How To Avoid High Car Insurance Costs? (Top 7 Ways)

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If you are here o this page, you might probably be wondering how to avoid high car insurance costs. Well, we have got your back. Here are 7 ways by which you can avoid high car insurance costs effectively. Do not skip any part and read this article till the end.

Why Is Car Insurance Necessary?

Car insurance coverage is essential to keep drivers, pedestrians, and motorists protected from unexpected expenses in an accident on the road. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), road accidents claim the lives of 1.3 million people annually.  

car insurance
car insurance

But, loss of lives, psychological scars, and injuries are not the only grim reminders of car collisions. High repair costs, medical bills, and other liabilities go with almost every mishap. For these reasons, it’s critical to have car insurance to avoid severe problems and potential bankruptcy.

Before getting behind the wheel, you should make sure you are fully insured and protected.

How To Avoid High Car Insurance Costs?

Here are the things you can do to avoid high car insurance costs and to get the best deals possible:       

Compare Insurance Costs

Like getting life insurance coverage, subscribing to car insurance is essential in keeping you and those around you protected should something happen on the road. 

Insurance companies have different ways to calculate insurance costs. The most common factors in coming up with car insurance premiums include the vehicle’s price, repair costs, safety record, and the risks involved. Companies have different levels of risk acceptance, but it’s a given that high-risk clients require more costly premiums. 

compare car insurance
compare car insurance

So, after choosing the type of car, you’d want to purchase, shop around and get quotes from several insurance providers. Compare the premiums and study the offers that’ll give you the best deal. 

Don’t jump at the cheapest deal right away, or you may end up with too many restrictions on insurance reimbursement and coverage terms. Check the insurer for financial strength, and ensure the repayment capacity. You can also ask for a sample contract to study the documents with a lawyer. Thus, comparing will help you to avoid high car insurance costs.

Pay Attention On The Road

Maintaining safety on the road is every motorist’s responsibility. Unfortunately, some accidents may happen no matter how careful you may be.     

Car collisions are caused by many factors but fall into two major categories: mechanical issues and human error. With many distractions today, it takes discipline to keep your eyes on the road at all times. Being a safe driver not only helps avoid accidents from happening. Averting road mishaps can help lower your insurance costs too.    

Companies perform a brief background check on applicants before approving or rejecting your request. If you’ve had a row of traffic violations and accidents, your risk increases, and your insurance premium will likely spike too. This article gives you more helpful hints on finding cheap insurance options following a road accident.  

Don’t Get More Than What You Need.

Whether a road warrior, a frequent traveler, or a shotgun rider, you need to be protected from untoward incidents on the road. 

Find out more about the different types of car insurance policies before choosing the right one for your car:   

Types Of Car Insurance  

The various types of car insurance are as follows :

types of car insurance
Types of car insurance
Comprehensive Coverage

As its name implies, comprehensive car insurance protects other types of issues that may embattle your car. This insurance plan covers incidences that lead to car theft, loss, or damage incurred outside of a collision.    

A comprehensive car insurance policy can shield your vehicle from damages caused by vandalism, fire, hail, and other calamities. Ideally, one should get this type of subscription for wider coverage. If you live in a disaster-prone area, it’s best to subscribe to this plan. 

Liability Coverage 

Almost all states require vehicles that ply the road to have this type of coverage. This is particularly beneficial if you’re held legally responsible for damage resulting from bodily injuries and property damage.    

You can use bodily injury liability coverage to pay for medical costs for someone who’s injured. On the other hand, property damage liability covers both the damage incurred by the other vehicle and properties that may have been destroyed during the car collision. 

This is one insurance coverage you don’t want to do without. Apart from paying hefty legal fees, you may face jail time for driving a vehicle without insurance coverage.  

Collision Coverage  

This kind of car insurance is for the repair costs incurred by your own car. Collision coverage includes vehicle collisions and accommodates accidents wherein your car smashes onto a stationary object, like a post or a tree.    

If you have a rookie driver in the family, consider getting this type of protection for your vehicle.     

Underinsured and Uninsured Coverage 

Underinsured coverage is beneficial in instances when the driver-at-fault doesn’t have adequate insurance coverage. The likelihood of getting involved in these circumstances is high. Most drivers choose to subscribe to minimal liability premiums – the coverage of which is often not enough to cover the actual costs. 

underinsured and uninsured coverage
underinsured and uninsured coverage


On the other hand, uninsured coverage is capable of safeguarding you in situations wherein the motorist-at-fault has no insurance or in hit-and-run situations.

While you can get each coverage separately, these two coverages are often paired for better protection.     

Medical Payments Coverage  

Contrary to its name, medical payment coverage takes charge of other costs besides medical bills. Also called personal injury protection, this subscription shields you from other damages incurred in collisions– for instance, lost wages and burial costs — if someone dies from the car crash.  

You may also opt to choose these additional insurance coverage solutions:

  • Gap insurance- to cover the costs owed on a car loan after theft or loss.
  • Towing insurance– usually bundled with comprehensive car insurance, which reimburses the towing services and labor charge for car repairs.
  • Rental reimbursement- for when your car is totaled and can’t be used following a collision.
  • Classic car insurance for lovers of classic and vintage cars.

Increase Your Deductibles

Deductibles cover the amount you pay before the insurance provider steps in and pays for the rest. This means you’ll have to pay higher insurance premiums if you want to keep your deductibles down. Inversely, if you set your deductibles higher, you can lower your insurance costs.     

The number of deductibles depends on the policy coverage, but they typically range from $250 to $1,000. An online source estimates that a deductible of $500 could minimize your collision and comprehensive coverage by up to 30%.   

If you don’t want to file a claim for every minor repair, increasing your deductibles to reduce your insurance costs significantly may be best. This is one efficient way to avoid high car insurance costs.

Check Your Car’s Mileage

Ask an insurance agent for specific mileage thresholds to determine if your car’s mileage could help you avoid high car insurance costs.

Insurance companies will include vehicle use as one of the criteria for coming up with a premium cost. In general, the fewer miles your car has in the odometer, the lower your insurance premium would be.

check up you car mileage
Check up your car mileage

In providing an approximation, you have to be as accurate as possible. An overvalued mileage can increase your premiums, while an undervalued mileage will cost you if you need to file claims. Underestimation may even result in the rejection of your claim.       

One way of coming up with a good estimation involves studying previous records and history.      

Come Up With A Good Value For Your Car 

As earlier mentioned, your car’s value can impact your insurance costs. Typically, your insurance premium will be higher if you put an inflated value on your vehicle. Hence, it’s critical to make your estimation as accurate as possible too.    

Your vehicle’s value is important because it represents the amount that the insurer pays out in cases of car collisions, loss, damage, or theft. In addition, a premium car will have pricier replacement parts and labor fees. Ultimately, in the eyes of these companies, the higher value your car has, the higher the risk it carries with it. 

It’s not good to lower your car’s value either, as it will deprive you of ideal costs for loss, damages, and repair.  

Take Advantage of Discounts

Ask your insurance agents for discount options. Some companies have different promotional offers to attract more policy subscribers.

take advantage of discounts
Take advantage of discounts.

To avoid high car insurance costs, you can do the following:

Purchase Insurance For Multiple Cars     

To attract more clients, some auto insurance companies offer big discounts for insurance subscriptions of multiple vehicles. For instance, your insurance premiums may significantly drop if you’re applying for three to five vehicles rather than asking for a single car.   

Attracting new customers and retaining existing clients are extremely necessary for any business, so it’s no longer surprising for insurance companies to develop these types of promotions.        

Ask your agent for information on how you can qualify for this offer.  

Get Discounts For Bundled Offers  

Some firms offer discounts for existing policyholders who purchase another type of insurance. Check with your homeowner insurance company and ask if it can give you an attractive rate if you subscribe to a car insurance policy.   

Install Anti-Theft Devices

Keeping your insurance risks low helps reduce your insurance costs. Preventive measures may include the installation of anti-theft devices. In fact, some insurance companies do offer a discounted premium for cars with these implements.      

It’s essential to have this device for security. So, reduced insurance costs should not be your only motivation for its installation. Besides, you may end up spending more on it as compared with the discount you’ll get from your insurance premium.             

The Bottom Line

Car insurance is essential in shielding you against hefty repair costs, medical bills, damage costs, and losses. Whether full or limited, it’s up to the vehicle owners to decide which works best according to their purpose and need.   

Getting insurance for your vehicle entails costs, but you can avoid high car insurance costs by checking out the tips discussed in this article. I hope this was helpful to you!:)

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