Difference between Amex Platinum vs. Gold Credit card?

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Want to know the difference between Amex platinum vs. gold? One Amex Platinum annual charge of $695 would cover Amex. Booking made for a flight through airline companies or using the Amex travel website, members of the platinum Amex card will receive five points for every dollar spent by them, or for hotels booked in advance through amextravel.com will receive five points. For the rest of the purchases, they will receive one point.

Yearly charges for the Gold membership account for $250, and no other pricing has been added to the card for the gold account. The membership rewards program, which enables users to accrue points when they make purchases with their credit cards, is one of the most significant benefits for every cardholder. 

Although some rather significant distinctions exist, both cards offer observable advantages, such as annual statement credits more than offset the annual cost.

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Amex Platinum vs. Gold

Welcome Bonus

During the first six months of card membership, Spending $6000 on purchases, the Platinum card’s welcome bonus is now 1,00,000 Membership Rewards points. 

Meanwhile, new Amex Gold cardholders can get 60,000 Membership Rewards points after making $4,000 purchases within the first six months of card subscription (worth $1,200 according to TPG’s estimates).


Platinum provides Membership rewards points in U.S. restaurants while purchasing $ 25000 per calendar and including delivery and dining. While booking flights directly with airline companies, American Express provides a 3 membership reward and 1 membership reward.

Gold card customers who schedule their flight directly with an airline agent or through Amex travel while spending earns $1 using 5 Membership points till the max value reaches $5,00,000 per calendar year. Hotel reservations earn 5 points for every $1 spent through American Express Travel.

amex platinum

Other Benefits


  1. Up to $200 in incidental airline credits – These credits cannot be used to pay for airfare, but they may be applied to other expenses, such as selecting a seat, checking bags, etc.
  2. Receiving yearly upto $200 uber cash for U.S. services, a max amount of $15 will be received every month with a bonus of $20 in December.
  3. Booking a prepaid hotel of Amex Fine Hotels and Resorts through Amex Travel and paying with your Platinum card, you may receive up to a $200 annual hotel credit.
  4. Travel with perfect confidence. Insurance for air accidents, international health care, purchase protection, and wallet security.


  1. Once you connect your card to the Uber app, you can receive up to $120 in Uber Cash annually. Enrollment is necessary.
  2. Up to $10 each month at The Cheese Factory, Milk Bar, Grubhub, or specific Shake Shack locations. Up to $120 in annual meal credits. Registration is necessary.
  3. The Amex Gold card allows cardholders to spread out the cost of purchases.

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Authorized User Fee

Platinum: Add up to three extra authorized users for a total price increase of $175 and then $175 for each card. Basic Gold cards without a fee for authorized users (different from the Amex Gold card)

Gold: Up to five authorized users are free; each additional user costs $35 annually.

Interest Charges

Platinum account holders must be paid their balance each month in full with no interest. The Gold card allows users to maintain a balance on purchases above $100. You can calculate your interest costs using a calculator provided by American Express.

amex gold

Amex Platinum vs. Gold Benefits offers by both cards.

Purchase Protection

Both cards provide the very same purchase protection insurance. After 120 days of purchase, a suitable item you bought with your card is protected against theft or damage. The coverage limitations are $10,000 per incident and a maximum of $50,000 annually.

Extended Warranty

Both cards provide an equal extended warranty for qualified purchased items, providing an additional 2 years. The maximum coverage is $10,000 per incident and $50,000 annually.

Auto Purchasing System

Take advantage of member discounts when looking for a car, and use your American Express card to charge at least $2,000 of the price. Additionally, post-purchase rewards for deductibles and auto repairs may be valued at up to $2,000.


The Platinum, Gold, Black, and well-known Green cards are just a few of American Express’s widely available credit cards. However, not everyone can use both cards equally well. Before applying for either of these cards, make sure you will use it sufficiently to justify the yearly charge.

Consider your spending patterns and interests. Both cards might work effectively together because of how well their earnings and perks complement one another. Finally, we hope people would get the answer for AMEX platinum vs. gold with benefits to be aware of handling their expenses.

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What credit rating is required for Amex Gold?

A good or exceptional credit score is usually required to qualify for the Amex Gold, but American Express may also consider other credit variables while considering your application. Good credit scores should be between 781 and 850. In contrast, solid credit scores can vary from 661 to 780.

Which is superior, the Amex Platinum or the Amex Gold?

The card that best fits your living and spending patterns is preferable to the Amex platinum vs. gold. Even though both cards are issued by the same credit card company and share some features, they differ significantly. For instance, both cards can be used to earn important Amex Membership Rewards points. Still, the Amex Gold is more suited to earning points on purchases made at restaurants and grocery stores, while the Amex Platinum is more suited to spending on travel.

Switching from Amex Gold to Platinum is worth it.

Periodically, American Express will offer Gold Card customers the opportunity to upgrade to the Platinum card, which can be a fantastic value for anyone wishing to transfer cards. Make sure you comprehend the changes to what you make from your expenditure and the significant rise in annual charge before upgrading.

How many numbers of an individual can have an American Express credit card?

Many customers discover that having multiple American Express cards can increase their chances of earning rewards or enable them to take advantage of various card product features. There is a rumor among point and mile maximizers that the maximum number of Amex Cards you may have at once is four or five and that applying for more than that will result in your application being denied.

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