10 Best Credit Card to Pay Bills in 2023

Need Easy Extra $350+/Month For Free?

Paying your monthly expenses can be a hassle. And proper maintenance of utilities and monthly payments is a chore due to outdated payment services, complex regulations, and unreliable service. What kind of relief could you experience if you were able to organize your utility bills and set them aside?

benefits of using the best credit card to pay bills

Usual utilities tend to involve power supply, natural gas, water, sewage system, and trash. These are vital costs that you probably pay each month. Your device, internet connection, TVs, or streaming services are other utility-like costs frequently regarded as necessities in today’s society.

You can learn more about the best credit card to pay bills by reading this ultimate guide on credit cards for utilities. Explore every credit card and how its characteristics fit into your family budget to determine which one is the best choice for you. You can also see the bonus points you can receive with the card.

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Benefits of using the Best Credit Card to pay Bills


Whenever you pay for the whole of your monthly costs with a credit card, you only have to make a single credit card payment at the end of the month. You could also skip the inconveniences of carrying cash or having to constantly maintain your pocketbook by using a credit card.

Get rewards

With rewards credit cards, users can get incentives for every dollar they spend, mainly in bonuses, miles, or monetary rewards. The most significant rewards credit cards usually reimburse you for up to 3% of your monthly expenditure.

Obtain a 0% introductory APR

If you wish to pay off a sizable acquisition over time without incurring interest, several credit cards promise a 0% introductory APR on purchase.

Monitor your spending

Putting your regular purchases and monthly bills on the same sheet will keep a record of all overall spending. Thus, reducing unforeseen costs if you use a financial plan to manage your finances.

Enhance customer safeguards

Several credit cards offer further benefits, such as protection plans, buying protection, mobile insurance, and travel services. If you use your credit to pay your bills and are a cardholder, you will automatically be eligible for these perks.

How to Choose the best credit card to pay bills and Utility Payments

The credit card that offers the highest rewards for such expenditures is the best credit card to pay bills like utilities. Although it may seem obvious, you need to identify your most significant transactions to concentrate your study because many distinct monthly recurring payment kinds are available.

how to choose the best credit card to pay bills and utility payments

The particular cards we’ve featured amass many transferable points on significant monthly expenditures like your mobile, broadband, tv, and any utility bills like water and energy.

Several cards give incentives in some of these categories. Albeit not all offer benefits in all of the categories as mentioned above.

Best Credit Card to Pay bills & Utilities

Chase Freedom Unlimited

Although the Chase Freedom Unlimited is a fantastic all-around reward card, its 1.5% standard cashback value is less attractive than the up to 2% offered by the Citi Double Cash. The Chase Freedom Unlimited can be a wise choice if you wish to accumulate Chase Ultimate Rewards credits for use in travel redemptions.

chase freedom unlimited


  • Bonus for new customers: Receive an additional 1.5% refund on all eligible items, equivalent to $20,000, for the first year.
  • The earnings rate is 1.5% for all other expenditures, 3% for meals and pharmacy purchases, and 5% for trips booked via Chase Ultimate Rewards.
  • Annual cost: nothing
  • APR introductory period: 15 months at 0% for buys

Credit card from Capital One Venture Rewards

A very well-liked rewards credit card, the CapOne Venture card is the best credit card to pay utility bills, people seeking a sizable welcome offer, straightforward benefits, and the capacity to employ transfer companions. This card provides the freedom to use points for straightforward redemptions like statement credits for even more sophisticated options like transfer alliances.

credit card from capital one venture rewards

Once you achieve the minimum spending threshold and receive a sizable welcome offer, you can begin collecting limitless 2x Capital One miles on all purchases. Benefits include no international transaction costs, roadside assistance, supplementary car rental coverage, lost baggage coverage, and insurance for travel-related accidents.


  • There are no costs for international transactions.
  • Having the use of Capital One transfer accomplices
  • Thanks to our associate lounge community, please take advantage of two free visits annually to Capital One Lounges or more than 100 Plaza Superior Lounges.
  • Earn 5X points when you reserve hotels and car rental services via Capital One Travel, where you can find the lowest rates on thousands of travel alternatives.

Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card

The best business payment system for regular expenses and utility is the Ink Business Preferred card.


We estimate that the significant welcome Bonus on this credit card is equivalent to roughly $2,000 in total. This is well-known for being the supreme ruler of business credit cards.

ink business preferred® credit cardThis Bonus includes coverage for a wide range of pertinent expenditures, such as your phone and internet payment. Additionally, as a company, accumulating thousands of points per month can result from collecting points in these categories.


  • Sign-up incentive: Receive 100,000 points following $15,000 in purchases during the initial three months.
  • Accruing rate: 3X points on the initial $150,000 annually paid on delivery, traveling, broadband, tv, or phone lines, as well as purchasing of social media marketing and web crawlers; 1X points for every $1 spent on all other expenses.
  • Cost annually: $95

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U.S. Bank Cash+® Visa Signature® Card

The U.S. Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card has a distinct strategy for handling its highest-earning sectors. Close to $2,000 per quarter, users can receive 5% cash back on two main categories and prepayment reservations made through the Rewards Travelling Center for hotels, cars, and flights. Streamers, TV, internet, and household utilities are just a few categories offered.

u.s bank cash+® visa signature® card


  • Welcome Bonus: upon paying $1,000 within the initial 120 days, receive $200 in money back.
  • Earnings rate: 5% cash back on 2 different categories (up to $2,000 semiannually) and prepayment bookings for flights, hotels, and cars made through the Rewards Travel Hub; 2% cash back on one selected regular segment. And also, 1% cash back on all others qualifying purchases.
  • Annual membership fee: 0% introductory APR for the initial 15 cycles of payments for debt transactions done within the initial 60 days.

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Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express

The Amex Blue Cash Preferred card is the best credit card to pay bills. The maximum cash prize you may receive is 6%, that’s about as great as it comes for monetary rewards. You could begin to comprehend the benefits you can accrue when you consider the transport system includes toll fees, parking, and rides, as well as other forms of transportation. U.S. broadcast memberships entail Netflix, Spotify, Disney+, and far more, & U.S. shops involve Trading company Joe’s, Smart & Final, and more.

blue cash preferred® card from american express


  • Bonus for new customers: upon spending $3,000 in transactions during the first six months, receive a $350 statement reward.
  • Earnings rate: 6% reward points at U.S. markets, 12% cash back on U.S. services like Netflix, 12% cashback offers on U.S. fuel stations, 12% cash back on qualified transport, and 1% cashback offers on some other transactions.
  • Cost per year: $95
  • introductory APR: 0% for the first year on purchases

Voice Credit Card® from Huntington

By choosing “Utilities & Office Supply Shop” as the extra reward option on your Voice Credit Card® from Huntington, customers may receive 3X pts for every $1 user spend on their bills. As each point is worth one cent, you effectively receive a three percent return on utilities. Each quarter, you choose a group for your incentive. If you anticipate any upcoming significant expenses, you can opt for the same area or a different one.

voice credit card® from huntington


  • Earn 3X points for every $1 spent in one of the 10 bonus categories. This will include Office supply and utility stores
  • For each and every $dollar spent on any additional purchases, earn 1X points.
  • No yearly fee is required.

Chase Freedom Flex℠

Every three months, special bonus categories are available through the Chase Freedom FlexSM’s spinning categorization. Even though the Chase Freedom FlexSM does not provide cash prizes rewards for utilities on an annual basis, you get an excellent chance of receiving that top marginal rate on some bills and utilities, such as online platform, tv service, and telephone service, at least about once a quarter.

chase freedom flex℠


  • Purchasing and debt transfers are subject to a 0% introductory APR for the first 15 months.
  • As far as the account remains active, Cash Back rewards never lapse!
  • 3% cashback rewards at pharmacies and eateries, courier services, and takeout. And a nearly limitless 1% cash back on any other items purchased.

Citi® Double Cash Card

The Citi Double Cash Card has a tremendous profit capacity, making it one of the top money-back credit cards. Some credit cards give a 1.5% payback rate, while Citi Double Cash offers nearly 2% reward rates, irrespective of the cost category. On every transaction, cardholders receive the very same rewards percentage. Because of this, it’s the best credit card to pay bills obtaining limitless cashback while paying for each of your monthly utility bills.

citi® double cash card


  • Earning percentage: Every purchase receives equivalent to 2% money back. That includes 1% when you make purchases plus 1% as you make payments.
  • Annual cost: 0 
  • Introductory APR: 0% for the first 18 months upon money transfers.

Ink Business Cash® Credit Card

The Ink Business Cash card is among the most acceptable business credit cards available. It gives approximately 5% working capital with no yearly fee and has become one of our absolute favorites. Additional perks this credit card provides include complimentary corporate cards, essential travel, car rental security, and buying protection.

ink business cash® credit card


  • Transactions with a one-year introductory APR of 0%
  • If you choose No Liability, you won’t be held accountable for fraudulent accusations using your cards or banking details.
  • No yearly charge

Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card

Nothing is more straightforward than earning 2% cash back when you utilize your Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card. This makes it an excellent option for monthly bills like electricity, housing repair bills, and veterinary. Also, the best credit card to pay medical bills. You can almost always earn a minimum of 2% back when you combine the Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card with a cash card that offers 3% back or more on specific purchases, like groceries and petrol.

wells fargo active cash® card


  • Every purchase comes with 2% cash back.
  • You’ll get a $200 cash-back bonus as a welcome gift after spending $1,000 in the first 3 months.
  • Annual price: $0
  • APR: Fifteen months at 0% initial APR on transactions.

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You may feel comfortable that these are your best options from all the credit card possibilities we’ve discussed for paying regular bills and utilities. A fantastic credit card for paying the bills keeps your home or business going, regardless of your preference for the highest cashback or the most outstanding point-earning systems.

We sincerely hope that this thorough information has been helpful to you in deciding the best credit card to pay bills and utility.


Do I need to charge my utilities to a credit card?

Paying for your utilities with a credit card is usually only advantageous under specific circumstances. Ensure the worth of the credit card rewards you're collecting is more than the cost of fees associated with using a card to pay a bill. Otherwise, using a credit card is probably not worthwhile.

Is credit or debit preferred for making payments on bills?

You could attempt to use credit cards to pay bills when there are no extra expenses, and you can still pay off your debt in full.