How to Avoid Losing Money At A Casino

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Casino gaming always makes for an interesting topic when considering ways to generate side income. On the one hand, it can be looked at as a way to earn cash. Provided you understand you’ll need a little bit of luck. It is always possible to walk into a casino (or visit one online) and come out $1,000 richer or better!. On the other hand, by no means should casino activity be considered as a potential side business, nor even a reliable source of side income. Unless you’re a legitimate pro-caliber poker player or something of the sort. There is always a risk, and it’s important to keep in mind that casinos are designed to make money at players’ expense. So it’s important for you to know the ways in which you can avoid losing money at a casino.

how to save money at a casino

With all of that said though, there are plenty of people who do try to earn some extra money at a casino from time to time. And if you’re one of them the least you can do is develop a sound strategy. While there is no such thing as a guaranteed win at a casino. there are some ways to avoid losing money at a casino.

6 Ways To Avoid Losing Money At A Casino

Let’s look at the proper effective ways to avoid losing money at a casino:

Avoid The Slots

If you’re visiting a casino for pure fun and you just want to do a little bit of everything, by all means, try some slots. But if you’re trying to avoid losing money at a casino, steer clear! Slots are designed to draw attention and attract players. Despite the fact that they offer some of the worst odds of any game in any casino (at least for meaningful winnings). 

They also tend to be the games from which casinos make the most money. Which naturally means they’re where players cumulatively lose the most money. Simply put, avoiding these particular games only increases your chances of a profitable night out.

Play For Odds, Not Popularity

Just as you should avoid slots because of their poor odds. It’s important to differentiate between the popularity of different games and your ability to win money through them. Gala Casino lists blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, and craps as the “most popular casino games in the world.” And most medium-sized or large venues you visit will have all of them available. 

Yet there are significant differences between these games when it comes to the odds for players. So rather than gravitating purely toward popular or recognizable games like poker or roulette. You might consider instead prioritizing options like blackjack or craps, where the odds for players tend to be a little bit better.

Know The Game

Along with knowing the odds of the different games available to you, it’s important to understand the rules and procedures inside and out. A game like craps, for instance, is recognized by regular casino-goers as one where there’s money to be made at reasonably good odds. Yet if you’re new to it, the game can appear utterly baffling. 

It’s actually not particularly complicated, but it does require that you take the time to learn how it works. This is just one example, but it speaks to the broader idea that a cursory understanding usually isn’t good enough if you hope to make some money. Sure, you might get lucky. But the better you know the games, the more strategic you can be in your approach.

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Don’t Go Alone

This is a simple tip if you want to avoid losing money at a casino. But one that can help novice casino players in particular. You might have it in your head that if you’re trying to make money at a casino you should go alone so that you can really focus on the games. 

The only problem with this is that all you’ll do is play, and you’ll be more susceptible to mounting losses. Or a net loss at the end of a long night of gaming. When you visit a casino with friends, however, you’ll be less likely to get carried away in a given game. Of course, you have to play if you hope to win. But zoning in on games for hours at a time all by yourself usually isn’t a recipe for winnings.

Play With Extra Money

Possibly the best way to avoid truly losing money in a casino is to go in with “extra” money in the first place. Maybe this means you got a check for your birthday that you’d like to put toward something fun. 

Maybe it means you sold some things online and you consider the money something of a bonus. Whatever the case, this sort of extra cash gives you the chance to make money in a casino. Without really risking any money you were counting on having in the first place.

Go In With A Budget

Budgeting is a good idea for personal financial management in general. But when it comes to a casino visit, it can help you to look at things in an entirely new way. Specifically, we’d recommend budgeting as if you’re having an ordinary but pricey night out. Consider for instance the LA Times list of ticket prices for sporting events (which tend to top $100). Or an article asserting that Broadway tickets in New York started topping $100 on average a few years ago.

Then add in the $30 to $60 you might spend on dinner out in a big city as well. Basically, you can justify a $100-$200 budget for a night on the town. And apply it instead to a casino visit. This doesn’t in itself help you not to lose money. But it does help you to set a limit and helps you to avoid losing money at a casino, and if you happen to lose that limit you can chalk it up to the price of entertainment for the evening.

Summing Up

Once again, there is always a risk, and casino play should not be looked at as a viable side hustle. But given that it is a practice through which some try to make extra money, it’s a good idea to take strategies like these into account to avoid losses as best you can.

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