Superb GUI. 
  • Digital signatures help. 
  • Converts fax numbers already in use. 
  • Team solutions and integrations with cloud storage. 
  • Choice Open, Send-only. 
  • Strong quality fax.


  • No Mobile app dedicated. 
  • Few fax numbers are available outside of the U.S. 
  • The platform is not compatible with mobile devices.

Visit: HelloFax


SRFax is the best online fax service for those owning big businesses. It is a cloud-based service like any other. However, it beats many other services with its features and pricing plans. The service offers the sending of faxes in bulk with scheduling options and a fine cross-platform integration. In addition, the service can directly send faxes to emails signifying that the user can send faxes from any platform.

  • Cost: SRFax basic plans start at $3.29 a month for up to 25 pages, which seems to be a bang for the buck with its cross-platform, heavy faxing abilities. Their highest volume package is at $45.95 a month with a staggering 2,500 pages a month – sufficient enough for any big business, in most cases. 
  • Features: SRFax being famous for its industry-leading bulk faxing capabilities, is meant for firms and individuals. It gives the user the ability to store, download, and schedule faxes with unlimited storage options and 24/7 online support. 


  • Polished design
  • User-friendly customizable settings
  • Low cost


  • Hard to add cover pages
  • Going for text searching might cost you extra.

Visit: SRFax


RingCentral is focused more on sole proprietors while still giving a tough competition to other fax services. It can work as a standalone service like many others or as an integrated part of its call center platform, a useful feature exclusive to RingCentral. It takes minutes to set up and is available on a web browser and as an app on your phone.

ring central best online fax service
ring central
  • Cost: The plans might not be the cheapest for occasional users as the base plan starts at $29.99 a month or $19.99 a year, saving you up to 33%, ranging to the ‘Ultimate plan’ for $59.99 a month or $49.99 a year with tons of features as device status reports, unlimited storage and everything included in the premium plan.
  • Features: It’s easy to use with flexible plans and various industry-specific integrations, including Office 365, Slack, G Suite. Offering unlimited calls within the U.S./Canada, team messaging, document sharing, up to a 24-hour meeting duration, and many more with a 24/7 support. The biggest advantage of RingCentral is that you can use the RingCentral call center platform and enjoy omnichannel communication where you can fax, phone call, email, and text.

Visit: RingCentral


Myfax is an all-rounder award-winning online fax service offering a 14-day free trial. It is best to fax on the go and get your work done from anywhere and from any device as it is cross-platform with a dedicated Android and an iOS app.

myfax best online fax service
  • Cost: Charging anything less than the starting price of $10.00/month would be a shame. The service allows you to send and receive fax with their price ranging up to $40.00/month with an ability to send and receive 400 pages each.
  • Features: Myfax lets you choose your fax number from your local fax number to a toll-free number or an international fax number. You can fax by email or through your app to a mind-blowing number of 50 people at a time. Myfax also provides you with a selection of over 100 free cover template options to choose from! Your portal with Myfax gives you convenient online access to all of your account details, including fax activity reports and many more.


  • Simple setup and faxing.
  • International and toll-free fax numbers available.
  • Good mobile apps.


  • The Web interface is obsolete. 
  • Restrictive format to pricing. 
  • Difficult to say when to sign up which international numbers are open. 
  • No digital trademarks. 
  • Unsecured reset method with a password. 
  • Any authentication with two variables.

Visit: MyFax

Biscom 1-2-3

Another simple and easy-to-use service. The basic package costs $7.99, which lets you send 30 pages per month. The $14.99 pack can exceed the page limit by 300 pages. The service lets you receive your faxes via email too. 

biscom 1-2-3 best online fax service
biscom 1-2-3


  • Send, receive faxes via email
  • User management features


  • Limited mobile apps
  • I can’t send faxes through its web portal

Visit: Biscom 1-2-3

Nextiva vFax

Nextiva vFax provides faxing solutions that can scale according to the needs of businesses. They provide secure faxing solutions that are compatible with pre-existing email accounts. They are a good choice ($4.95 & up/month) for companies who are likely to grow over time and need to send faxes using an encrypted service.

nitiva vfax best online fax service
nitiva vfax


  • Price per month: $8.95
  • Pages Per Month: 500 pages sent or received
  • Overage Charge: 3 Cents Per Page
  • Toll-Free Number: No
  • Free Setup: Yes


  • Mobile Apps: No
  • Long faxing times. 
  • Can’t send faxes to international numbers. 

Affordable and decent fax quality. However, it has a stuttering web interface and has limitations due to slow performance and a lack of high-end features.

Visit: Netiva vFax


Best online fax service for international use (Essential plan: $7.95/month). The internet-based MetroFax service allows users to send and receive local or international fax messages to over 170 countries at affordable prices. There are three program solutions designed to meet the needs of businesses and individuals with varying budgets.


  •  Excellent value, with low overage charges. 
  • Solid mobile apps. 
  • Good fax quality.


  • Outdated web interface.
  • No international fax numbers. 
  • Lacks advanced features like signatures and editing.
  • Problematic password-handling during the account setup.

Visit: MetroFax


An online service allowing clients to transmit and collect faxes is eFax. It provides an app that is Web-based and simple to use. Characteristics encompass digital signing techniques, file sharing, lifelong storage, toll-free and regional numbers. 

efax best online fax service

Also, eFax services provide mobile applications for iOS and Android devices – users from anywhere can open, modify, activate, and submit faxes. The smartphone app lets you take pictures of a file and submit it instantly as a fax. You can also transmit and receive faxes from the eFax web interface and through email attachments, in addition to the mobile app from eFax. It provides the best efax service.


  • Price per month: $16.95
  • Pages Per Month: 150 Pages Sent or Received
  • Overage Charge: 10 Cents Per Page
  • Toll-Free Number: Yes
  • Free Setup: Yes
  • Mobile Apps: Yes


  • Expensive and cumbersome to use on a desktop

It offers a range of faxing options and also has a mobile app with a good user interface. 

Visit: eFax


Why mFax is our favorite as the best online fax service for multiple people: while it is marginally more costly than the rivalry and offers fewer documents a month, mFax topped the list for faxing services for multiple people. 

mfax best online fax service

Its payment model serves teams of various sizes, from as few as five to 50 users. There is an action strategy for major companies. You can also add several numbers at a surcharge to your schedule.

Visit: mFax


Our choice is the top website for free incoming faxes because FaxBetter outclassed everyone in one easy way instead of other services we evaluated for this use case – the number of documents you will access for free. 


Visit Faxbetter


Faxing a document continues to be less expensive than sending an encrypted email and much more efficient in reaching the global corners of the world. 

It remains a gold standard for businesses and continues to have a strong relevance today. Using the list above will help guide you into deciding online fax service, which suits your preference. This piece of technology is here to stay!

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What is an online fax service?

It iscloud-basedsed service which allows the user to send and transmit faxes. This avoids the traditional pen and paper method and can give features such as cloud storage and multiple numbers.

What is the best fax service?

Each service has its ups and downs, and it isn't easy to choose one as the best. And it entirely depends on the user, the company, and the features they're looking for.

How much do these services cost?

This varies from company to company and the features being offered, but if you're looking for an approximate cost, it may cost a few dollars to $1000.