20 Fantastic Apps that Pay You to Install them in 2023

Need Easy Extra $350+/Month For Free?

Most people are looking for innovative ways to earn extra money. And if we are planning to make extra money online with our smartphone, then there are high-paying apps that pay you to install them.

What’s more! We can earn extra cash by simply sitting in our comfortable space/couch and installing such paying apps. Although are these worth our time and energy invested into the same? Let us find out in detail.

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Top-rating apps that pay you to install them

Various apps pay when you install them. Moreover, we can earn an extra $50- $100 along with our salaried jobs. Of the different apps, 20 of them are as follows:


One of the most popular highest-paying apps that pay you to install them is Swagbucks. OG apps have paid out around $530 million to their members.


It comes with a sign-up bonus wherein each individual who makes an account in Swagbucks is eligible to receive a sign-up bonus of $5, which can increase as high as $10. Moreover, the member of Swagbucks who earns points can redeem the same by exchanging it for gift cards or by withdrawing it using Paypal.

Visit: Swagbucks

Survey Junkie

Another popular app, among other apps that pay you to use them, is Survey Junkie. Now, taking surveys online can be frustrating. However, Survey Junkie is one of those online survey apps that ease out the clutter compared to other survey apps.

survey junkie

Further, it helps us to earn rewards easily. An individual can earn around $50 per survey, which is rare but possible. Moreover, we can earn around $5 to $10 per hour. Even though they are not a lot of money, they are something we can make while waiting in a grocery store or watching Netflix. 

Visit: Survey Junkie


The following most fantastic app amongst other apps that pay you is Rakuten. Moreover, it is one of the favorite apps for many who wish to get paid for things they plan to buy.


When we shop online on Rakuten for $30, we get paid the same amount as our first amount invested for shopping. Further, we can also earn extra bucks by referring the shopping app to our friends. Hence, this app is popular and offers the most generous sign-up bonuses. 

Visit: Rakuten


Another popular app we consider a top contender among other apps that pay us is Mistplay. It has so far paid around $9 million to its members. Further, it is the best gaming app that encourages its members to cash out its game rewards and points.


Moreover, it also allows its members to redeem gift cards like Amazon, Visa, and more. However, it is an Andriod-only paying app. 

Visit: Mistplay


Ibotta is another paying app similar to Rakuten that offers its members cash back for things they are going to buy. Initially began as an online grocery store and later expanded its services to online and offline retailing.


And apart from cash-back offers for purchasing groceries, the members can also get cash back for online and offline retail purchases. We need to download the Ibotta app, buy preferred grocery and retail items, take a photo, upload it, and redeem the offers.

Visit: Ibotta


The next paying app is Fetch. It is similar to Rakuten and Ibotta, the most popular apps that pay you to install them. Moreover, we can also use both Fetch and Ibotta to scan and redeem the rewards for every purchase.


However, Fetch is more accessible than the latter because it offers cash back even though there are no points to redeem by just scanning the receipt. Moreover, it also offers referral rewards for its members who refer their friends to download the app.

Visit: Fetch

Trim financial manager

The trim financial manager is slightly different from other apps that pay you, and it is more like a personal assistant that helps us to save money on recurring bills. But it also offers sign-up bonuses to its members once they sign up for the Trim app.


Further, it is a handy app that can help us to identify and negotiate recurring bills like cable, internet, phone, and more in case of differences in the number of bills to be paid in a month. 

Visit: Trim financial manager


Another popular paying app is Dosh. Moreover, it is an entirely passive app that offers cash back for every purchase we make by connecting our credit cards at more than 10,000 stores.


Further, we can earn rewards for referring our friends to download the app and transfer the amount to our account once we have earned over $25. 

Visit: Dosh


The next best app is Groundfloor. It is one of the most popular investing apps that allow us to make extra money. Apart from offering rewards and prizes, the groundfloor app offers interest and annual returns.


Over the years, they have offered over $12 million in interest and around 10.5% annual returns. Moreover, it is a real estate investing app that offers referral programs. 

Visit: Groundfloor


Another popular app that pays you is Fundrise. It is another real estate investment app that helps us to choose a risk profile and opt for cash flow or growth potential.


Moreover, if we invest today, our portfolio will diversify in two years and increase the value of our investment to double the amount we have invested today. Thus, we can get both investments and return as well as rewards and offers.

Visit: Fundrise


The next best app that pays you is Block-fi. Like fundrise and Groundfloor, Block-fi is also an investment app. However, it is a cryptocurrency investment app, unlike others.


Besides rewards and offers, Block-fi offers its members the opportunity to earn interest with every bitcoin investment they make. Even though investing in bitcoins can be risky, it is less risky if we treat it as an investment rather than an emergency fund. 

Visit: Block-fi

Skillz mobile game app

The Skillz gaming app is the best choice if we are interested in playing online mobile games and earning cash. Hosting more than a million games, Skillz pays its members around $100 million in prizes every month.


However, we can use the app only in the USA. Blackout bingo, solitaire cube, dominoes gold, and more are some mobile games that we can play and avail cash in Skillz. 

Visit: Skillz mobile game app


Even though a food delivery app, Doordash is another popular app that pays you to install them.


It is popular in the states like Canada and the USA, and we can avail of $20 per hour by delivering food and restaurant orders to consumers in nearby areas. We can get base pay, promotional prizes, and tips apart from other rewards. 

Visit: Doordash


Like Swagbucks, Inboxdollars is an app that offers its members rewards and offers when they take up paid surveys, watch videos, play games, read emails, and more.


We can also redeem our earnings via Paypal, check, and gift cards. Further, we can also redeem the coupons and vouchers we have.

Visit: InboxDollars


Another app that pays us when we install them is Kashkick. They offer rewards for all activities we do in the app, like finding deals, surfing the web, watching videos, and more.


And when we reach a balance of $10 or above, we can automatically avail of the payout. Moreover, we can check the dashboard of the Kashkick app to know about rewards and offers.

Visit: Kashkick


The following unique and appealing app that pays you when you install them is Sweatcoin. Moreover, it also offers rewards when we walk and exercise every day.


Further, with each step we take, the sweatcoin converts our steps at a rate of 1000 steps equals 0.95 sweatcoins. 

Visit: Sweatcoin


Have you heard of getting paid for walking dogs and offering pet-sitting services? The Rover app helps us to receive rewards for the services we offer.


We can earn 20 dollars per 30 minutes of dog walking. Dog boarding, daycare, house sitting and more are other services we can offer and get paid for.  

Visit: Rover

Insta cart

Another fantastic app that pays you to install them is Insta cart. They deliver groceries to our doorstep. And with each delivery, they get customer tips apart from rewards and offers. They are available only in the USA and Canada.


If the individual is 18 years and above and has a reliable vehicle, they can be part of the Insta cart. 

Visit: Insta cart


Like Ibotta, Drop is another app that pays you when installing them. We get free app rewards when we shop for our favorite brands and items.


Once we get the points from retailers after shopping, we can redeem them for gifts. Further, we can also get rewards for surveys and playing games. 

Visit: Drop

Opinion outpost

The Final and most popular app that offers rewards for its members is Opinion outpost.


When we complete the surveys, watch adverts, test products, and finish the missions, we can get rewards and redeem points through Paypal, gift cards, virtual visa prepaid cards, etc. 

Visit: Opinion outpost

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the top money-making apps in 2023?

Swagbucks, Rakuten and Survey Junkie are some of the money-making apps in 2023.

Which is the best app that pays you for installing them?

Swagbucks is the best app that pays you for installing them.

Are cash-paying apps worth it?

Cash-paying apps are worth it because they offer exciting rewards and prizes that help us earn extra cash.


Overall, these are the 20 fantastic apps that pay you to install in 2023. Get them today and earn extra pocket money.