5 Easy Ways To Score Freebies Online

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The online marketplace loves to provide free stuff. These range from gift cards, beauty products, points, and even cash. The possibilities are endless as most companies aim to promote their brand or new product by giving out freebies.

Birthdays tend to be the best chance for you to gather as many freebies as possible. However, you can still get exclusive offers and gifts even if there’s no occasion. You just have to know where to look and be updated with promos of business establishments near you. Click here to know How to Get Free Stays at Hotels: 6 Ways in 2022 

Here are some tips and tricks to get freebies online:

Do Paid Surveys?

Some sites offer deals and freebies in exchange for answering questions. This is the easiest and safest way to have goodies as many companies use the information to help make their products better. Usually, the incentive is in the form of gift cards that can be used for a certain time frame. You can visit their website and try filling out their forms.

However, some sites also give out monetary value. Depending on your demographic, many websites can pay you to sign up for their surveys, which would mean some people might get more chances to partake than others. Factors like age, sex, and marital status can come into play. 

These websites differ in terms of payment or benefits. Some use a point system, and you can gain these depending on the type or amount of survey eligible for you. In the end, you exchange these points for gift cards. Also, you can even receive extra points or signing bonuses if you can refer a friend.

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Other websites are even connected to large marketing companies. Companies use these websites as a forum for focus groups to ask for surveys about their latest products. However, most websites will require a sign-up before you can join their website. After doing so, they will notify you through the website or e-mail if you’re found eligible.

A notification will send you the details for in-person or online surveys. These types of surveys offer cash through online payments or gift cards as a form of compensation.

Sign Up For Freebies

There are new companies that advertise promotions and gifts through social media. All you have to do is sign-up on their website and newsletter, so you can be eligible to win their promotion. Signing up could also be through text alerts, online forums, and other local communities.

These promotions might not be evident as they primarily mention the mechanics at the bottom of advertisements, which is why it’s best to sign up to websites. For companies, this method is effective in marketing since they would just forward the details to your e-mail, and you would be regularly notified.

Travel websites offer massive discounts or travel gift cards, especially when there are sales. To be up to date, sign up for their newsletter, so you can receive e-mails once something comes up.

Get Sample Products

Getting a free sample in the mail is the oldest way to get free stuff. By simply asking companies online, you’ll receive samples, coupons, and other materials delivered to your home. However, not all samples can be as easy as asking for it. In some cases, you may need to apply to their monthly subscriptions.

Here are other ways to get freebies:

  • Some websites offer free sample boxes for every sign-up. However, you’ll need to check the websites often as it’s not always available. Once done signing up, you’ll receive a few tasks from talking about it online or sharing it with a certain number of friends. The companies will send you a sample by then.
  • Some websites simply give samples as long as you’re registered or subscribed to their products or websites. These websites don’t publicize the giveaways, so registering and getting notifications will be the key to the samples. Besides, what’s inside doesn’t only consist of one company’s products. It’s reported some contain 6-12 samples of products. They are ranging from different household items such as toothbrushes, tissues, and other products.
  • Others are specific to a company or retailer. Thus, you’ll find items for certain age groups like freebies for your babies. You can obtain samples for the products available from their online and physical store. They offer these samples to entice you to buy from them in the future.

Use Apps To Get Free Stuff

With the advancement of technology, you can now do everything using your phone. Hence, you can download and use applications that offer freebies. Some have built-in surveys and forms, so you can fully maximize your chance of getting a freebie.

However, there are some available to normal applications as well. For example, delivery apps constantly provide freebies and promotions for new restaurants. Some restaurants promote special freebies for specific occasions, while others just want you to use their restaurant’s app. Hence, you can see food prices drop over half the regular price.

Even applications you use to pay for meals and bills give freebies. They also offer discounts for specific stores or cash-ins. You can see these promotions by date or time, depending on the application. For instance, you can get cashback from the bill you paid if you pay it on or before a specific date. 

There are also promos from retail store applications. So long as you activate their notifications, you can receive updates on your favorite brands’ recent discounts. In addition, if you marked an item in the store, it will give you a notice when it goes on sale.

Starting Freecycling

Freecycling is the act of offering your old items to others for free. This may be your old clothes, books, or anything other people can still use. As the name suggests, it’s free and recycled. Instead of selling it online, you can offer your items for free in various ways. One of which is joining different online groups. In exchange, you can also receive free stuff.

Here are tips you need to consider when starting freecycling:

  • In finding groups online, you may use keywords to direct you to what you’re looking for. You can search for the community’s name that offers free clothes, shoes, and the like.
  • Moreover, you can search online to check websites in your area to help you connect with people who want to take and give out usable items. Conversely, you can also use this search engine if you’re looking for an item that may not be available in local stores.
  • Similarly, some people also post their giveaway items on their social media accounts. With this, you can use it to look for people in your area that practice freecycling. You can also use the keywords ‘free stuff’ or ‘freebies’ to help you narrow down your search.
  • Once you’ve found a group or website, the requirements may differ for them to let you receive. For instance, joining groups on social media may only request you to click some buttons to proceed. On the other hand, some websites might ask you to provide your details to let you join. Just be cautious in the information you give.
  • With the post, you can check the details of the item. Reading the details in the post helps avoid misunderstanding and confusion. This is also applicable if you’re giving away the item; be specific in describing it.
  • When you join different groups, you’ll observe each has different guidelines. Regardless, you should obey these rules depending on which group you’re in. They expect you to be courteous in inquiring and responding.
  • When you want an item, you should be the one to get it from the person giving it to you. In connection, you should also be sensitive to their schedule. You can’t just show up anytime you want and expect them to accommodate you. Likewise, expecting them to bring the item to you might be too much.

Freecycle communities are the byproduct of people who like to help out and reach out to those in need. As such, it’s bounded by respect for one another. You may even encounter friends, neighbors, or family members in the same group, which is why it is important to always show courtesy.

As a rule of thumb, it is important to gauge your expectations in giving or receiving. Considering that the items are mostly old, the conditions of the stuff won’t always be excellent. Nonetheless, it’s still a better option than throwing it away.


How do you score free stuff?

1.Examine online community markets.

2. Examine samples of merchandise.

3.Sign up for loyalty programmes.

4.Make use of your library card.

5.Take surveys online.

6.Profit from credit card perks.

7.Download an app to get free stuff.

8.Apply coupons.

Is there any website that gives free stuff?

You may discover a range of coupons, sample goods, and even some full-size products at Freebies and Freeflys. Along with a huge selection of digital items like free software and ebooks, TheFreeSite also provides samples and discounts.

Does Amazon give away free stuff?

There is a hidden giveaway section on Amazon where you may get great deals and free things. You can win entirely free products on Amazon in a matter of seconds—and receive steep discounts—with only a few clicks.


A lot of people use gift cards to buy expensive items. This results in waiting for months, if not years. Sometimes, products may easily be out of stock, which is why it’s best to get informed to know where and when to look for free stuff and discounts. 

This can be a lifesaver for those with a tight budget, while it might be simply fun to receive something free. No matter what your interests are, just follow these tips to find freebies. You just have to surf the internet and look for promos from different companies.