50 Best High Paying Gig Economy Jobs Near Me (US)

Need Easy Extra $350+/Month For Free?

You probably landed here because you are search ‘gigs near me’. Whatever people say, earning money is one of the most important things we consider for living. Earning money is not a hard job to do; you need to be smart to earn smart.

Working at offices, for about 8 hours per day with just one holiday per week is really tiresome. And there’s this constant fear of getting fired and the constant need to please your boss even if you don’t want to. Not everyone wants to earn money in the same way. People are getting smarter and are looking for gig economy jobs to keep their bank balance active.

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Why Gig Jobs? 

‘Gigs near me’ is a current trend. People constantly search for the same. One of the main reasons for it is that Gig jobs near you allow you that freedom, and you can work independently. There’s a huge shift to freelancers and independent contractors in the last years.

The study says that about 57 million US workers are doing gig economy jobs. People are using the ‘Gigs near me’ apps and websites to look and create their own jobs. So, they can get access to their jobs with their fingertips. Gig jobs allow you to choose the time and place you want to work from. One in five of the full-time freelancers are earning more than $ 100,000 per year. 

We have created a list of 50 such ‘Gigs near me’ jobs for you. There are a lot of quick cash gigs near you, and we tried to come with the 50 best, which is quite a difficult job itself. We tried to provide their highlights and average money you can earn (Note that, the stipend varies from person to person and totally depends on you.

Generally, depends on the type of work you go for) per month and year along with some of the important links you need to visit to take the process further to make it easier for you to choose.

 1. Wonolo

Wonolo is a platform that can help you look for gigs near you. The jobs available on Wonolo allow their user to work on their own terms and offers complete freedom. Just going through jobs you like and signing up for them – as simple as that. The more you work, the more rating you receive, which can help you get further jobs. You can get paid per day for many jobs. You don’t need to worry about building all those tedious resumes to look for work. 

Estimated Average Stipend – $68737 to $131716 per year

2. Survey Junkie

All you got to do to earn money is taking some quick surveys. It’s one of the least hectic ways of earning money from the comfort of your home. With a rating of about 8.8 on Trustpilot, Survey Junkie gives you access to one of the smoothest survey experiences around. Though there are other platforms to earn money by taking surveys, we recommend using Survey Junkie for the same. 

Survey Junkie
Survey Junkie

Estimated Average Stipend – $ 1 to $ 50 per survey (Takes less than 5 minutes to complete one)

3. Postmates Courier

Another gig job near you. Just as the name suggests, this is an on-demand delivery service. If you have got a vehicle with you, like a car or a bike, Postmates Courier can be a good option for you.

It’s you who get to choose the time and areas you want to deliver, this offering you all the freedom you want. If you plan on driving, you might need your driving license you’re your vehicle license to register. You can get overnight jobs too.

Estimated Average Stipend – $ 10 to $ 15 per hour

4. Lyft

Lyft is an app that can help you earn money by driving people in your city. You can even apply if you are a student or pursuing another job to earn a few extra bucks.

For starters, you need a car for your registration. You can get paid as soon as you drive a person and help him/her to the destination.

Estimated Average Stipend – $ 3 to $ 43 per hour

5. Swagbucks

We generally use Google for every search and is one of the most preferred search engines worldwide. Swagbucks, however, can pay you for using them as a search engine—one of the easiest jobs in our easy to do gigs list. You can even earn a gift card just by using them. One of the best replacements for all other search engines, right?


Average Salary – $ 5 to $ 10 per month

6. Amazon Flex

Another platform you can use to look for gig jobs around you. Amazon Flex can make your own schedule if you are an Amazon Flex user. You just need to make some deliveries to earn those extra bucks. Also, you can even schedule ahead of the time to make your deliveries. Apart from this, Amazon others some other reliable methods to make money. 

amazon flex partner


Estimated Average Stipend – $18 to $25 per hour

7. Uber

One of the world’s most famous driving app is Uber. Register yourself as a driver and start earning today. Being one of the most famous in this category, you don’t need to wait for passengers and book a ride whenever you want. You need a car with you and must satisfy the company’s standards to start. 

Estimated Average Stipend – $ 36,344 per year

8. Rover

Are you an animal lover? If yes, Rover can help you earn money just by walking some animals like dogs down the road. Walking a dog is like an exercise for anyone, and you get to spend some quality time with those new friends you make while earning money in your free time. 

Estimated average stipend – $ 1000 per month

9. Taskrabbit

You’ll get assigned with small tasks in Taskrabbit like running an errand, laundry, cleaning. You don’t need much of a requirement to start. Just a phone with an internet connection to register yourself and get details of the work and location you choose. 

Estimated Average Stipend – $ 20 to $ 40 per hour

10. Virtual Assistant

Another easy way to get quick cash gigs near you is by becoming a virtual assistant. We all have used a virtual assistant while using our phone or computer like Siri, Alexa, or google assistant. Being the virtual assistant, you need to offer administrative, technical, or creative help to clients online. Refer to the links mentioned below to pick up your task.

You can sign up on platforms like Freelancer & Fiverr.

Estimated Average Stipend – Depends on the service provider

11. User Tester

Another easy way of earning money is by being a user tester. User-testing is generally done to improve customer experience. You need to go through some simple apps or sites and submit some quick and honest reviews based on your experience. You can try platforms like Usercrowd & Usertesting

 Estimated Average Stipend – Depends on the service provider

12. Instacart

Instacart is another delivery service. You would be given a shopping list, and you need to deliver them to the mentioned destinations. There will be a set time frame, and you need to deliver the groceries from the grocery stores within that time limit.

Estimated Average Stipend – $ 14 per hour

13. Bellhops

Bellhops is an online platform that helps its customers in-home moving jobs. You need to pack a few boxes and deliver them on the address you will be provided with. You must have a smartphone and the ability to take the weight over 100 pounds to qualify.

Estimated Average Stipend – $ 14 per hour

14. Care.com

Care.com will pay you for child care, pet care, home care, and adult and senior care. Caregivers just need to have a mobile or a laptop to search for jobs and reach the given place. A good customer rating can help you increase your chances of getting more jobs around.

Estimated Average Stipend – $ 14 per hour

15. Caviar 

Another delivery gig job near you is Caviar. You need to deliver foods from nearby restaurants to the destination provided. You need to have a vehicle for transportation and a smartphone to start. Increase your ratings to earn incentives.

Estimated Average Stipend – $ 25 per hour

16. Online Tutoring

Have knowledge on some particular subject? Use that in the right place by signing yourself up as an online tutor. The competitions are a bit high in this field, and the guy with more knowledge and better teaching abilities is preferred. You can start off with TutorVista and Tutor.com 

Estimated Average Stipend – Depends on the service provider

17. Translation services

There is a great demand for translators in the market these days. The current global language industry is worth $40 billion. Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and German are in demand – the most. You can work part-time and even make it your career if you like it. Apply yourself as a translator today to earn the extra money. 

Estimated Average Stipend – Depends on the service provider

18. Closet Collective

Another easy to do gig job for the fashion designers. If you are interested in the field and have some designer pieces ready, or can make some, apply today to make some extra cash. You might get charged for using the platform to publish your rentals for about $ 30 per rentals.

Estimated Average Stipend – $ 200 per rental piece

19. Dolly

Dolly is a delivery service like Bellhops. You’ll get paid for helping moving furniture, picking them up from stores, and delivering them. You must have a car and take up weights of furniture to get signed up.

Estimated hourly wage: $16 per hour.

20. Gigwalk

Another one of our gig jobs near you. You must be good at research to get qualified. The job is to collect data for companies about their products and keep track of them. You must have GPS enabled smartphones for the job to be done.

Estimated average stipend – Depends on the companies you work for, you can start with Gigwalk

21. CrowdFlower

If you have the knowledge or have done a course on machine learning or data science, this is the perfect gig job for you to earn money.

You can work from the comfort of your home with a stable internet connection and a mobile or a laptop in hand. CrowdFlower can also get work for mathematicians and statisticians, to psychologists, entrepreneurs.

Estimated average stipend – Depends on the type of work you prefer

22. Door Dash

DoorDash helps you to earn the extra bucks for delivering food packages. You need to visit your nearby restaurants, take your order and deliver them. It connects more than 450 cities in the US.

Estimated average stipend – $20 to $30 per hour

23. Etsy

If you are an artist and looking for a platform to sell your handmade, vintage, or creative goods, Etsy can help you sell them online. You can earn a lot, depending on the quality of your product. But Etsy would charge you with a $0.20 listing fee, 3.5% transaction fee, and 3% + $0.25 payment processing fees. 

Estimated average stipend – Depends on your product quality

24. Stock Photography

Another gig job near you to help you earn if you are interested in photography. You need to click photos as assigned for E-commerce products, blog posts, articles, and E-learning modules. We are providing you links to help you learn more for the same.

Estimated average stipend – Depends on your product quality

25. Freelance Editor

Get paid for proof-reading, editing, copywriting, and more. Use your writing skills and get yourself signed up on some of the largest platforms around. You can work from the comfort of your home and take tasks according to your choice.

Estimated average stipend – $ 18 per hour

26. Affiliate Marketing

You need to refer people and convince them to buy products online through your blogs and earn commissions for each sale. Affiliating links is one of the easiest quick cash gigs near you. We have mentioned two sites for the same below.

Estimated average stipend – $ 5000 per month

27. Fancy Hands

Earn money using the platform by being a virtual assistant. You can choose the time you want to work in. You need a fast internet connection. Good ratings and feedbacks can help you to get promoted to managerial positions. You can start with Fancy Hands

Estimated average stipend – $ 7 to $ 15 per hour

28. Favor

Favor is another platform in our gig economy jobs list, which can help you earn cash if you choose to be a runner and deliver packages. You can be awarded tips and can keep all of them.

Estimated Average stipend – $ 10 to $ 18 per hour

29. Catering

If you are a student and need some extra pocket money, you can apply for them without worrying about your studies. Most of the catering jobs are basically scheduled on holidays. Earn the extra bucks, register yourself below.

Estimated Average stipend – Depends on your preferred platform

30. BabySitter

Another easy way to earn – gig job near you. If you can babysit, register yourself on the provided links below and start earning for yourself. You can start with Urbansitter & Sittercity

Estimated Average stipend – $ 10 to $ 20 per hour

31. Handyman services

If you consider yourself a good handyman and can quickly fix up stuff, you are all welcome. Handymen are really in demand all over the US and get paid nicely. Register yourself if you can do stuff like plumbing, gardening, fix electrical boards, etc.

Estimated Average stipend – Depends on the platform you work for

32. Fiverr

Another platform that can help you search for the gigs near you. Enroll yourself as a content writer or as marketers or coders – as of your choice. You get to keep your contact directly with your clients. It offers a lot of flexible jobs that you can do online


Estimated Average stipend – 80% of each transaction

33. Freelancer

One of the world’s largest platform for freelancers. Connect to employers and go for the job you like comfortably. You can even get to work from the comfort of your home. You can start by doing simple tasks like data entry jobs from home or proofreading. 

Estimated Average stipend – Depends on your job and employer

34. Gigwalk

Another platform in our ‘Gigs near me’ list. It is one of the world’s largest brand intelligence platform. Register yourself with your email and link up your PayPal account for payments. Look for work that best suits you.

Estimated Average stipend – Depends on your job and employer

35. Handy

Get paid for being a cleaner and a handyman from the platform. You can contact your clients using the web portal or the mobile app with your phone. Handy has some good payouts for house jobs. 

Estimated Average stipend – $22 per hour (Cleaner) to $ 45 per hour (Handyman)

36. Medical Studies

Here’s another high paying gig for students from a medical background. You have to go through some research and clinical studies to get paid in this case. Follow the links below to learn more.

Estimated Average stipend – up to $ 15,000 per project

37. Event anchor

Register yourself as an even anchor if you have the presentation skills to earn for yourself. You can even make it your career in case you succeed in anchoring or hosting events.

Estimated Average stipend – up to $ 15,000 per project

38. Writing e-books

People are interested in e-books these days. There are a lot of opportunities for e-book writers these days. Register yourself on the link below and start writing today.

Estimated Average stipend – Depends on the platform you choose

39. Qmee browser

Another simple gig economy job near you. You can get paid just for surfing the internet using the Qmee browser add-on. You will get cash rewards for each search you perform. 

Estimated Average stipend – $ 1 per search

40. SliceThePie

Get paid for reviewing music. If you are quite into listening to music, SliceThePie is just the platform, and you can get paid for it. The more reviews you give, the more you earn.

Estimated Average stipend – $ 5 to $ 10 per hour

41. HelloTech

If you have knowledge of technical products, register yourself today on the link. Help customers and give them pieces of advice tech-related. Fix your own schedule and start using HelloTech

Estimated Average stipend – $ 30 to $ 30 twice a week

42. HopSkipDrive

If you are good at driving and taking care of kids at the same time, it can be a good platform to earn. The driver must pass a certification test to qualify.

Estimated Average stipend – $ 30 per hour

43. Moonlighting

Another gig job in the US. A platform for all the freelancers. Search for the jobs you want to perform, chat with the representatives, go with the details, and start earning.

Estimated Average stipend – Depends on the job you choose

44. Onefinestay

You need a fine home with multiple rooms to qualify. Invite clients for a stay and get rewards for your hospitality and security. Register today.

Estimated Average stipend – Depends on how your home gets rated

45. Peopleperhour

With this gig economy app, you can register yourself to get freelance jobs. Upload your documents and qualifications to get started. 

Estimated Average stipend – Depends on the job you choose

46. Just park

If you have got a lot of space at your place for parking a car, help clients from Just Park to park their car at your place to earn quick cash. Upload documents and get started.

Estimated Average stipend – starting from $ 300 per month

47. eBay

Have a lot of unwanted stuff at your place, and get rid of them. Instead of giving them up for free, sell them on eBay and get paid just after the buyer purchase it from you. 

Estimated Average stipend – Depends on the product

48. Postmates

Another one of the delivery services. Deliver foods by picking them up from nearby restaurants and delivering them on the required destinations.  

Estimated Average stipend – $ 25 per hour plus tips

49. Shipt

Another gig job near you where you can earn by delivering groceries at the provided addresses. Schedule the shift of your choice to get started.

 Estimated Average stipend – $ 25 per hour plus tips

50. YourMechanic

The last of gigs near me(US). If you have the skills to be a mechanic and can repair cars or bikes, do them by registering yourself at YourMechanic

Estimated Average Stipend – $ 40 to $ 50 per hour

Summing Up

Here was our list for the top Gig jobs near you in the US. Register yourself today at the links mention to start today. Unlike the other boring and tiresome jobs, the gig jobs are easy to register and start. You can fix your schedule as per your choice.

You can sign yourself up on multiple jobs to earn more and schedule yourself accordingly.  We hope the article helps you throughout, and don’t forget to share the same with your friends and help them start today.



Do gig jobs offer benefits?

No, they do not provide any such benefits because they're classified as 'independent workers' no matter the time they work for. Some do provide incentives such as discounts on healthcare, etc.

Do gig workers recieve unemployment?

Most gig workers are prohibited from collecting unemployment benefits because the benefits they are provided are from the taxes collected by employers.

Do gig workers earn a minimum wage?

It depends on the state and its laws in which the person is employed. If the state has a minimum wage law, the company should pay the worker a minimum wage, or else they aren't supposed to.

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